Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Won!

Well, along with the rest of America, Jeff and I splurged and bought five lottery tickets for last night's drawing.  (Did you give in to peer pressure too?)  As we waited for the announcement at 11PM, we talked casually about what we would do first if we won.  Jeff said he'd call a lawyer and a financial planner.  Figures.  I would quickly log on to JCrew and do some internet shopping while calling everyone I know.  It's probably for the best that we didn't win - it wouldn't have been good for our marriage...

BUT, I did have one lucky moment this past week.  And, I'm not exaggerating, I'm almost as excited about it as I would have been over 640 million dollars...

I won these amazing curtains from Windows by Melissa from a giveaway at 6th Street Design School.
(Odds were 1 in 366.  Still not bad.)
Photo from Me and Wee.
YES, they match Sam's bedroom perfectly.

YES, I'm obsessed.

YES, you know I'll post photos when those suckers are up and doing their thing.  ;)

Edited to Add: Maybe you won't be as impressed by this as I am;but, I just got an email back from Melissa (the window genie) after I sent her my mailing address, and she lives TWO MINUTES from me.  Seriously, she could WALK those curtains over.  (Ya'll, I won the giveaway from a blog out of UTAH.)  Small world, huh?  So... She's coming over at 4:30.  New curtains and new friend? Yes please!

What are your plans for the weekend?  We're hoping to spend some time outside, visit the Easter Bunny, and conquer the dreaded seasonal-closet-switch-over.  Have a great one!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Rompers, Bowties, and Gingham - Oh My!

A shout-out to my wonderful March Sponsors...
Back in January/February when I was planning my "Little Mister" baby shower, I stumbled across the Boy Oh Boy Boutique on Etsy where I custom ordered the appliques for our onesie bunting (seen here).  The onesies were a hit, and thus began a beautiful partnership. ;)

Boy Oh Boy was started when the owner's baby boy was just three months old, and Leanne was desperate to find something fun and cute to dress-up his every day onesies for special occassions.  Today, her little shop - that she started with just leftover fabric from her own projects -  sells adorable appliques - ties, bowties, and other cute things - that can easily be ironed on to a onesie or t-shirt (so easy, even I could do it). What I love about this shop is that you can still feel like a crafty-mom making cute clothes for your kiddos without going through all the trouble of cutting and sewing yourself (who has time?) - Leanne takes care of the hard part for you - it's a win win. :)

A few of my current favorites from Boy Oh Boy:
I also discovered another Etsy gem in Room to Romp this past month.  Remember this post where I whined about the lack of cute little boy clothes out there? Well, one of my sweet readers recommended that I check out this shop, and I instantly fell in love.  As if the seersucker and gingham weren't enough, the shop owner, Sandy, lives in CLEMSON - my heart.  (I should have known this was a Southern mama!) 

Sandy's vision for her shop was EXACTLY what I wrote about.  As a mom of both a boy and a girl, she saw a need for cute and playful little boy clothes that were actually affordable.  Once her kids were too old for her to dress, she started creating outfits to meet the need for other moms.  And that she has done! Recently, she's even expanded her shop to include room decor too.  So cute!  Here are a few of my personal favorites from Room to Romp, although seriously, it was hard to narrow it down:
I have a feeling my PayPal account will be seeing quite a few trips to this spot in the next several months. ;) 
So... the moral of the story? If you haven't already, you MUST go check out these two great shops!  Tell 'em E sent you and get a little discount too!

Just use coupon code EMYSELFI10 for 10% off at Boy Oh Boy and EMIFREESHIP for free domestic shipping from Room to Romp.   Offers are good through May 1 - so stock up now!

Have a great weekend folks!

*Yes, these shops are paid sponsors for the month of March.  However, I found both shops organically and truly LOVE the products both are selling.  I would never feature something I didn't like myself.

*Email me if you are interested in seeing your pretty little button on my sidebar in April. I'd love to have you! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Midweek Confessions

It's that time again... Sorry I'm so late today!

