Monday, January 31, 2011

16 Weeks

Finally, a 16 week update... Sorry this is a little late!  I'm starting to look (and feel, most days) more pregnant than fat.  This is a good thing. 

Here's the "bump":
 Yes, you can see the maternity panel on my jeans.  I was wearing an undershirt, but Jeff said it made me look weird, so I tucked it in for the photo.  Get it?

And, just because this is the only (or at least one of the few) times in my life I can, I'm going to fill out this little pregnancy survey-thingy that all the proggers (that's my new word for pregnant-bloggers) seem to be doing...

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 16 Weeks

Size of Baby: 4.6 inches & about 3.5 oz. -- The size of an avocado (hmm... this makes me feel weird about the guacamole I ate Friday night)

Maternity Clothes: LOVING my maternity "skinny" jeans from Old Navy! Besides that, mostly just regular clothes; but, they are starting to look hideous.  The bigger my belly and butt get, the shorter my dresses get.  I told Jeff on Thursday that I felt like a "pregnant hooker."  Not good for teaching high school.  I'll probably have to invest in more maternity clothes soon. Why is it not a law that pregnant women can wear jeans to work every day?

Gender: Still one month until we find out... Our doctor is a real stickler for rules.  Although I'll see him again this week, he won't check for gender until 20 weeks- right around the first of March.  We can't wait!! (Don't forget to vote in the gender poll on my sidebar if you haven't already.)

Movement: None yet.  Soon I hope! I am really excited for this!

Sleep: On and off.  Jeff sleeps terribly when I sleep with my giant snoogle; which, in turn, makes me sleep poorly.  So... we are in a compromise phase.  I'm still sleeping mostly on my stomach for now.  Is that bad?

What I miss: Coffee -- the thought of it still makes me gag, but I do miss the idea of it.  Saturday mornings just aren't the same with a big glass of ice water.  Also hotdogs.  A lot.

Cravings:  Mostly just [unhealthy] food in general. And, anything anyone mentions in conversation.  (Perhaps people could try talking about things like salads and whole wheat around me?)

Symptoms: I had a few days last week of still feeling icky and tired; but mostly, I feel like myself again.  I am, however, sneezing ALL the time.  I looked this up and, believe it or not, it is a symptom of pregnancy!  What's not?  Really?

Dreams (I added this category because I feel like my dreams are CRAZY and funny): My mom, sister, and I were all in college together.  Kathryn was in a sorority.  It was ridiculous.

Things People Say: Poppy has taken to calling me "Fatsy."  He thinks this is perfectly appropriate.  It's going to be a long five months with him. ;)

Weekly Wisdom: Every pregnancy is different.  (I've been struggling a little lately with the fact that I don't look and feel necessarily like all the other proggers, etc. I know.  I'm praying that God will help me to be content and secure in MY pregnancy alone.)

Best Moment(s) This Week: Having people ask me if I am pregnant. (See my comment at the very top of this post.)  Also, coming home to two new dresses from my sister on Friday, because I was complaining about how tight all my clothes are (she's the best).  And... my hand-painted "piggy" bank from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend the other night.  It is the first thing we have to match our nursery "color scheme."  Isn't it cute?

Thanks for caring enough to read all this...

February Sponsors

I am super excited to be welcoming two awesome new sponsors to E, Myself, and I for the month of February: The Letter Tree & Willow House! (You may recognize them from the sidebar.)

One of the main reasons I don't do a lot of advertising on my blog is because I like to keep my blog classy and not full of irrelevant ads from businesses I would never visit myself.  But, both of these cute shops sell ADORABLE products at great prices... So, I'm happy to introduce them to you; and, offer some special deals for my readers today!

So, without further adieu...

