Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Ramblings

I'm out of school today for "snow."  I admit that the roads were covered this morning, but now there is just a light dusting on the grass outside.  It is kind-of a bittersweet day off because, on the one hand, it is exam week and we were supposed to have a four day weekend afterward, but now we will have to work on Friday.  But, on the other hand, I have TONS of grading to do and I never complain about a chance to do that in my pjs, in front of the TV, after sleeping until 10 and eating pancakes for breakfast.  I try to see the glass half full.

Anyway, this is going to be a random post... I think I will use bullet points. Can you handle it?

- I've tried not to be a whiner, because no one likes a whiner and I know a lot of people have it A LOT worse than me, but I'm kind-of tired of feeling sick.  This is my daily routine: Wake-up hungry and sick feeling - eat breakfast - feel good for approximately one hour until I am hungry again - get raging hungry and have to eat a snack in class - eat lunch - feel sick after lunch - eat a snack - go home, take a nap - eat dinner - feel sick - eat another snack - go to bed... I feel a little bit like a dog - as in, my life revolves around eating and sleeping - those are pretty much the only times I feel "normal."  I'm not puking, so I know I shouldn't complain.  But... I'm ready for the "surge of energy" and "slowing of symptoms" I keep hearing about in the second trimester. 

- Speaking of how I feel, I have to brag on my INCREDIBLE husband for a second.  Seriously, I could not ask for someone more patient (if you know either of us in real life, you know this is the truth.  I require A LOT of patience, and he has A LOT to give), selfless, and giving in my life.  He is THE BEST.  Case in Point: Last night he sat in the cold basement and watched the National Championship football game on my little laptop screen with a 5 second delay so that I could watch "The Bachelor" after crying about it.  (Yes, I cried about the possibility of missing "The Bachelor".  Hello hormones - welcome to my life!)  Not to mention the fact that I haven't cooked a meal, cleaned the house, or put away a load of laundry in approximately eight weeks; yet, magically, it all gets done!  I love him so much!

- And finally, what kind of blog would this be if I didn't talk about "The Bachelor"?  Are you watching?  (I typed a big post after the premiere last week, but then I had my "privacy panic" and never posted it... I'll try to make this brief.)  I like Brad a lot.  I mean, since when do we hate men who don't propose to women they don't love.  I think he's a good guy.  Plus, he's been through three years of "intensive therapy" and (clearly) some weight lifting... Get over it America!  In other news, I'm so glad the producers have finally decided to include a vampire in their mix of women --- There are absolutely NO other races besides white/Caucasian, but at least we have a vampire.  Equal opportunity at its finest.   There's a lot more I could say, but I'll stop with my four favorites right now:  
Emily - A little more blond and "Barbie-ish" than I usually prefer, but she seems so sweet.  Plus, her story had me in tears on the first episode.
Jackie - How beautiful did she look in that silver dress on the date?  Plus, I appreciate that she's not a chronic dater. I've never understood why this bothers guys.
Lisa - She seems to be the most "natural beauty" of the group.
Ashley S. - She's cute and fun (and Southern).  We didn't see much of her in this last episode, but I think he's going to like her.  She kind-of reminds me of Tenley from Jake's season.  (All photos from ABC.com)
Who do you like?


  1. Emily is my favorite! I agree with you on Lisa being the most attractive though. I chose to watch the football game last night but since today was another snow day for us I watched The Bachelor first thing this morning. I knew not to get on facebook or the blogs first so I wouldnt know anything before I watched it. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. i too pick Emily!!! she seems great!!! how come no one has mentioned any spoilers???

  3. I missed most of last night's episode because I did something wrong when I set my DVR. Heartbreaking :( But based on the first episode and what I caught last night, Emily is my top pick!

  4. emily is my first pick, then ashley s.

    we watched the bachelor over the national championship game because i don't get espn on my rabbit ear antenna. :) darn. (actually, i would have watched the football game if i could have.)

    hope you're feeling back to yourself soon. i've been feeling like that too - but no baby here . i'm sure having that first trimester in the gloomy winter doesn't help to perk you up!

  5. I'm watching tivo'd Bachelor right now. And Ashley (the dentist) drives me nuts! The hand talking is driving me nuts, I want to tie her hands down. I think my fav. so far is Ashley S. Have a good week and feel better!

  6. So sorry to hear you are feeling sick. Hopefully it will go away soon!

    I don't watch the bachelor, but many of my girls do. First, hubby is awesome. That he took the basement so you could have the Bachelor upstairs. Love <3

    Is Emily this girl who was engaged to a race car person or some such? If so, that's who all of my girls are rooting for. Bless her heart. What a travesty :(

  7. I really like Jackie-- she seemed genuine and sweet. What a date she got, too!

  8. Emily is my top favorite. Her story had be bawling but she seems guinine. you and i agree b/c those would be my top 4 too! I agree, everyone should get over Brad dumping the girls. He's been through alot of therapy and i think hes in a great place in his life. I love the bachelor!


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