Honestly, I feel like my life is just one big confession these days.  House a disaster? Check.  Fast food two days in a row. Check.  Entirely too much caffeine. Check.  Going to bed too early without accomplishing anything? Check. Oversleeping and then acting like a crazy person trying to get out the door in the morning? Check. Taking baby out in public in only a diaper and zip-up hoodie (because he spit up all over everything else)? Check. Haveing bitten off more than I can chew in virtually every area of my life? Check. Check and CHECK.

Yep, that about sums things up...

We aren't sleeping much around here anymore.  Who needs it?!?  I have Sam's teething, ear infection, stuffiness, and general PM-induced grumpiness to thank for that fact. The only good thing about my 11PM - 2AM "hang-out" time with Sam?  The full bag of jellybeans I devoured during that time...  Love it.

Also, in case I haven't told you, I'm pretty convinced that I birthed an actual vampire.  I was suspicious because of his extremely pale skin; but, now that the pediatrician has, in fact, confirmed that he is getting "fangs" (translation: his incisors are coming in before his front two teeth), I'm certain.  This would certainly explain some of his undesirable nighttime rituals...  Oh well, I'll love him just the same; and, thankfully, vampires are totally in right now.  So hot.

Sorry this is lame, it's just all I have in me today.  Link up so people can read something of quality, ok? ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let's Do This

Two years ago yesterday, I released my 30 Before 30 Checklist.  Here's the list in its entirety for anyone who might be interested:

1. Write a book (Even if I NEVER publish it)
2. Become a mom (7/13/2011)
3. Run a half-marathon
4. Perform in a play
5. Plant a garden
6. Learn to sew and make something I can wear
7. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself
8. Go to another continent (besides Europe)
9. Drive across the United States (7/2010)
10. Paint a painting I'm proud of
11. Learn basic photography and PhotoShop
12. Take a class just for fun
13. Read the Bible cover-to-cover
14. Visit all 11 of my college girlfriends at their homes
15. Present at a national teaching conference (NCTE 11/2010)
16. Read the top ten novels of all time (Modern Library Association List)
17. Take a "girls only" vacation w/ my mom and sister
18. Get something published (poem, article, etc.)
19. Go on an overnight hiking trip
20. Go to Disney World (11/2010)
21. Refinish a piece of furniture
22. Mentor a younger girl
23. Get a make-over and buy the make-up
24. Take HIP-HOP dance lessons and show them off at a club
25. Decorate someone else's house
26. Finish my scrapbook from London (started in 2004)
27. Grow my hair out past my shoulders (Fall/Winter 2011)
28. Wear a bikini and not be self-conscious
29. Learn yoga
30. Learn a song on the guitar

In terms of "checking things off," I didn't do so hot last year (or the year before that).  BUT, I did accomplish #2, which is pretty major.  I've got big plans for this year now that that one is taken care of. ;) (Seriously, I've got to get busy... at this rate, I'll be 50 before it's all done.)

Some of these things I could knock out in a long weekend if I really put my mind to it (like #s 10, 21, & 23), and I'm really hoping to do so.  Other things, like #4, are a work in progress that will be fulfilled in the coming weeks *hint* *hint*.  And still, some things (i.e. #s 1, 3, & 28), I'm just hoping for a mini-miracle in accomplishing them before the big 3-0.

Either way, it is nice to have a little challenge.  As I said in my original post, these are things to keep me accountable to really LIVING and not just getting lost in the busyness of day to day.

Speaking of really living, I think I like my late twenties.  This is a season of knowing myself more, yet being young enough to keep discovering and figuring myself out too (I hope I'm never too old for that).  I told Jeff recently that, for the first time in my life maybe, I'm not really "waiting" for the next big thing - college, a job, a husband, a house, a baby.  Sure, I have plans and wishes for this next year, but I'm also content where I am.  I am just here, and it is a good place to be.

I still want to accomplish those things on my list.  I still think they are worthwhile and important.  But, my "list" these days, as I begin to understand how fleeting time really is, is different too.

At 28, it looks a little more like this:

...give more of myself away. quicker to show grace (to myself and others).