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***Plus, until February 15th, get free shipping on any order over $50.00 with the code FREE50 at checkout.***

I'm also excited to be introducing my friend Suni and her new Willow House business!  According to their website, their mission is "To create a feeling of welcome, comfort and beauty in homes all across America, while fostering the spirit of generosity in the lives of our consultants and their families."  Suni said, "My 'why' for starting Willow House is to meet more women, earn extra cash and vacations, satisfy my longing for decorating, and make our home cozy, warm, and beautiful.  Willow House is very much about girl time, fellowship, and fun - I love it that I can have fun while doing something I love.  Shopping 24 hours a day at my personal website above. :) " Sounds like a business philosophy I can get behind! A new - updated - take on what you may recognize as Southern Living at Home (now with a new look and LOTS more), Willow House sells awesome home decor, dishes, kitchen gadgets, and outdoor living accessories at fantastic prices.  Here are a few of my favorite items in their online catalog now.  (Perfect for wedding gifts etc. as the spring season approaches.)
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Happy shopping on a Monday!

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Worries...

Just checking in after a lazy, but lovely, weekend. Jeff and I discussed this morning whether or not we should be "storing up" our last months of time to be super lazy and selfish and lay in bed most of the day watching movies... Or, somehow, begin to train ourselves for a little one.  We both whole-heartedly agreed on the former.  :)  Here's to a lazy next five months. 

Speaking of pregnancy, I haven't forgotten about my 16 weeks picture and update.  It's written and all ready to go, but I can't find my camera cord.  Coming soon... Promise.

And finally, just wanted to dispell any rumors that I'm actually legitimately mad at the "Anonymous Posters" from this past week.  Several people (in my real life) have apologized for all the "drama" on my blog and said how "serious" I seemed in my last post.  I meant to come across serious... But more in a serious/silly way.  I don't think I accomplished that.  (It's weird how people can't read my tone in my writing. )  So... I'm NOT mad at anyone!!!  Truth be told, I knew most of the "mysterious commenters" were real-life friends of mine... And, I just wanted to have some fun back.  Sorry if I took it too far.  I won't be disabling the Anonymous Comments for a while; and, I still love all you immature goons! ;)

Ok... Sponsor Post tomorrow.  NO FACEBOOK FEBRUARY starting Tuesday.  (Anyone in?)  A new BOTW this week.  And, a belly post somewhere in there.

Ya'll come back now!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Anonymous Commenters

Dear Anonymous Commenters,
Can you please stop?  I thought you were kind-of funny yesterday; but now, I am over it.  You are turning my blog (not to mention Bachelor of the Week) into a big joke.  Seriously. 

P.S. Sister, this doesn't apply to you.  I know who you are when you comment because you sign your name.  ;)

Movie Review: Country Strong

I don't do this often; but I saw the movie "Country Strong" last night with my mom, sister, and a few friends and decided... Why not give her an ole review for the blog?

So here you have it...

First, a summary from the movie website: (because why re-invent the wheel?)

Soon after a rising young singer-songwriter (Hedlund) gets involved with a fallen, emotionally unstable country star (Paltrow), the pair embarks on a career resurrection tour helmed by her husband/manager (McGraw) and featuring a beauty-queen-turned-singer (Meester).  Between concerts, romantic entanglements and old demons threaten to derail them all.

Ok, to start, let me say... BEAUTIFUL cast and GREAT music!!

I love Gweneth Paltrow - think she has a natural beauty we don't see in Hollywood that much anymore - and Leighton Meester looks like a little porcelain doll, in a good way.  Tim McGraw's character wasn't the hottest thing ever, but his character stole my heart all the same.  And, newbie - at least to me - Garrett Hedlund, made me blush most of the movie. 

And, while I admit I'm a sucker for sappy country music and a good "performance", the music MADE the movie. Plus, all the actors did their own vocals, which was pretty impressive. (Kathryn laughed at me the whole movie because she says I "act like I'm actually at the concerts."  I get sooo into it and have to hold back my applause at the end of each number.) I probably won't buy this when it comes out on DVD, but I'm planning to download the soundtrack TODAY.

The story line was good --- kind-of reminded me of a female version of "Walk the Line."  And, my sister claims that Paltrow's character was based off of Britney Spears.  This revelation added a whole new element to the plot for me.

But, I wasn't prepared for how SAD it was going to be.  (You need to prepare pregnant women for these sort of things!)  At points, I was literally sobbing -- sometimes it was appropriate, sometimes it was just hormones -- and my body physically ached when it was over.  Not exactly a lifter-upper.  (BUT, I will say, at least they made Gweneth Paltrow look like a real person when she cried... She was a HOT mess!  In fact, I even felt kind-of good about my own crying appearance.)

