Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Dress a Boy

I know I'm not the first to say this, but how RIDICULOUS is it to find cute baby clothes for little boys?!?! 

At first, I was kind-of relieved that Sam was a boy and I wouldn't be tempted to spend tons of moolah on his clothes.  (More for me - haha!)  But recently, I've been just plain frustrated with the inequality between little boy and little girl clothes on the market today.  It seems like every store I go in is 75% girl and 25% boy.  And then, of that lousy 25%, there's only about 5% that is actually cute.  The rest are graphic tees and cargo shorts made mini.  (No offense, just not my style.) Despicable!

To clarify, I admit that I'm picky.  I have had a hard and fast rule about Sam not wearing "man clothes" until he can stand and walk on his own. I know it won't be long until he is begging to wear the same dirty sweatshirt and jeans every day.  I resigned myself to the fact that he probably won't appreciate a monogram past his third birthday when we first saw "it" on the ultrasound.  But right now?  I pick what he wears, and he doesn't complain.  And I want him to be a BABY.  I want him in soft cuddly pastels; embroidered rompers; and footsies - NOT plaid button-ups, sweaters, and jeans.  (For the record, I'll probably put my foot down at jean shorts even when he is old enough to pick his own clothes.)  I don't judge you if you want to dress your baby like a little man.  Really, I don't.  It's just my personal preference.  I want to milk this chubby baby stage for as long as I possibly can...

Up until this point, this hasn't been too hard to get away with...  But now?  His footsies are getting dirty from bouncing on my floors... And, I had the sad realization while browsing 12 - 18 month spring clothes this past weekend that those days of standing and walking on his own are all too close.

I'm just not ready.  I want to dress him like a baby a little longer.

But, it's not going to be easy...
Case in point:

Here's my loot from my weekend adventures at TWO "huge" children's consignment sales in our area:

Adorable?  Absolutely!  Equal to what I "would have bought" had I been shopping for a girl?  Not.even.close.  You should have seen some of these people - flatbeds full (and I mean full) of smocking, monograms, Lily Pulitizer, etc. My heart hurt a little.

He will have plenty of time to be a big boy; but right now, he's my LITTLE boy.  He's bald and drooly and chubby and soft.  I want to soak up every last minute of that before he's sweaty, smelly, and into race-car t-shirts.

Is that too much to ask?

Where's the love for little boys with preppy mommies?  (Specifically ones that don't wish to spend $50+ on one little outfit that will probably be covered in poop dirt after the first wear.)

Anyone?  Anyone?

Where do you shop for your boys? What does your little one wear on a "regular" day? When did you stop dressing your baby like a baby?


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you to see a Mom want to dress her little boy like a baby while he is a baby. I am so with you. My son is 35 and I must say it was really easy to find such clothes at that time and I so enjoyed dressing him in them. Thank goodness his Daddy was a man that didn't have a problem with that and our son turned out to be a very, very manly man. :o) He was not tarnished in any way. Wish I could help you but have no ideas but good luck. It does look like you found some mighty cute things at the consignment store though. Happy Thursday!

  2. I'm right there with you (yet another reason we should be friends.) Luke wears smocked outfits to church or on outings where we are gone all day. If my mom hasn't made it, we get these duds from consignment sales, Once Upon A Child (best consignment store around!) or on Facebook. Look up SweetBabyTutu on Facebook. She sells awesome, brand new stuff affordably. There are also a lot of other smocked swaps on FB if you look around. During the week he's usually in OshKosh overalls or one piece outfits. I love OldNavy for one pieces that are simple and cute- stripes or solids without words. Try Gymboree for sales; they have some classic kids stuff if you can score a good deal.

  3. Hi Elizabeth! The Children's Place has GREAT footed sets called stretchies and they are always on sale.
    There is a consignment store here in Raleigh called Babiology that always has wonderful things for little boys that are classic and little boy appropriate they are on FB and if you don't see exactly what you want from the pictures (becuase they don't put it all online) you can call them and I can pick it up for you and bring it to Roanoke because I totally get where you're coming from on wanting to dress them appropriately-I have a tough time shopping for Anne Prescott because I feel like so much of it is SO adult. Hope y'all are doing great!!

  4. I'm with you. I like to dress my boy like a BABY, too. I figure he has the rest of his life to dress like a man...why dress him like that now?! He does have some "little man" outfits- most were gifts. And admittedly, he has pants, a shirt, and a tie for Easter...which is manly for sure. So, I guess his wardrobe is mixed but I do LOVE his "more babyish stuff" and they are my favorites. The Children's Place DOES have awesome footed sleeper/outfits...they are our favorites because they fit so snuggly and our little guy looks so little and cozy in them. I know they have them in 24 months and maybe bigger. Recently, I've been looking on Ebay for smocked rompers/bubbles, etc. - they are EXTREMELY difficult to find here in the midwest! They are NOT the norm for dressing your kids. I was meant to be southern. I'm going to a big consignment sale tomorrow...hoping to have some luck. The few things you did get are super cute!!!

  5. You are definitely right about the girls clothes outweighing the boys clothes. It's insane!!! I use to get my son's clothes from The Children's Place, Carter's, Gymboree and occasionally from Belk/Macy's (for special occasions). Shopping for my girls has just about broke me - I have twins!!! If it makes you feel any better, the little girls clothing is getting more and more racy and I refuse to put my 4 year old's in something I wouldn't approve of for a 15 year old!! Good luck shopping!

