Thursday, January 20, 2011

2nd Trimester

Sorry I've been MIA this week.  All those lazy snow days made me have a lot of "catch up" to play at work... and just in life in general.

Anyway, a little update.  (And, it might be nice if you listen to the Halleluiah chorus in the background of this one.) Yesterday, I think I finally felt it.  No, not baby.  THE SECOND TRIMESTER ENERGY SURGE!  It was like a miracle occurred... I actually worked a FULL day (which hasn't happened in a long long time because of snow, exams, doctor's appointments, etc.), stayed late to catch up on grading, went to the grocery store, came home and made two dips (one of which had to thrown out because the - BRAND NEW - mayo had gone bad) and cookies for a party I'm having tonight, helped with dinner, THEN hosted Bible study at our house, and taught the lesson.  This is more than I've done in entire weeks the last few months.  I LOVED it!

And... the surge continued.  I woke up early this morning to clean up my "dressing room"/ pack for a trip we are taking tomorrow, finish grading a stack of papers, eat breakfast, and start a load of laundry before getting ready for work.  Glory!  I felt like my old self again, only better!

The bad news?  I lost my cell phone.  I knew I it was at my house because I use it as my alarm, and I kept hearing the alarm go off all morning somewhere nearby.  BUT, when I got ready to leave and Jeff called it - not a peep. I was running late, so I figured Jeff would find it later on.

Well, he just emailed me.  He found it.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE!!! (You know, the one I so brilliantly started this morning!)

I guess the Second Trimester Energy Surge and Pregnancy Brain can, in fact, be a hazardous combination.  You may want to keep valuable objects away from me for the next few weeks...

But, on the bright side, it looks like I'll be getting a new cell phone finally!

See you tomorrow... with a little Bachelor of the Week - back in action!! WooHoo!!


  1. Yay - this post made me so happy! I would be pregnant forever if I felt like I did during the second trimester - it is the BEST! Enjoy it while it lasts...because it doesn't :). Love & miss you!
    -Liz McD

  2. I love your blog and this post makes me so happy!!
    I'm glad you have all that energy!!
    (One of my 2011 resolutions is to be more confident and comment on every blog I read... And I've been your follower for several months... But haven't commented... Sorry!!)


  3. Thank GOD! I literally just sent ashley a message saying " shes tired allll the time, its on my nerves, im such a bad sister" haha. I love you!!


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