Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Mister Baby Shower

Well, you know I've been excited to share the Little Mister Baby Shower Libby and I threw for our sweet friend Laura (and her Little Mister) a few weeks ago... We had a blast planning it together, and it was such a blessing to get to celebrate this family with so many people that love them.

I'll let the photos do most of the talking...

I really want to take credit for the beautiful house and amazing decorations, but Libby did about 95% of it.  She is amazing ya'll - such a good mama, wife, friend, cook, and crafter.  She's one of those people who really can do it all; but she is still so real and genuine that you still really like her. ;) She knows pain - true pain - but she also knows Jesus; and, a result, true joy. I'm thankful for Laura, blogging, and - in a weird way - cancer for making us friends.

Ok, focus...

TriciaNae designed the invitations (of course).

I "made" the bowtie onesies for Baby Wright with iron-ons from Boy Oh Boy Boutique on Etsy.

All the food was carefully planned with the mama in mind - including Chick-fil-a nuggets and "bowtie" pasta

DELICIOUS cupcakes and cookie favors were made by Sarah from Sarah G Designs (the best cakes in Roanoke - for real).

We played two simple games - a Baby Wright word scramble and a funny game where every guest wore a bowtie (which Libby made) and had to avoid saying certain "off-limits" words to keep it.  At the end of the shower, we gave a prize to the person who had acquired the most bowties.  *I might have stolen one two for Sam.  :)

Probably my favorite part of the shower was the prayer time we shared at the end. Laura and Cliff gave us a list of specific prayers they have been praying for their little man. (These two are praying professionals, seriously.) In addition to a time of prayer together, Libby & I also attached one request to each of the cookies for guests to take home and continue praying.

And, apparently, navy and white were the unofficial uniform colors of the shower. Ha!

Just waiting for March 30th, when Sam will meet his new bud and Ava her future husband. ;)

Little Mister Wright, we love you already!


  1. love. love. love. thanks for taking photos and for your adorable touches that seriously, not lying MADE the shower. xo

  2. Y'all did such a wonderful job!! Every detail looks perfect. And those bow tie onesies are amazing!!!

  3. AHH this is crazy! I am planning a "little mister" shower for our associate pastor's wife and we are doing almost the exact same thing! Same bowtie game (I've been making the bow ties), same food and even similar decor. SO FUN!

  4. It turned out so cute! What a fun idea for a theme!

  5. Okay, this is totally off topic, but I didn't know you were from Harrisonburg. I went to EMU my freshman year of college. Small world, this blog world!

  6. The party turned out so cute!! :)

  7. Wow, y'all did a great job! And I'm so glad you shared your source list!

  8. I HAVE been waiting to hear the details and see the pics from this shower! So glad you shared and took some great photos. It looks like a lot of fun, and I love all the details. I am a sucker for a good theme party. What a lucky little guy to have so many prayers for him and friends to love on him! Thanks for sharing, as always :-)

  9. I love all of the decorations and the theme is so CUTE! What a lovely thought to add the requests to the cookies. You're such a dear friend.


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