...laugh more.

...create. still.

...take more time to play.

...worry less.

Somehow these goals are scarier than my original list.  Maybe because there is more at stake.  But the rewards are greater too.  I'm convinced.

Alright 28, let's do this!

*Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday.  I love my little blog family!

Monday, March 26, 2012


First, a question... If I am turning 28 today, does that make the last year my 28th year or my 27th? I'm thinking it was my 28th year, because it had to be completed in order for me to actually be 28 YEARS OLD... But, it sounds weird to talk about my 28th year when I just turned 28. Have I lost you?

Regardless, I'm 28 today!

Since it's a Monday, we "observed" the occasion yesterday.  The day began with a little extra sleep courtesy of my husband, some time alone (yes, I skipped church) at home, brunch with my family at one of my favorite restaurants downtown, too much cake and too many gifts, and then... The Hunger Games matinee.  Truly, it was a perfect day. 

Obviously I have a lot to be thankful for and to reflect on this year.  The last twelve months have brought some of the biggest changes in my life thus far - "game changers" in the best possible way.

This is my first birthday as a mom.  And, for the first time, I'm not just thinking about myself today. 

Of course, I'm thinking about Sam's feeding schedule, and getting him to the babysitter, and making sure his diapers are changed; but, I'm also thinking a lot about my parents.  See, before now, I never really paid attention to the fact that this day is SO much about them too.

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about who they were on this day twenty-eight years ago... What must have been going through my dad's head as he drove to the hospital (in a snow storm, legend has it), and how my mom must have felt when she held me for the first time. How my poor mom must have worried if she'd ever lose her pregnancy weight or sleep a full night again. I wonder if they had any idea how much their lives were about to change on this day in 1984. I wonder if they ever could have imagined having a twenty-eight year old daughter with a baby of her own...

I know now the kind-of love they have felt for me all these years. I know now the prayers and hopes and worries and wonders they have carried in their hearts for almost three decades. I know now that this day is a celebration of their hard work and sacrifices and love. 

I doubt they knew what they were getting themselves into back then.  But, I know with certainty that they made it.  They were a success.  Every one of my 28 years, I have been, truly, blessed.

("Blessed" by Elton John - the song I danced to with my dad on my wedding day.)
I love you Mom and Dad. Happy BIRTHday to you! :)

Maybe in 28 years Sam will take these sort-of photo ops seriously. ;)
And, yes, this does mean I won't feel guilty about the party I'm already planning for myself on July 13th. ;)

P.S. I'm NOT going to change my name.  Thanks for all the kind words & loyal followers! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Changing My Name

I'm thinking of changing my name to Kelly or Melody.  I've just always liked those names, ever since Saved by the Bell and Hey Dude actually, and I finally feel like I'm at a place in my life where I'm confident enough to make the change...

JUST KIDDING!  (How funny would that be? Not that I'd judge you if you did it.  Just saying.)

But seriously, I've got some things up my sleeve for this little ole blog here; and I'm having a bit of an "identity crisis" with it in the process.  I feel like maybe I've outgrown "E, Myself, & I". Quite frankly, the title bothers me.  As if blogging in itself isn't narcissisitic enough, that title just screams "I'm obsessed with myself;" and, well, if you've been reading this blog for any time at all (or even just since the last edition of Midweek Confessions) you know that really isn't how I roll.  I mean, I'm confident enough, but I don't take myself that seriously.  In fact, in some ways, not taking myself too seriously has become kind-of my "niche."

Of course changing my blog name presents problems.  For starters, I've been blogging here for almost three years and, while it certainly isn't a mega-blog, I'm afraid I'd lose some of the identity we've built if I change now.  That's not to mention the fact that my website is and my email address is  Changing my blog name would require quite a bit of movement all around - new website, email, logo, design, etc.  I've done a little research on this and, apparently, most blogs lose around 1/3 of their followers with a switch like that.  And, to be honest, I'm not sure I'm willing to take that risk.  (Hmm... maybe I am as vain as my current title implies.)

