Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Midweek Confessions

- I've started giving "the bird" a little too often.  I don't know what has gotten into me, a few years ago I would NEVER have done this.  But now?  I think it is  I'm awful, I know... But, it is all in good fun.
Edited to Add: I don't actually do this to strangers - just people like Jeff or my sister.  They know me enough to find it funny.  I could NEVER do it to someone who thought I was being serious.  FYI.

- I put the bumper back in. Sam isn't sleeping a lick better; but, I can't get enough of how cute his bed looks when I watch him crying on the video monitor. 

- Monday was a "snow day" so I used the opportunity to convince Jeff that life would be better for everyone if I didn't work.  Sam was obviously on board, as he took a three hour nap.  I caught up all the laundry, cleaned house, and had dinner ready when Jeff came home from work.  I even took a shower... Success.  Tuesday, I came home from work, put on my pjs, and sat on the sofa until 7PM when I said to Jeff "if you feed Sam, I'll put him to bed."  We ate hotdogs (yes,  hotdogs... that's a confession in and of itself) at 8:30 while watching The Biggest Loser on the sofa. I think my plan is working.

For the record, sometimes I'm legitimately embarrassed by my confessions. Remember that just like no one's life is as perfect as it sometimes seems on their blog; mine isn't always as much of a hot mess as my blog might imply.  Sorry, I just had to say it. ;)

Ha! Your turn...


  1. I have been praying for you about the SAHM thing. Believe, me, I want it just was bad! This past week, my pastor talked about God's timing and Him giving you what you desire but on HIS time. So I added "being patient" to my prayers about being able to stay at home. Lord knows it is not easy to be patient! Also, I am trying to see what the reason is for me to NOT be at home right now. What lesssons am I being taught (that I just don't know yet)? and Who else is God using during this time? I am also wrestling with the guilt of not being at home and going to school at night. It is hard. WAY harder then I ever imagined. But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, right?

  2. i laughed out loud thinking of you giving people the bird. Please don't stop doing this.

  3. I love that you used snow day as an example of how awesome it would be if you stayed home! HA! I need one of those to show my hubby. Too bad I'm normally unproductive on those days. And as for flipping the bird, I'm not big on that. But I have found myself honking at anyone and everyone lately! Oh well :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I love how honest you are!! Don't ever stop....Your blog is one of my favorites to read:)

  5. I'm glad you clarified that you only flip the bird to loved! I found it funny that you came across thinking flipping the bird as hilarious, but now it makes more sense! I really wanted to flip an angry bird at the car behind me on my way home today that was riding my bumper. Made me think of you ;)

  6. I love your confessions! Nice to know there are some normal people out there! Good luck on your goal to becoming a SAHM!

  7. I'm new to your blog and I'm loving it! I totally "flip the bird" to my loved ones as well...mainly my hubby and sister (usually a 'double'). Also, we don't have kids yet but I loved to be a SAHM...I would be GREAT at not working! But I'm far from a domestic goddess, so I'd have to work on that whole thing.

    P.S. My husband and I have Biggest Loser Pizza night. Sometimes we order out but normally it's a frozen pizza. It's a fabulous tradition :)

  8. Haha! You're too cute! And you crack me up! We flip the bird to each other too - in my husband's family. My husband & his sister have always done that to each other & I thought it was crazy! Haha! But they have been a bit of an influence on me. I started doing it just to Brad being funny but the other day i did it to his sister! She cracked up laughing (she didn't expect it). I would NEVER do it to a stranger though!


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