Overall, I'm glad I saw it.  The clothes alone made it fun to watch.  And, honestly, I don't know if the concert scenes etc. would have been as good off the big screen.  If you don't mind shedding a few (or, in my case, many) tears, then go see it.  Otherwise, save it for a girls' night with a box of tissues and your dancin' shoes when it comes out in Redbox. 

Anyone else seen it?  What did you think?  What other good movies are out now?  I'm always looking for a good excuse to eat popcorn. ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bachelor of the Week #7: International Edition

Well, I guess I should clarify... He lives in Roanoke.  BUT, he is a second-generation American from China and he basically grew up in a Chinese restaurant... I thought this blog was getting a little too homogenous... Agreed?

Anyway, please meet... Bachelor of the Week #7
"International Man of Mystery"

Um, seriously, this is the picture he wanted me to use.  At least it shows off one of his incredible talents: photography.  (And modeling?)

Joking aside, this is a great friend of ours who (literally) can do EVERYTHING!  He is one of the most talented and passionate guys I know.  (Not to mention incredibly generous.)  At 25, Mr. International has a list of hobbies a mile long.  They include: photography, videography, motorcycling, building/home repair, cooking (trust me when I say he's darn good --- especially with fried rice), and anything involving the great outdoors.

In addition to this, he has a heart for travel and an impressive passport to match.  In fact, in the last four years he has travelled to Africa (where he routed fresh water to eleven nearby villages in the remote NW region), Sweden, Bulgaria (mission trip), and Tibet (extreme hiking & mission).  Clearly, he's not one for the mundane!

Despite his degree from Virginia Tech in Industrial Design, Mr. International dreams of making a career out of his life passions - mainly adventure and capturing life's most precious moments on film.  He hopes to one day "live in a barn" that he converts into a studio loft on several acres, travel the world, be a professional shuttlecock player or curler, and meet Justin Bieber.

This guy is the REAL DEAL!

Intrigued yet?

He knows what he wants too!  If you love Jesus like crazy, have a strong sense of humor, can laugh at yourself, are exceedingly beautiful, have a nice smile, and aren't afraid to do something wild like bike across the country... You've just found your Prince Charming!

Act now.  Offer may not last.  ( for more information)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pregnancy Photos

As you may know, I have many excellent photographers in my life... And, so far, all of our major milestones have been pretty well documented in the form of some kind-of photo postcard or another.  I'm sure pregnancy will be no different...

It is probably still a little early for my pregnancy photo-shoot; but, since we got out of school early today for snow (looks like this might be a big one), and I had some extra time on my hands, I decided to post a few "inspiration photos" if you will.  Enjoy!

(From - if you haven't checked it out, do!)
Now, where does a girl find a swamp and a large mermaid costume these days?

Jeff would look great in a photo like this.

This should be easy since I already own that outfit.  ;)

Wow, modern technology really has improved ultrasound quality recently.

Hahaha! Seriously though - did you take pregnancy photos?  Did you let someone in the delivery room to take "moment after" pics?  These are the important questions I'm pondering today.

... New Bachelor of the Week tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If My Sister Was on The Bachelor

Notice anything different about my blog?!? 

I figured since I've gained ten pounds and cut my hair for the new year, my blog deserved a little make-over too.  You like?  Thanks to Tricia Nae for another awesome design!

So... did you watch The Bachelor last night?  (My four faves are still on... And, Emily is OWNING it!  I still love her, even if her hair does get blonder every week.)
Anyway, last night, for whatever reason, I thought about my sister Kathryn the ENTIRE episode.  (I entered her to be on the show a few seasons back, but we never heard anything.  Despite the fact that she has a serious beau, in my heart, I have not given up.)  She would be the absolute BEST on a show like this.  (ABC Producers, if you are reading this - which I'm sure you are - she would be the BEST.)

Is this face Bachelor material or what?
Let me tell you why:

1. She probably would wake up with a black-eye (those kind of things just happen to us) and still look amazing.

2. She would not be afraid to elbow a girl in the face if the competition came down to it.

3. She would not be shy about making out on national TV.

4. She would be brutally honest in her opinions of the other girls on the "private" camera.

5. She would totally wear her pjs ALL day when she didn't have a date, but look like a million bucks for a date.

6. She would gladly spend every last penny preparing a wardrobe for the show.  (And, she can walk in really high heels --- quite well to be honest.)

