Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seriously, so blessed!

Friends, I have a confession to make... I am OBSESSED with Mommy Blogs.  You know the type - the moms that have adorable children (with incredibly original, yet somehow, classic names), handsome rich husbands, beautiful homes where everything is hand-made and Anthropologie-esque, and they look perfect all the time - even just to go to the grocery store and do crafts around the house.  

I admit, sometimes, I want to be one of those "perfect" mommy bloggers - although, my actual messy house and lack of craft-doing usually brings me back to reality...

Anyways, this morning, I found a hilarious blog that parodies this blog culture: Seriously, so blessed!  It's funny... Really funny

Today, the post is her 24 week pregnancy belly pic - and, you know - I couldn't resist going to peek... PLEASE go here and see it.  Made-my-day.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Just wait until you have that baby and your house will go from what you THINK is messy to chaos... our house is full of it right now with a toddler and all of her toys. I even put some away but then she finds something else - like a box of envelopes to pull everyone out of or a paper towel to tear up - and then the mess continues.

  2. I also like to read mommy blogs. I am a new mom and I appreciate kids now. Though they say it will be chaos at home when having a child but the joy that they bring is priceless.


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