Then again, I LOVE this little space we've created here.  And I say "we" because it really has become about so much more than just me (myself and I).  I'm going to stick around for a while.  We're going to keep this thing going.  So, should I really just put up with a title I don't like on a space where I'm going to spend so much time and energy? On a space that has grown to really be a reflection of who I am and who I am becoming - a wife, mama, teacher, hot mess

As you can see, it's a bit of a predicament. 

It's a decision I'm not taking lightly.  (There I go, taking myself too seriously again.)

I really want to know what YOU think.  Should I do it?  Should I just admit I have a stupid name and own it?  Be honest because what you think really matters to me.  I know we like to be all "this is your blog, do what you want," but let's think about this for real.  Ok?

Oh, and for the record, I'm not 100% sure what I'd want to re-name my blog; BUT, I'm thinking something like this...

Yes, I clearly have cleaning and work to do and am choosing blog re-design as my procrastination drug of choice. :)

What do you think?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Winner & Obsessions

First things first...

The winner of the Watching Me Grow give away is... Mrs. C.  (Great name, by the way!)

Somehow my blog stopped showing numbers next to comments... What a pain it was to count to 40! ;)
 Congrats girl! Hope you will make good use of these cute onesies!  (Please email me to claim your prize.)

Thanks to ALL of you who entered... Hopefully, if nothing else, you found a great new go-to spot for baby and shower gifts. :)  AND, if any of you un-luckies (ha!) are still interested in buying a set of monthly onesies, visit the Etsy shop & use code EMYSELFANDI for 10% off.  Happy day!

And now, I'm following my friend Sara's lead over at Saige Wisdom today and posting my current obsessions. (And no, I'm not even going to mention my iPhone, even though we all know I'm obsessed. Haha!)

Here goes:

1. Tulips.  Love them.  They are my birthday flower and my wedding flower.  They are my happy flower.  They are my my-house-might-be-a-total-wreck-but-at-least-I've-got-fresh-flowers flower.
What? Doesn't everyone have a birthday flower? ;)
2. Dr. Pepper Chapstick.  I recently told someone this and they thought it was just hil-arious.  No, I'm not in middle school.  Yes, I like the way it tastes and smells.  BUT, as a bonus, it also gives my lips just the right amount of color without going overboard.  Did I mention it also smells and tastes great?
3. The Hunger Games.  Me and everyone else, right?  I read the book right before Sam was born and loved it. (SO much better than Twilight.) Now I'm planning my whole weekend around how I can go see the movie in theathers. (Is it bad that I'm kind-of glad the weather forcast is rainy?)  P.S. My friend Courtney is an extra in it.  I'm pumped to play "Where's Waldo?" with her in it.
4. Iced Coffee.  I'm sure this comes as a big surprise to you given my love of all things coffee; but recently, it has gone to a whole new level.  As in, I go through the drive-thru at my favorite coffee shop every afternoon to get one of these bad boys.  Joy in a cup right there.

5. eeCards.  They are just so darn funny.  Here are a few of my favorite finds this week:

So... won't you go visit Sara and see what she's obsessing over this week? She even has a fun linky up so you can join in too!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Midweek Confessions

- I'm tired.  Sam is sick.  Jeff has been out of town for the last three nights.  My house is an absolute disaster, and I'm stressed at work. My gracious mother-in-law spent the night last night (I think my husband called and told her I was on the brink of a nervous break down) and, as thankful as I was, I also felt guilty most of the night.  Ugg. Being a mom is hard.  Being a working mom is really hard.  As much as I LOVE being both (well, the working part only about 50% of the time), sometimes I long for 48 hours of doing only what I want and thinking of only myself.  Selfishness at its finest. 

My apologies for the pity party.  It's life, and a pretty darn good one at that; but, if we're really confessing then there you go.  This week isn't one for the scrapbooks. 

Now, on a lighter note...

- I woke up very sore on Sunday morning.  From exercising? Nope.  From yardwork? Nope.  From getting a pedicure and sitting in the massage chair too long?  Why YES!  (I do not lie.)

