Friday, January 14, 2011

14 Weeks (and a Hair Update)

Well, before I show you the photo... I owe you all an apology.  13/20 of you said that I should "just trim and grow" my hair... And, I did say that I would do whatever you told me.  BUT, I also said that my hairdresser Rachel had the final say and... well, it is short.  

Here's the long and short (haha - no pun intended) of it:

I honestly went to my appointment planning to get a trim.  You guys convinced me.  But, when I talked to Rachel, she said the thinning was really obvious.  (Apparently, she told Kathryn at her appointment later in the day that she had to "remain calm" because it was obvious.  Told you!)  Anyways, she suggested that I go ahead and cut it now - to keep it healthy - knowing that I have two trimesters and six months (where the hair loss may work itself out) to grow it before I actually have a baby.  *The Good News* Apparently my hair has stopped graying.  (It was getting pretty bad there for a while.)  I guess they were the first to fall out.  Good riddance!

So... My hair:
I look JUST like Katie Holmes, don't you think?!?  (It is always a mystery to me how my face doesn't just morph into hers when I cut my hair according to her style...) 

For now, I'm happy with this decision to go shorter.  It's not my favorite thing.  (I'd really rather have long luscious locks.) And, it is still doing something super weird/annoying on the right... But, I think it looks healthier.  I think I will like it for the next few months... And, it will grow before I'm too HUGE.  (Let's hope, for goodness sake.)

Anyway, while we're on the subject of being huge... Here is my 14 week "bump" picture:
Today was kind-of a sicky-feeling day... But, any day now I should be feeling better. (Right?)  Yesterday marked two months since we first found out we were expecting --- Wow, how our lives have changed with just that little "announcement."

I'm not having any super weird cravings or anything to report on.  But, here are a few "stats" for your enjoyment:

- I still have acne.
- I've gained a lot of weight.
- I am sleeping with a gigantic snake-like body pillow.  Pray for Jeff.
- I still wake up on my back EVERY night.  How am I supposed to prevent that?
- I am already having trouble hiding my belly-button.  It hasn't "popped" or anything, but I feel like it shows through everything.  (I'll probably have to write a whole post on this soon.)
- I started going back to the gym this week to take Zumba.  It felt good.  I think baby will be a dancer.  (Hip-Hop, of course)
- I am obsessed with Lemonade Vitamin Water.
- Our baby has fingernails.
- I started a registry on Amazon this week.  (I know it is way too early... But, it was just so fun!)
- I think I use too many colons and dashes in my blog posts now.  (Pregnancy related?)

That's all for tonight!  It's way past my bedtime.

Don't hate me because of my hair!



  1. I think you look beautiful!! ...and can we talk about how I can't wait to be pregnant so I have an excuse to be fat? CAN. NOT. WAIT!

  2. i like the shorter hair! i too have cut my hair like katie holmes and been kind of sad that my face looked exactly the same after the hair cut! plus, my hair never looks that fabulous. i need to get a personal stylist haha.


  3. hair looks great! I totally thought it was Katie in the photo! :-)

  4. you look adorable! love the haircut!!!

  5. My Beautie,Your hair looks great....I love your cut!..I love you!

  6. You look amazing!! Love that you have this blog to document it all. Your babe will love it someone. PS My bellybutton was a constant embarrassment. During the winter months it poked through a tank top, a shirt, and a sweater. Awful. PSS I actually brought my vitamin water of choice (propel) into my MDs office, made him read the label, and demanded to know how many I was allowed to drink a day. He told me 8. :)

  7. Your hair (and belly!) look great!

    My thoughts on some of your "stats"

    - I still have acne.
    Don't count on this one going away. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've been on a Clinique Acne regimen for the past month & it feels like it's getting *slightly* more under control but certainly nothing miraculous (and I NEVER had acne growing up)

    - I've gained a lot of weight.
    My thought on this is everyone is different. So until the doctors tell you you've gained too much weight, I wouldn't worry about it.

    - I am sleeping with a gigantic snake-like body pillow. Pray for Jeff.
    Haha oh my gosh me too. Thank GOD we have a King Bed.

    - I am already having trouble hiding my belly-button. It hasn't "popped" or anything, but I feel like it shows through everything. (I'll probably have to write a whole post on this soon.)
    This I have not had happened to me yet. Although my week 22 email from the bump just told that mine could pop any day now. I am NOT looking forward to this...

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

  8. hey girl. love the hair. it looks very "E". :-) Also, you do not have to worry about sleeping on your back or side or belly or whatever yet. BELIEVE me... One day you will try to roll onto your back and your gigantic belly will absolutely crush your organs and you will quickly roll back over. For now, I think you are fine. Also, I always craved sweet drinks like Propel water and Dr. Pepper! Oh, and I can't wait to see you next weekend!!

  9. I just wanted to say that the sleeping on your back thing is probably not a big deal. Both of my pregancies I had a great, Christian Dr. who eased my mind by saying, "God designed your body. He knew you were going to be pregnant AND sleep. It's okay." I think he thought whoever was propogating that don't sleep on your back thing was silly. By the way, I have three kids, I woke up on my back all the time, and they are all three brilliant and healthy. The oldest is in the gifted and talented and the younger two will (i'm sure) follow.

  10. You look great and I love the new hair do!


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