7. She would not cry during one-on-one time.  But, if she did, her mascara most certainly would NOT run.

8. My mom and dad would put on quite a show for the home visit.

9. She has a boyfriend back home... Great drama!

10. She's hardly afraid of anything... Scaling a building? No biggie!

Have I convinced you?  Just think of how great this blog would be if my sister was famous....

And now... Jeff is making me watch the President's State of the Union address.  I think he thinks it somehow evens out last night's television viewing decision. ;)  We'll see.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

Happy Monday folks!

Umm... first of all, how fun was Bachelor of the Week?  You guys were all over this one!  I LOVED it!  (And, don't worry, I've got guys lining up to be next on the list... You'll see plenty more "single hunks" in the next few weeks.)

Anyway, we had a great weekend in the Fredericksburg, VA area visiting two sets of a good friends...

First, we stopped off to see one of my best friends from college Lindsey (you might remember her from the race I didn't run last spring) and her husband, and - most importantly - meet their three month old Adelaide

Before I left, I made Lindsey take photos of me with Adelaide... But, I look hideous in them, and I didn't want to take away from her cuteness.  So, I opted for these off of Lindsey's blog instead.  (Remember Nacho? He's my Addy's boyfriend. Of course.)

Mostly, I couldn't wait to catch up with Lindsey, talk pregnancy, and show Jeff all the wonders of having a baby girl (you know, just in case... I thought he should see first hand how full of sugar and spice and everything nice they are).  All of those things were accomplished, AND I absolutely fell in love with little Addie myself.  I probably could have held her for three days straight.  I hope my baby has hair.  (Yes, I will still love it when it doesn't; since, let's face it: Jeff and I were both bald until kindergarten and our hair isn't exactly full of umph even now.) 

When we left, Jeff and I were all blubbery talking about how much we can't wait to have a baby.  July still feels so far away.

Then, we headed to see our friends Laura and Cliff on Saturday night.  Laura went to high school with Jeff and I, and Cliff was the Young Life intern in Roanoke after college.  Jeff and I were both in their wedding about two years ago, so they are special friends to us.  It was great to see their new house, meet their newest (four-legged) addition - Levi, and see a little of their (SUPER BUSY, ministry driven) life these days.  

It was a quick trip, but so fun.  (We have a weekend trip to visit friends etc. planned for just about every month between now and Baby Day to help the time pass and take advantage of these last days that we can travel without seven million bags or a babysitter.)

Thankfully, I'm feeling much more second-trimesteresque these days,  so I was able to keep up with everyone.  But, don't worry, I was in bed with my laptop and last week's episode of Brothers and Sisters by 8PM last night. ;)

Well, that's all I've got for today.  Have a good one!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bachelor of the Week 6: Northern Edition

AHH!  Kelly posted early!  Good thing I was rarin' and ready to go!  Enjoy!

It's been a while since I've done a Bachelor of the Week post, but I'm coming back with a bang today!

First, I've got a GREAT guy for you.

And, second, I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for "Show Us Your Single Guys" day... What better way? Really.

So, let's get started... Shall we?

I'd like to introduce you to... Bachelor #6:
"Professor Hann-some" 
Perfect for you Northern gals, this 29 year old academic prepster is located in central Pennsylvania, where he is pursuing a Ph.d. in Political Science at Penn State.  He will be finished coursework in a year begin working on his dissertation and looking  for the perfect university teaching job after graduation - the sky is the limit!. With a passion for politics and history, he's always up for an insightful conversation over coffee.  But, don't worry, he doesn't take himself too seriously. In fact, his wit is probably his most charming characteristic! 

Like the campus lifestyle and a deep conversation?!?!  This one's for you!!

"Professor Hann-some" is also a HUGE college football fan - rooting for Virginia Tech, Alabama, and Penn State especially.  But, when it's not "Game Day" you can find him helping out with Young Life leadership (his faith is super important to him), listening to indie music, playing tennis, or practicing his guitar.  Talk about well-rounded!

