Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Midweek Confessions Post

Well, it's Wednesday (just barely).  You know what that means:

- It is 9PM.  I've been carrying around a little blue post-it with "key words" to help me remember my confessions since Monday; and now I've almost missed stinkin' "midweek."  I'm a bum.

- Daylight Savings is KILLING me.  Just when I thought I might actually be getting up more than 30 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work - we lose an hour and it is still dark at 7AM. My quest to meet the early morning hours peacefully is hopeless.

- To me, Pie Day is the day in which students bring pies (and other round deliciousness) to their math classes and the leftovers end up in the teacher's lounge - because one pie per person is a bit too much, even for teenage boys. It is one of my favorite holidays.

- I don't actually enjoy hiking.  (I admitted this once to a close group of friends, and it didn't go over well.  Please don't stone me.)  I like the idea of hiking.  I like telling people I went hiking and taking pictures of myself hiking (usually at the very beginning before I start POURING sweat); but the actual hike - miserable. Every time I go I'm reminded why it had been so long since the last time.

- Yesterday morning a co-worker pointed out to me that I had "something on my shoulder."  This "something" turned out to be MASSIVE baby puke/spit-up/whathaveyou ALL over me. I basically looked like a Bald Eagle had pooped on me, and I smelled like a big bowl of cottage cheese.  The worst part? I didn't even notice.  I'm clean classy like that. 

- I quite like pulling out the clothes I bought this time last year when I was a bit pregnant.  They just "swallow me up" now, and I feel all kinds of skinny.  Nevermind that some are maternity and the rest two sizes bigger than I usually wear.  Minor detail.  (Prayers for the coming months when I run out of these kind of clothes and actually have to go back to the ones purchased TWO summers ago. Itsnotgoingtobepretty.)

That's all I've got today.  I'm tired and grumpy - I guess that's another one.

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  1. Tired & grumpy over here, too...but I got out for drinks & sushi with some girlfriends tonight (yes, on a school night!) and I'm feeling a little better now!

  2. shut up!! I don't like hiking either!! I was going to admit it on my next non-family edition confessions post but you did it for me... we are officially non-identical twins separated at birth and I cross my heart laughed out loud when I read your 'it looked like a bald eagle pooped on me' bullet point... Saige was like, "what? what's so funny mom?" -

  3. I feel the same way you do about hiking :) my friends LOVE to hike and they don't understand why I don't love it too. I do like wearing cute outdoorsy gear, having picnics, and the IDEA of a hike. :)

  4. I love that you confessed that you really don't like hiking. Every time you post that y'all went for a hike I think that you've come around and you like it. It made me laugh thinking of the time we gave you a hard time about not liking to hike. =) Also - Tim and I were talking and would love to get together with you and Jeff sometime this summer.

  5. I hate hiking! I live in Utah and no one understands why scaling a large mountain is not enjoyable. The Florida girl in me likes to be close to the ground, I guess!

  6. DST was hard on me too. It's crazy how losing just one hour can throw you off for days!


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