- Speaking of yards,  we are, truly, the disgrace of the neighborhood - the ones people complain about on their porches in the evening.  I'm embarrassed, but we gave it an honest effort last year (and the two years before that) and well, we just gave up.  I'm thinking a big load of mulch might do the trick this year. *I thought about taking a photo of the disaster-zone, but I just couldn't bring myself to put that mess on the internet.

- I'm going gray.  And not the beautiful sophisticated gray, the wirey gross gray. I know if I was a real grown-up, I'd suck it up and get some color on these locks; but, I'm just too afraid (and would rather have a new shirt every six weeks than a hair appointment). 

- One of my favorite things to do when Jeff is out of town is go eat at a local "salad" bar with Poppy.  (Sad, I know.  I really need to get a life.)  This is the type of glorious salad bar where 1/4 is salad and fixin's, while the other 3/4 includes buttery "vegetables," mashed-potatoes and two types of gravy, rolls, cobbler, and icecream.  I especially like taking Poppy as my date because 1.) he pays, and 2.) he is genuinely proud of me for eating.  He often makes comments like, "Wow, you were really hungry.  I like to see a girl eat like that!"  They just don't make men like they used to, do they? ;)

Ok, your turn!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Spring Mantel

Once upon a time, I actually planned ahead...

I spent hours on Saturday casually persuing some of my favorite discount spots for the perfect spring decor... Then, on Monday, I had the day off, so I piddled around and mixed and matched until I had my Spring mantel exactly the way I wanted it - simple and sweet.  I even used a hammer and nail all by myself.  When everything was just right and the sun was coming in the front windows to bathe the room in added beauty, I actually set up the TRIPOD to take pictures of my work.  I zoomed and I angled, I clicked and I adjusted until I had a glorious collection of blog-worthy photos.

Later, when the house was cleaned up and the baby was sleeping, I sat down with my leftover Mexican food sparkling water to upload said photos and prepare my blog post hours before the linky party even started.


My dang computer won't sync up to my camera. 

Thank goodness for the love of my life my iphone (and instagram) or I'd be REALLY mad.

All I've got to show for:

Wreath & carrot garland from Tuesday Morning (Please! Who has time for crafts?).  Window frame from my basement circa 2007. Off center idea... my very own. ;)

Happy first day of Spring!

Check out the party going on at The Lettered Cottage for much better photos of lots of festive mantels!
The Lettered Cottage
P.S. If you missed it yesterday, don't forget to enter my Watching Me Grow give-away before Friday.

P.S.S. Midweek Confessions tomorrow - be there or be square.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Watching Me Grow Give-Away!

It's been a while since we've done a give-away around here; but, we're back today and - I think it's fair to say - it was worth the wait.

Remember Sam's cute monthly onesies and t-shirts from his month-by-month update posts?  I bought the first half before he was born, and liked 'em so much that I bought the second set right around Christmas.  I love the look of the numbers being sewn on instead of just a sticker, and am hoping to do something cute with them for his one-year birthday party too!  I pretty much love them.

Well, today, Sharon of Watching Me Grow is giving away a complete six-month set ($35.00 value) to one lucky E, Myself, & I reader! 

Her sets come in boy, girl, or neutral (I went with neutral in hopes of re-using them for other babies) colors; and all the way up to 24 months.  The give-away winner will be able to choose the color theme and whether you would like months 0 - 6 or 7 - 12.  Even if you don't have a baby, these would make awesome baby shower gifts etc. so everyone is invited to enter.

To win, all you have to do is:

1. Visit the Watching Me Grow Etsy shop here.

2. Comment below telling me what set you would order and who/what it would be for.

3. **Bonus Entry** Check out the Facebook page and "like" it.  Then, leave an additional comment on my blog saying you did so!

I will leave this contest open until Thursday at 11:59PM.  A winner will be selected using and announced on Friday 3/23. 

Good luck!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

In case the pale skin and freckles didn't give it away... I've got a good bit of Irish in my blood. St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in my book... Here are a few reasons (and pictures) why this year's is especially happy:

1. It is Sam's first.

2. It is Addy's birthday (She's four, which is 28 in dog years- the same age I will turn in about a week. She caught up!)

