Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Spring Mantel

Once upon a time, I actually planned ahead...

I spent hours on Saturday casually persuing some of my favorite discount spots for the perfect spring decor... Then, on Monday, I had the day off, so I piddled around and mixed and matched until I had my Spring mantel exactly the way I wanted it - simple and sweet.  I even used a hammer and nail all by myself.  When everything was just right and the sun was coming in the front windows to bathe the room in added beauty, I actually set up the TRIPOD to take pictures of my work.  I zoomed and I angled, I clicked and I adjusted until I had a glorious collection of blog-worthy photos.

Later, when the house was cleaned up and the baby was sleeping, I sat down with my leftover Mexican food sparkling water to upload said photos and prepare my blog post hours before the linky party even started.


My dang computer won't sync up to my camera. 

Thank goodness for the love of my life my iphone (and instagram) or I'd be REALLY mad.

All I've got to show for:

Wreath & carrot garland from Tuesday Morning (Please! Who has time for crafts?).  Window frame from my basement circa 2007. Off center idea... my very own. ;)

Happy first day of Spring!

Check out the party going on at The Lettered Cottage for much better photos of lots of festive mantels!
The Lettered Cottage
P.S. If you missed it yesterday, don't forget to enter my Watching Me Grow give-away before Friday.

P.S.S. Midweek Confessions tomorrow - be there or be square.


  1. this cracks me up! I love the wreath! very pretty!

  2. Beautiful!!! And I am IN LOVE with the carrot garland!!! Tuesday Morning is just across the street from my work so I might hop over there this afternoon!!! I don't have a mantel, but I'm sure I can find somewhere to put it! hehehe

  3. Oh, it looks gorgeous!! Great job!


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