Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Hair

When some women are pregnant, they have a "glow."  I have acne.

When some women are pregnant, their feet grow a size or two.  Mine have gotten smaller.  (I guess this isn't really that big of deal... But, still, I'm weird.)

When some women are pregnant, they have a thick, beautiful mane.  My hair is thinner than ever.

Let's focus on my hair today... shall we?

I've always been a short hair gal, but one of my 30 Before 30 goals is to grow my hair past my shoulders... I was well on my way before I found out I was pregnant - notice the difference from a year ago below- and I was confident that pregnancy was the time to go for the goal!! (After all, aren't hormones and prenatal vitamins supposed to give you long, luscious locks?!?!)

December 2009

December 2010 - I realize that the black shirt makes it hard to tell how long my hair actually is, but you get the idea. 
And, clearly, I need to do something with my bangs.
But, alas, my hair had plans of its own.  It falls out like a dog now, and looks.. awful!  (Don't believe me?  Remember this photo?) So, as burdened as it makes me, my 30 Before 30 goal will have to come a little closer to 30. (Unless you think it already counts... Any takers?)

Regardless, I have a hair appointment Friday.

That's where you come in.  What should I do folks?

a.) Get a little trim and continue to let it grow... Maybe this, too, will pass.

b.) Meg Ryan's I-Just-Got-Out-Of-Bed-But-It-Took-Me-Twenty-Minutes-To-Style Hair (Let's be honest, I probably would side part... Just can't go center.  Sorry Meg!)
c.) Nicole Richie's Longish Inverted Bob (I've tried this before and liked it, but my results are never quite as dramatic or sexy.) 
 d.) Kristen Cavallari's somewhere in between - minus the dark roots. (Ugg, is it bad that all these styles are on blondes and I'm, clearly, not a blond? Or a skinny celebrity?)
e.) Bangs - of some sort - a la Katie Holmes about three years ago. (For the record, I really want to try more blunt bangs - I've been sporting the side sweep for years now - but I'm super nervous of how chubby they will make my face look. Pregnancy can't help that.)
Finally a brunette... That's probably almost exactly my hair color.  And, my face looks a lot like that too.  HAHA! (Credit)
I'd even go a little longer with bangs.
Umm... Maybe NOT like that.  Been there, done that.  Eighth Grade.  NOT pretty.  (Credit).

Yes, more like this.  They're called "wispy bangs."  You knew I couldn't get through a whole hair post without a little Reese. (Credit)
Ok, seriously, what do you think?  Please cast your vote in the comments section!  

Note: I really don't want a "mom" haircut (you know, the kind my husband's friends will talk about), which is part of why I thought I should go long in the first place; but, I also don't want to be hideous.  

My appointment is at three on Friday, and I'll do whatever you tell me to.  (Well, as long as my girl Rachel says it will work.  She has to have the final say. You know how it goes.)


  1. I vote for Nicole Richie's cut. You can't go wrong with a good bob! Plus, it doesn't take that long to style - BONUS!

  2. i brought in that exact same Kristen Cavallari picture the last time i got my haircut... it didn't turn out quite like that. next time i'm bringing in the nicole richey picture. i love her. as for a vote for your hair... i say keep it long and go with the whispy reese bangs!!

  3. I brought in the same Kristin Cavallari picture to my last appointment, too!!! How weird...of course mine looked nothing like that (well, maybe it did, but my face didn't morph into her's, unfortunately). BUT, I think you should just get a trim and wait and see...I always regret cutting my hair...I'm trying to grow it long, too!!


  4. I took the plunge and got blunt bangs for the first time since grade school last year - i recommend them! plus they grow out super quick, so if you don't like them you'll be back to side swipe in no time!


  5. Sister here. I have used both the Nicole Ritchie pic (right after your wedding, when i decided to rebel, and cut 8 inches off of my and the Kristin one. Im sure I can dig up pictures of it somewhere. I however, think for you, (and i think rachel will agree) that you just need to trim it and keep going. DO NOT DO FULL BANGS! no!! Love you.

  6. I had a goal of growing my hair out too,
    Needless to say....I FAILED.

    I didn't just chop it off a little ....I cut it ALL off. BOY short.
    I LOVE IT.

