Monday, July 27, 2009

Drug Dogs

You know your day is going to be off to a good start when it begins with a police officer interrupting class to ask everyone to leave their belongings and evacuate the room...

In come the drug dogs... And, as we stand out in the hall - my little 14 year old students panicked at what might be found - I actually began to notice MY heart beating faster and my palms sweating just a bit! WHAT? I obviously do not do drugs. In fact, even as an adult I'm scared to death of even being around drugs. But yet, in this moment, thoughts were actually running through my head like "What if someone has slipped drugs into my purse?" "What if I AM actually doing drugs and I don't know it?"

Honestly... what is wrong with me?

This reminded me of a time back in high school when I got a phone call from the "girl doctor" asking me to call her back after my annual check-up. I was more pure than soap, but my immediate concern was: "Is there ANY human way I am pregnant?" I worried about this ALL weekend - even after my sister Kathryn's assurance that I COULD NOT be pregnant unless I was the second Virgin Mary - until the doctor finally told me on Monday that everything looked normal.

I absolutely LOVE rules. I don't even drive down lanes with an arrow pointing the wrong way at Walmart. In fact, one of our favorite family stories involves a preschool me refusing to talk to Poppy on a walk downtown because my teacher had told me "not to talk to strangers." (I'm sure he was less than amused when my betrayal forced him to look like a creeper following little kids walking on a rope.)

I'm as straight-laced as they come (incredible boring, but true), so why do I still worry so much about getting in trouble? Is this some kind of disorder?

Anyways, no drugs found in my classroom today. As it turns out, I am NOT actually doing drugs against my will and bringing them to school. Go figure!

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