And, to top it off, some have said he looks like George Michael Bluth or Rob Bell.  So, basically, if you like Arrested Development and Jesus - you've just met Mr. Right.

He's looking for a Christian girl with similar interests who enjoys an afternoon spent at Barnes and Noble and an evening hearing a local band. If you think that might be you, just email me your contact info at  Hurry and get it while it's hot!!

2nd Trimester

Sorry I've been MIA this week.  All those lazy snow days made me have a lot of "catch up" to play at work... and just in life in general.

Anyway, a little update.  (And, it might be nice if you listen to the Halleluiah chorus in the background of this one.) Yesterday, I think I finally felt it.  No, not baby.  THE SECOND TRIMESTER ENERGY SURGE!  It was like a miracle occurred... I actually worked a FULL day (which hasn't happened in a long long time because of snow, exams, doctor's appointments, etc.), stayed late to catch up on grading, went to the grocery store, came home and made two dips (one of which had to thrown out because the - BRAND NEW - mayo had gone bad) and cookies for a party I'm having tonight, helped with dinner, THEN hosted Bible study at our house, and taught the lesson.  This is more than I've done in entire weeks the last few months.  I LOVED it!

And... the surge continued.  I woke up early this morning to clean up my "dressing room"/ pack for a trip we are taking tomorrow, finish grading a stack of papers, eat breakfast, and start a load of laundry before getting ready for work.  Glory!  I felt like my old self again, only better!

The bad news?  I lost my cell phone.  I knew I it was at my house because I use it as my alarm, and I kept hearing the alarm go off all morning somewhere nearby.  BUT, when I got ready to leave and Jeff called it - not a peep. I was running late, so I figured Jeff would find it later on.

Well, he just emailed me.  He found it.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! (You know, the one I so brilliantly started this morning!)

I guess the Second Trimester Energy Surge and Pregnancy Brain can, in fact, be a hazardous combination.  You may want to keep valuable objects away from me for the next few weeks...

But, on the bright side, it looks like I'll be getting a new cell phone finally!

See you tomorrow... with a little Bachelor of the Week - back in action!! WooHoo!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seriously, so blessed!

Friends, I have a confession to make... I am OBSESSED with Mommy Blogs.  You know the type - the moms that have adorable children (with incredibly original, yet somehow, classic names), handsome rich husbands, beautiful homes where everything is hand-made and Anthropologie-esque, and they look perfect all the time - even just to go to the grocery store and do crafts around the house.  

I admit, sometimes, I want to be one of those "perfect" mommy bloggers - although, my actual messy house and lack of craft-doing usually brings me back to reality...

Anyways, this morning, I found a hilarious blog that parodies this blog culture: Seriously, so blessed!  It's funny... Really funny

Today, the post is her 24 week pregnancy belly pic - and, you know - I couldn't resist going to peek... PLEASE go here and see it.  Made-my-day.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

14 Weeks (and a Hair Update)

Well, before I show you the photo... I owe you all an apology.  13/20 of you said that I should "just trim and grow" my hair... And, I did say that I would do whatever you told me.  BUT, I also said that my hairdresser Rachel had the final say and... well, it is short.  

Here's the long and short (haha - no pun intended) of it:

I honestly went to my appointment planning to get a trim.  You guys convinced me.  But, when I talked to Rachel, she said the thinning was really obvious.  (Apparently, she told Kathryn at her appointment later in the day that she had to "remain calm" because it was obvious.  Told you!)  Anyways, she suggested that I go ahead and cut it now - to keep it healthy - knowing that I have two trimesters and six months (where the hair loss may work itself out) to grow it before I actually have a baby.  *The Good News* Apparently my hair has stopped graying.  (It was getting pretty bad there for a while.)  I guess they were the first to fall out.  Good riddance!

So... My hair:
I look JUST like Katie Holmes, don't you think?!?  (It is always a mystery to me how my face doesn't just morph into hers when I cut my hair according to her style...) 

For now, I'm happy with this decision to go shorter.  It's not my favorite thing.  (I'd really rather have long luscious locks.) And, it is still doing something super weird/annoying on the right... But, I think it looks healthier.  I think I will like it for the next few months... And, it will grow before I'm too HUGE.  (Let's hope, for goodness sake.)

