Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

In case the pale skin and freckles didn't give it away... I've got a good bit of Irish in my blood. St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in my book... Here are a few reasons (and pictures) why this year's is especially happy:

1. It is Sam's first.

2. It is Addy's birthday (She's four, which is 28 in dog years- the same age I will turn in about a week. She caught up!)

3. We went to a big parade downtown and ate fish and chips for lunch. (I also saw a goat on a leash at - not in - the parade... big BONUS.)

4. It was 80 degrees here today with just the right amount of breeze to keep me from melting.

5. Sam played with his grandparents so Jeff and I could have "me" time this afternoon- he golfed with a buddy while I got a pedicure and bought spring decorations and goodies for Sam's Easter basket.

I am "lucky" indeed.

Hope you've had a good one!


  1. we were at the parade too... sorry we didn't get to see you. Glad we will get to visit on Monday. Jen

  2. Even a green stroller? Wow! You are ready for his holiday! :)

  3. I do love that you have an iphone so now we get to see more pics of Sam. Makes me smile :) Oh we have the same green umbrella stroller--can I say that having the same things as you makes me feel trendy? Even though this stroller is just BabiesRUs. Still it's cooler because you have it

  4. Sam is one cute little lad!!

  5. Um, E AND Lea - we have the exact same green babiesRus umbrella stroller. It's the one I recommended to court. haha. It makes me happy that we are all friends :-)


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