Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Wish List (for me)

All the talk about clothes and shopping yesterday (thanks for the great suggestions by the way, I had never even heard of sales on Facebook - genius!) made me start getting greedy for myself...

Here's my spring wishlist:

New Jack Rogers Flats
Navajo in Platinum

I bought a pair of these the summer I got married to wear at my wedding reception.  Seriously, one of the best decisions of my life  (getting married - duh - AND buying the shoes).  That was five years ago though; I've had them re-soled and everything, but they look ROUGH.  My originals are the Navajo in gold; but next time around, I think I'll go Platinum - watch out!  :) They seem a little more low-key, but also awesome and metallicy.

Colorful Skinnies (the kind that look good on "pale chubbies" - haha)

Minnie from JCrew
LOVE all the bright colors out this season... I bought a pair of orange cords back at Christmas and they make me happy every time I put them on.  If I had lots of money, I'd buy a spring pair in every color. 

Flowy Tops & Tunics
Wagner Tunic from Anthropologie
Excellent for disguising the still-too-obvious post-pregnancy belly and looking cute while being comfy. Luckily, these are everywhere right now.
Hand Crochet Jacket from Boden USA
One can never have too many.  Cardigans are the PERFECT transition piece for any wardrobe!  I'm really into the vintage/funky styles right now.  (Do you like the little outfit I "accidently" put together so far?)

Printed Shirt-Dresses
Overboard Dress from Shabby Apple
I have just recently discovered (and begun a love affair with) these working-mom essentials.  I love that a shirt dress a.) takes very little "outfit planning," b.) looks put together at work, c.) is breastfeeding accessible, and d.) isn't too stiff or fancy to wear while playing on the weekends too.  A fun print is a bonus! It's win-win (win-win-win).

A Good Self Tanner

I am VERY pale and VERY afraid of skin cancer.  So... This is a must if I ever want to wear something like the above dress.  I've been using Jergens for the last few years (although Jeff made me stop last year because he thought the chemicals would seep into my uterus and harm our unborn baby), but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has any products they recommend.  I need a good one that isn't too expensive, isn't orange, and is easy to put on.
What's on your wishlist for the new season?  Come on, you know you have one! ;)

P.S. My birthday is this month.  If possible, I'd like to "schedule" my next baby to be born in the early spring.  It is the best because you get winter clothes for Christmas and spring clothes for birthday.  Perfect.  Thanks Mom & Dad - good planning. (I'm not really as incredibly materialistic as I sound here.  I promise.)


  1. Haha you are hilarious... I had no wish list... Until now! I am in serious need of new clothes and you gave me some good ideas my trendy friend :) why don't you just fly out for the weekend and we can go shopping?

  2. My current wish list is fairly simple: I would like new shoes. I don't have a pair in mind yet, but probably some really cute, fun, versatile flats. And I would like clothes that are not maternity. I mean, I do like my comfy large sweatshirts and my elastic wasted pants, but since I tried not to go overboard on the spending for clothes just for this one maternity season, I'm SO. SICK. OF. THEM. ALL. :) So.... anything fun and different sounds like a plan. At 36-37 weeks pregnant, that's all I can ask for. :)

  3. So fun! I love the look of those sandals. Last year Target had some knock offs that looked nearly identical and I almost bought a pair. I guess I was channeling my inner E! :)

  4. LOVE THOSE SKINNY ANKLE PANTS!!!! My list includes: losing the 25lbs that I have gained so I can wear the skinny pants!!!! They look HORRIBLE on me right now!! I'm in love with long, loose, flowy tunics, and dresses!! Especially in the spring/summer!

  5. I love all the flowy glad they are in right now because they definitely help out in the belly disguising department! I wish I had the legs for the skinny pants. My chunky thighs would NOT be attractive in them! ;( I also LOVE cardigans.

  6. I'm very, very, VERY pale and I've pretty much given up using self-tanner and just embraced by pale skin (and I moisturize like crazy so it looks healthy). However, Aveeno makes one that I like (the Jergens brand smelled bad to me)..I think it's called "Aveeno Radiance" or something like that, but I liked it well enough. You might want to try airbrush tanning too..I've gotten some groupons for it for like $10/session and if I moisturize, a session can last almost two weeks.

  7. I love the shirt dress. That is 100% my style

  8. don't even get me started! thanks to you, those red Toms you were sporting on instagram - the ones I wanted for Saige - are now on mommy's wish list as well. I'm trying to be good and save our pennies for this year's home addition but they're calling to me - if I can't have red pants I'll settle for shoes.


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