Friday, March 2, 2012


Guys, I woke up happy today... Jeff is home, the sun is shining, the house is clean (no thanks to me), Sam only woke up ONCE last night*, and it's Friday.  What's there not to be happy about? via Pinterest
Anyway, a few things:

- Thanks for your advice on the bumpers.  I needed some positive feedback.  Jeff needed it too and even agreed that we can put it back in this weekend - it's kind-of a task.  So... I'll let you know.  *In the meantime, I may have discovered one of the secrets to helping Sam sleep better (fingers crossed)... TWO diapers.  He and his big booty self get a lot better rest when he isn't soaking wet.  Imagine that!  It only took about two weeks for me to figure that out.  #geniusmom (just trying this out)

- I'm trying to become a more social network savy blogger.  I realize this is a ridiculous goal; but whatever. I'm not a runner or a knitter or a diy-er, but I'm pretty good at this online community thing (can I say that?) ... So, I'm going to work it.  That said, I still don't understand anything about Twitter or Instagram.  (Or really even Pinterest for that matter.)  I'd like to chat with some of you that know what you are doing, do some research, and play around myself for a while; THEN, I want to do some tutorials on my blog.  It seems like I'm not alone in this quest to become a better social-networker.  Am I right?  Can anyone offer some "training"?  If so, email me at
This is yesterday's March Photo-a-Day challenge pic.  The theme was UP.  It is an awful picture, but I still kind-of like it.  That's Jeff's mom on the floor (I'm sure she will love me for posting this) playing "airplane" with my little giggler.  I didn't ask them to do this, I just caught them in the act. Loved it.  P.S. Please excuse the optical illusion that is our sunroom right now... It's a work in progress.

- Kind-of related to the above... I'd really like to try to bring in a little more income on my blog this spring.  I'm actually sort-of embarrassed to write that because somehow I feel like it goes against the blogger-code; but, you know how I feel about being honest.  So, I'm being honest.  I LOVE this.  I LOVE this platform, this storybook, this friendship.  I also spend a lot of time and energy on it.  And, people that love sewing and commit time and energy to it don't feel guilty when they start selling their products on Etsy, right?  I will keep blogging whether I'm making money or not - because that isn't what it is about for me - but it would be such a blessing to bring in a few bucks too.  Would you consider joining my very loyal sponsor Stella Jewelry for the month of March?  I'll treat you right - promise!  If you're interested, email me (again) at

Alright, that's all for today friends. via Pinterest


  1. I hear ya. Blogging is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time and effort. So why not making money from it?
    I wish I could, but so far I have a very small audience...

  2. When I was a nanny of two boys, it seemed like they were ALWAYS leaking through their diapers! We started using Kotex Maxi Pads...and just sticking them inside the diaper...and it worked like magic! It helped to wick away the moisture, and make it so that we didn't have to do a clothing and bedding change...every night! Love reading your blog... Happy weekend!

  3. I am doing the monthly photo challenge...hopefully. Got one day down...but I usually quit a couple of days in. Haha

  4. I quit 1/2 way through Feb... it was harder than I thought. I emailed you!

  5. Try Huggies Overnight diapers...they work really well! We've had no leaks since we switched to them at about 6 months old.


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