3. We went to a big parade downtown and ate fish and chips for lunch. (I also saw a goat on a leash at - not in - the parade... big BONUS.)

4. It was 80 degrees here today with just the right amount of breeze to keep me from melting.

5. Sam played with his grandparents so Jeff and I could have "me" time this afternoon- he golfed with a buddy while I got a pedicure and bought spring decorations and goodies for Sam's Easter basket.

I am "lucky" indeed.

Hope you've had a good one!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Eight Months

We saw Elton John in concert last night - he was AMAZING.  Seriously.  He sang for 3 hours STRAIGHT.  He wore a purple ruffly blouse and sequined jacket with tails.  We Crocodile Rocked all night.  :)  Anyway, enough about me... This is about my little man, who had a big night - sleepover with Gigi and Bear - last night too.  Let's get to it:

Sam is 8 months old!
 ...and getting photos is a quite a... challenge.
Like Sam's shirt?  Stay tuned... Giveaway coming next week from Watching Me Grow.
Size: According to our scale last weekend, Sam weighs 21 pounds. *I don't think he lost weight since his 7 month post though, so I must have been a little off on my last estimate. It's funny because he is pretty "average" in terms of height and weight, but recently lots of people have been commenting on what a big baby he is.  I admit, he even looks kind-of gigantic to me next to some other babies we've met.  I don't know.  He must carry his weight well. ;) He wears 9 - 12 month clothes and size 4 diapers right now.  Where did my BABY go?

Development: Well, just when I was starting to think Sam might not ever sit - he just did.  He's a professional sitter now. I love watching him sit-up and interact... so fun.  I'm sorry for doubting you bud. He plays with toys and looks at EVERYTHING.  He is hardly ever still - wiggling and bouncing and rolling all.the.time.  I really thought he might be crawling by now (in fact, Jeff and I spent most of last weekend stalking him with the video app on our phones), but he is just teasing us.  He gets on all fours and rocks back and worth.  It won't be long... And we've got the cage baby gate ready to go for that magic moment. :)

Sam is also babbling up a storm and making lots of especially high pitched noises.  He laughs ALL the time and is beginning to enjoy "Peek a Boo" and any kind of game where Mom and Dad act like fools.  He still just has the two front teeth, but we just spotted a top one peeking through last night. I can't wait to see what he looks like when those suckers arrive. His legs are strong, but (luckily) he hasn't figured out that he could probably pull himself up to standing yet.

Personality: About 23 hours out of most days, Sam is very happy and easygoing.  The other hour, well, we can forgive it because of the 23 before it. ;) In all seriousness, he is a JOY right now... I think he is going to prove to be very active, funny, a little stubborn, and a BIG flirt.  I pretty much love everything about this age.

Likes: ADDY (he is obsessed with her), chewing (on anything), meal time, Miss Rita (his babysitter), bouncing, bath time, cuddling, reading, his feet, being naked, Mom's hair, Pandora lullaby station

Dislikes: Having his nose aspirated (we call him a little piggy because he is always snorting and snuffling), sitting still, going in his carseat, getting dressed, sleeping all night, staying up too late, nursing when there are other things going on

Eating: My boy loves his food - that's for sure!  I can't think of anything Sam won't eat right now. No matter WHAT it is, he just opens that little mouth wide and goes at it.  Usually he makes a funny face at first and then keeps coming back for more and more... So far he has tried: carrots, peas, sweet potatos, squash, limas, broccoli, bananas, pears, apples, apricots, peaches, applesauce, oatmeal, rice, yogurt, puffs, cheerios, and probably more that I can't remember right now.