Anyway, while we're on the subject of being huge... Here is my 14 week "bump" picture:
Today was kind-of a sicky-feeling day... But, any day now I should be feeling better. (Right?)  Yesterday marked two months since we first found out we were expecting --- Wow, how our lives have changed with just that little "announcement."

I'm not having any super weird cravings or anything to report on.  But, here are a few "stats" for your enjoyment:

- I still have acne.
- I've gained a lot of weight.
- I am sleeping with a gigantic snake-like body pillow.  Pray for Jeff.
- I still wake up on my back EVERY night.  How am I supposed to prevent that?
- I am already having trouble hiding my belly-button.  It hasn't "popped" or anything, but I feel like it shows through everything.  (I'll probably have to write a whole post on this soon.)
- I started going back to the gym this week to take Zumba.  It felt good.  I think baby will be a dancer.  (Hip-Hop, of course)
- I am obsessed with Lemonade Vitamin Water.
- Our baby has fingernails.
- I started a registry on Amazon this week.  (I know it is way too early... But, it was just so fun!)
- I think I use too many colons and dashes in my blog posts now.  (Pregnancy related?)

That's all for tonight!  It's way past my bedtime.

Don't hate me because of my hair!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Hair

When some women are pregnant, they have a "glow."  I have acne.

When some women are pregnant, their feet grow a size or two.  Mine have gotten smaller.  (I guess this isn't really that big of deal... But, still, I'm weird.)

When some women are pregnant, they have a thick, beautiful mane.  My hair is thinner than ever.

Let's focus on my hair today... shall we?

I've always been a short hair gal, but one of my 30 Before 30 goals is to grow my hair past my shoulders... I was well on my way before I found out I was pregnant - notice the difference from a year ago below- and I was confident that pregnancy was the time to go for the goal!! (After all, aren't hormones and prenatal vitamins supposed to give you long, luscious locks?!?!)

December 2009

December 2010 - I realize that the black shirt makes it hard to tell how long my hair actually is, but you get the idea. 
And, clearly, I need to do something with my bangs.
But, alas, my hair had plans of its own.  It falls out like a dog now, and looks.. awful!  (Don't believe me?  Remember this photo?) So, as burdened as it makes me, my 30 Before 30 goal will have to come a little closer to 30. (Unless you think it already counts... Any takers?)

Regardless, I have a hair appointment Friday.

That's where you come in.  What should I do folks?

a.) Get a little trim and continue to let it grow... Maybe this, too, will pass.

b.) Meg Ryan's I-Just-Got-Out-Of-Bed-But-It-Took-Me-Twenty-Minutes-To-Style Hair (Let's be honest, I probably would side part... Just can't go center.  Sorry Meg!)
c.) Nicole Richie's Longish Inverted Bob (I've tried this before and liked it, but my results are never quite as dramatic or sexy.) 
 d.) Kristen Cavallari's somewhere in between - minus the dark roots. (Ugg, is it bad that all these styles are on blondes and I'm, clearly, not a blond? Or a skinny celebrity?)
e.) Bangs - of some sort - a la Katie Holmes about three years ago. (For the record, I really want to try more blunt bangs - I've been sporting the side sweep for years now - but I'm super nervous of how chubby they will make my face look. Pregnancy can't help that.)
Finally a brunette... That's probably almost exactly my hair color.  And, my face looks a lot like that too.  HAHA! (Credit)
I'd even go a little longer with bangs.
Umm... Maybe NOT like that.  Been there, done that.  Eighth Grade.  NOT pretty.  (Credit).

Yes, more like this.  They're called "wispy bangs."  You knew I couldn't get through a whole hair post without a little Reese. (Credit)
Ok, seriously, what do you think?  Please cast your vote in the comments section!  

Note: I really don't want a "mom" haircut (you know, the kind my husband's friends will talk about), which is part of why I thought I should go long in the first place; but, I also don't want to be hideous.  

My appointment is at three on Friday, and I'll do whatever you tell me to.  (Well, as long as my girl Rachel says it will work.  She has to have the final say. You know how it goes.)

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