    No more standing in the shower for 15 minutes trying to get the suds out.
    No more standing in the shower another 15 minutes getting all of the hair off my hands
    No more drying drying and drying my hair for like a billion hours
    No more curling, teasing, flat ironing.

    I dont regret it at all.

  7. i don't have an opinion about the hair necessarily, but i will say that my acne has been horrible this entire pregnancy! what gives? i look like a pregnant teenager

  8. Well, not having had kids yet, I don't know for sure. All my friends who have had kids say that they wanted something they could pull back when they actually have the baby, so they all grew their hair out. So as long as it's get-out-of-reach-and-out-of-the-way-able, I think anything would be good. Personally, I like Reese's hair ALWAYS. :)

  9. Grabbed your button :) AND...let's talk about hair. Mine, seriuosly, takes me 5 minutes now. I get to work early. It has changed my life. And being that you have a little one en route, I'm thinking that's not a bad thing. Do you have any natural curl? Because if so, I would totally recommend a cut like Kristin's or Nicole's. When you are heading out, you can flat iron for a more "sleek" look. But, with natural curls it's messy and fun, but still totally appropriate for work :)

    I want to grow my hair out too. Long and luxurious. But for some reason it doesn't seem to work for me :( Perhaps post pregnancy your hair will grow strong and long!

  10. E, from one non hair guru to another, I strongly suggest trimming it and staying the course. Maybe the hormones will work themselves out. I vote trim with your classic side swept bangs. I would also try to grow it to right below your shoulders and not much longer. That's my vote.

  11. Dearest E, Pleaseeeee just trim and "Grow baby grow"! Take it from me, being the size of a house in June/July and having a "hair-do" will make you want to scream! You will HAVE to rely on pony tails. Plus 9 months pregnant faces look 10x bigger with a bob, and as you said, the pregnant mind does crazy things, i.e. Meg Ryan hair+pregnant= crazy thing :)

  12. I like Nicole Richie's hair or Reese Witherspoon...both would look fabulous on you!!

  13. My vote is a trim and keep on growing! This time last year I was ending my first trimester-I had some BAD acne and I thought I was balding (seriously). Once I was well into my 2nd trimester things really did turn around! I actually had some energy, my skin cleared up and my hair was back to normal + extra shiny. I'd hold out and give it some more time! After I gave birth it all happened again (draino is still my bff) but once again, things are finally turning around! Stick it out and you could have mermaid hair in no time :)

  14. I am and have always been a short hair gal! I just look better with short hair. Part of me knows that, but the other part looonngs to have the long and lucious hair that other girls can pull off. I grow it out and then I cut it, I grow it out and then I cut it!

    It is so frustrating! One piece of advice that was given to me by my stylist (god help her for having to listen to my inconsistent wants). She says, if you are teetering on the edge of whether to go short or stay long, just get a trim and see how you feel in a few weeks. It sucks doing all of the work of growing it out and then being back to square one with regret!

    Either way you go, you're cute as a button and it will work!

  15. E--

    From one expecting mom to another--- I feel your hair and skin pain. One of my friends predicted we were having a girl b/c she says that "Girls steal their mom's beauty." My skin has gotten better as time goes on, but my hair is still oily and flat too.

    I love all the hair ideas. Have fun choosing.

  16. DEFINITELY GROW IT OUT!!! There is NO WAY that you will want to attempt a long mane with a baby...

  17. Oh my! E, youve come this far, why not just keep going! I think your hair looks good in that pic, but are you itching for a change? Give yourself some bangs, and keep the length, you for sure will cut your hair after you have a baby-moms always do that. So just keep it the length is now-after shoving out a person, you'll want something to make you feel sexy, and the haircut might just be the trick!

  18. I say let it grow OR go with Katie Holmes hair!
    And... good luck! = )

  19. YES!! Nikki said "shoving out a person." I'm obsessed with that. baha! <3 kat

  20. I vote Meg Ryan or Katie Holmes if you chop or I'm always a fan of keeping it long.
    You'll look great in any of them (except the straight 8th grade bangs ;) I'm just not a fan of those at all.



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