Like last month, he is also on a pretty good bottle/nursing schedule.  He usually breastfeeds at least once during the night and first thing in the morning.  He has pumped milk two times a day and a bottle of formula before bed.  Most days, I estimate that he is eating between 30 and 35 ounces of milk in addition to breakfast and dinner.
In his new high chair from Ikea.  $50.00 and so far so good.
Sleeping: Not our strong suit.  I (well, Jeff & I) are mostly to blame... consistency and planning has been a major problem on the parenting front when it comes to sleep. One night I think he is "grown up" and I should let him cry, the next night I think he is starving/teething/cold/hot/etc. and absolutely MUST be nursed and comforted.  The result? A baby that wakes once, twice, or sometimes three times a night and a very tired mommy. In my mom-heart, I know this isn't what is best for our family; but, I'm still not 100% sure how I should "fix" things.  I'm getting there...  (For some more thoughts on this, check-out Lea's Medical Mondays post on Crying It Out.)

That little tush in the air gets me every time!
Thankfully, nap and bed times are becoming more consistent and easier. We can mostly count on a 9AM, 1PM, and 8PM sleep schedule.  The wake times are what vary.  Usually he takes one good (2 - 3 hours) nap a day and another for about an hour.  Night sleep is all over the place.  Let's hope I have a better report by 9 months.

Until next month, mom signing off.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Reality Right Now

And yet I "had time" to make this...

It's almost Friday friends!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Midweek Confessions Post

Well, it's Wednesday (just barely).  You know what that means:

- It is 9PM.  I've been carrying around a little blue post-it with "key words" to help me remember my confessions since Monday; and now I've almost missed stinkin' "midweek."  I'm a bum.

- Daylight Savings is KILLING me.  Just when I thought I might actually be getting up more than 30 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work - we lose an hour and it is still dark at 7AM. My quest to meet the early morning hours peacefully is hopeless.

- To me, Pie Day is the day in which students bring pies (and other round deliciousness) to their math classes and the leftovers end up in the teacher's lounge - because one pie per person is a bit too much, even for teenage boys. It is one of my favorite holidays.

- I don't actually enjoy hiking.  (I admitted this once to a close group of friends, and it didn't go over well.  Please don't stone me.)  I like the idea of hiking.  I like telling people I went hiking and taking pictures of myself hiking (usually at the very beginning before I start POURING sweat); but the actual hike - miserable. Every time I go I'm reminded why it had been so long since the last time.

- Yesterday morning a co-worker pointed out to me that I had "something on my shoulder."  This "something" turned out to be MASSIVE baby puke/spit-up/whathaveyou ALL over me. I basically looked like a Bald Eagle had pooped on me, and I smelled like a big bowl of cottage cheese.  The worst part? I didn't even notice.  I'm clean classy like that. 

- I quite like pulling out the clothes I bought this time last year when I was a bit pregnant.  They just "swallow me up" now, and I feel all kinds of skinny.  Nevermind that some are maternity and the rest two sizes bigger than I usually wear.  Minor detail.  (Prayers for the coming months when I run out of these kind of clothes and actually have to go back to the ones purchased TWO summers ago. Itsnotgoingtobepretty.)

That's all I've got today.  I'm tired and grumpy - I guess that's another one.

If you link-up it'll make me smile...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Monday Thoughts

Hi friends! Hope you all had a great weekend.  I had one of the best I've had in a while -- nothing special, in particular, but I think that's what made it so good.  We had no real plans so we just enjoyed time drinking coffee in bed, watching Sam "get ready" to crawl, visiting with relatives and friends, shopping, hiking, and eating lots of delicious food.  Did I mention it was also over 70 degrees both days?  Honestly, it was one of those weekends Jeff and I were fantasizing about this time last year.  Good stuff.

Anyways, just some random things today...