  6. I love the outfits you found for Sam; too cute! I have the same shopping irritation you do- SEVERE inadequacy in all the stores. I'm thankful to save my money and not buy girl clothes, but I still want OPTIONS!
    I've found cute, CUTE stuff on Zullily recently. I'll have to check out The Children's Place this weekend.

  7. This topic has been on my mind this week too! I went to a consignment sale in Little Rock this week and only found two things. I glanced at the baby girl section and saw so many cute things without even trying. Why is that? I'm 8 months pregnant with my baby boy and it looks like it's going to be tough shopping. I've had a little luck with (but not much). Thanks for this post. It made me feel better to know someone else is just as frustrated with the baby boys selection out there.


    You'll like this...


  9. Go to Facebook and search for Smocked Auctions, Smockadot Kids, etc. (others will come up). "Like" them and then attend their auctions or shop their stores. They have what you are looking for.

  10. You found some good stuff!!! My husband has been wanting to dress J like a little man since he was born but I refused! My refusals only held out until 9 months. Then I lost.

    Honestly, my MIL buys the bulk of our clothes which she finds as Ross, TJ Max and Marshall's. She comes back with Carters, Gap and a few other brands normally. My favorite place is a consignment store called Once Upon a Child. While the boy stuff is miniscule compared to girls, there's a decent selection. I've even managed to find some great smocked stuff there. I'm with you I love the jon jons, the pastels and all things baby prep but it's hard to find at an affordable price with the TINY selection for boys!

  11. PS: These Etsy shops have cute baby boy clothes:

  12. Amen!

    I have been shopping for next year on the clearance racks, that is the only way I can justify buing things at some baby stores. I rarely pay 25-30 for my own shirt, I can't imagine spending that for my 5 month old that will grow out of it in a few weeks (that is to say if it doesn't get puked on too many times that it has to be retired before he grows out of it!)

  13. I second the above amen!

    We're expecting our first (a little boy) and I just struggle as I shop for him. I don't want him to be a bro yet...just a BOY!

  14. wow! i couldn't agree with you more!! i have a baby girl coming in july and some of my friends are wanting to buy her all things animal print (ick!) while i just want her to be dressed as a sweet baby as long as she can! glad i'm not the only one :)

  15. I love the little crab outfit, especially! My friend and I hit a consignment sale this week, too. We're going to another one that starts tomorrow and then another one that starts at the beginning of the week....and there are more just around the corner! We can't wait! I love finding things at these sales and at yard sales. Last summer, I found so many adorable things for Caleb - My favorites were from Janie & Jack. LOVE Janie & Jack!

  16. We dress our Jack like a little boy. I go crazy when I see baby boys in denim...ugh! We are living in Vermont right now, and you should see the way they dress their little boys (and little girls!). I like patycake kids, smocked auctions, lolly wolly doodle, and orient expressed. Also, zulily does lots of smocked clothes (I love the candyland brand). Remember Nguyen has really great sales, too. A lot of times, you can get simple gingham bubbles then get them monogramed. I am a sucker for a monogram!

  17. Totally agree, boys stuff is seriously lacking and the funny thing is that all "boy moms" I talk to are saying the same thing-especially us southern girls who can't get enough of the smocked monogram etc. I hit up consignment stores and facebook (love stitched and smocked) because I am a sucker for a good deal and hate paying full price for anything.
    I am for sure dressing him like a baby for as long as I can get away with it, my 8 month old has worn pants once and I looked ridiculous trying to get them on/off of him. The hardest thing for me to find has been his casual/weekday wear. My go to has been polo long and shortalls, which I always find at TJ maxx for 12.99
    I know some might consider this dressing him like a little man, but I can make an exception since its polo =)

  18. Just be prepared to hear from your boy, when he turns 5 and goes to school "MOM! Why did you dress me like such a dork when I was a baby?? That is so humiliating!" Yes, a direct quote from my sweet boy. I think the tiny jeans are absolutely cute as well, but your crab outfit is quintessential southern baby boy.

  19. Have you been to Toad'ly Kids? It is in the forum and has really cute stuff! My mom works there!

  20. I think you found great stuff! I'm the same way. My son has one denim item-overalls. Otherwise it's a no go for me until he's a little older. I've only recently opened our world up to 2 piece stuff!

    People have suggested facebook auctions-which I recommend too. Unfortunately, the prices have gone up some in the last year. But, I like smockadot kids and stitched and smocked. I think they're the cheapest.

    Check out marshalls or TJ Maxx. The ralph lauren polo rompers are really cute, classic, and affordable there. Like 11 bucks-a little more for long sleeve and pants.

    I pretty much never find anything at Carters. What isn't too mature, is covered in a goofy character or saying, but I have a couple of things...soft cotton pants we mix with applique tees.

    I found a girl locally who makes applique t shirts for $15! She'll make anything I want and they're monogrammed! You can find her on facebook-sassy stitches-I bet she'd be willing to ship to you. That's made a big difference once we've moved into two pieces. I also found an etsy seller who makes gingham shorts for 4.99! I'll mix those with the applique tees this summer now that he's getting a little bigger-2.

    I've also had a little luck with ebay and I am ridiculously cheap!

    The key to the consignment sales is to volunteer, so you can get in early!

  21. I work at Tuesday Morning and we have tons of cute baby boy clothes! little rompers and fun little outfits..try there if there is one by you!, too!


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