- First, would you please look at this little stud?  He went on his first hike yesterday.  His dad was a champ and carried all 20+ pounds of him up the side of a mountain.  Yes, those are FLAMES on his sunglasses.  Yes, I realize that allowing him to wear sunglasses with flames and a camo hat completely goes against everything I said in this post --- but they were a gift, and he can't be a prep all the time.  WhatcanIsay? :)

- My mom and I went to the mall on Saturday for a little bit and I thought I should probably pass this along...  There are some GREAT deals at Old Navy right now on all of the bright color-blocking trends out there right now.  I bought a great dress for a wedding coming up in May.  It is hot pink and orange, and I am OBSESSED with it.  (Unfortunately, it isn't online so... You'll have to wait to see photos from the wedding.)  They also have skinny jeans in LOTS of fun colors on sale right now for $25.00.  I'm not usually a fan of Old Navy, but they got it right this season.  If you are looking to update your wardrobe a little without breaking the bank, you might just be in luck!  (And, um, no... Old Navy is NOT paying me to say this.  Obvious, but it must be said.)
A few of my favorites
- I'm already preparing for The Bachelor finale tonight.  (And by preparing, I mean I saved all my laundry to wash/dry/fold/and put-away from 8 - 10 tonight.) I'm rooting for Lindzi; but, I honestly don't like Ben that much so... I'm just watching for the gowns and drama.  Are you watching?  How do you feel about Emily being the next Bachelorette?  I think she is beautiful and I liked her a lot in Jake's season; but, I'll be honest, I kind-of feel like she already had her chance and flaked out.  Am I alone here?  I mean, of course I'll still watch, but she's got some convincing to do.
- Jeff and I are going to see Elton John in concert on Thursday night.  I'm pretty darn excited.  Have any of you ever seen him live?
- And, um, there will be no "12 in 12" update today; basically because I have absolutely NOTHING to report.  I've been a bum the last 300 30 days so... Here's to the next go around!

Coming up this week:
Sam's EIGHT MONTH update,
Even more Midweek Confessions.
My Baby Registry Checklist.
and more.

Have a good one!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Wish List (for me)

All the talk about clothes and shopping yesterday (thanks for the great suggestions by the way, I had never even heard of sales on Facebook - genius!) made me start getting greedy for myself...

Here's my spring wishlist:

New Jack Rogers Flats
Navajo in Platinum

I bought a pair of these the summer I got married to wear at my wedding reception.  Seriously, one of the best decisions of my life  (getting married - duh - AND buying the shoes).  That was five years ago though; I've had them re-soled and everything, but they look ROUGH.  My originals are the Navajo in gold; but next time around, I think I'll go Platinum - watch out!  :) They seem a little more low-key, but also awesome and metallicy.

Colorful Skinnies (the kind that look good on "pale chubbies" - haha)

Minnie from JCrew
LOVE all the bright colors out this season... I bought a pair of orange cords back at Christmas and they make me happy every time I put them on.  If I had lots of money, I'd buy a spring pair in every color. 

Flowy Tops & Tunics
Wagner Tunic from Anthropologie
Excellent for disguising the still-too-obvious post-pregnancy belly and looking cute while being comfy. Luckily, these are everywhere right now.
Hand Crochet Jacket from Boden USA
One can never have too many.  Cardigans are the PERFECT transition piece for any wardrobe!  I'm really into the vintage/funky styles right now.  (Do you like the little outfit I "accidently" put together so far?)

Printed Shirt-Dresses
Overboard Dress from Shabby Apple
I have just recently discovered (and begun a love affair with) these working-mom essentials.  I love that a shirt dress a.) takes very little "outfit planning," b.) looks put together at work, c.) is breastfeeding accessible, and d.) isn't too stiff or fancy to wear while playing on the weekends too.  A fun print is a bonus! It's win-win (win-win-win).

A Good Self Tanner

I am VERY pale and VERY afraid of skin cancer.  So... This is a must if I ever want to wear something like the above dress.  I've been using Jergens for the last few years (although Jeff made me stop last year because he thought the chemicals would seep into my uterus and harm our unborn baby), but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any products they recommend.  I need a good one that isn't too expensive, isn't orange, and is easy to put on.
What's on your wishlist for the new season?  Come on, you know you have one! ;)

P.S. My birthday is this month.  If possible, I'd like to "schedule" my next baby to be born in the early spring.  It is the best because you get winter clothes for Christmas and spring clothes for birthday.  Perfect.  Thanks Mom & Dad - good planning. (I'm not really as incredibly materialistic as I sound here.  I promise.)

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