Monday, January 31, 2011

16 Weeks

Finally, a 16 week update... Sorry this is a little late!  I'm starting to look (and feel, most days) more pregnant than fat.  This is a good thing. 

Here's the "bump":
 Yes, you can see the maternity panel on my jeans.  I was wearing an undershirt, but Jeff said it made me look weird, so I tucked it in for the photo.  Get it?

And, just because this is the only (or at least one of the few) times in my life I can, I'm going to fill out this little pregnancy survey-thingy that all the proggers (that's my new word for pregnant-bloggers) seem to be doing...

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 16 Weeks

Size of Baby: 4.6 inches & about 3.5 oz. -- The size of an avocado (hmm... this makes me feel weird about the guacamole I ate Friday night)

Maternity Clothes: LOVING my maternity "skinny" jeans from Old Navy! Besides that, mostly just regular clothes; but, they are starting to look hideous.  The bigger my belly and butt get, the shorter my dresses get.  I told Jeff on Thursday that I felt like a "pregnant hooker."  Not good for teaching high school.  I'll probably have to invest in more maternity clothes soon. Why is it not a law that pregnant women can wear jeans to work every day?

Gender: Still one month until we find out... Our doctor is a real stickler for rules.  Although I'll see him again this week, he won't check for gender until 20 weeks- right around the first of March.  We can't wait!! (Don't forget to vote in the gender poll on my sidebar if you haven't already.)

Movement: None yet.  Soon I hope! I am really excited for this!

Sleep: On and off.  Jeff sleeps terribly when I sleep with my giant snoogle; which, in turn, makes me sleep poorly.  So... we are in a compromise phase.  I'm still sleeping mostly on my stomach for now.  Is that bad?

What I miss: Coffee -- the thought of it still makes me gag, but I do miss the idea of it.  Saturday mornings just aren't the same with a big glass of ice water.  Also hotdogs.  A lot.

Cravings:  Mostly just [unhealthy] food in general. And, anything anyone mentions in conversation.  (Perhaps people could try talking about things like salads and whole wheat around me?)

Symptoms: I had a few days last week of still feeling icky and tired; but mostly, I feel like myself again.  I am, however, sneezing ALL the time.  I looked this up and, believe it or not, it is a symptom of pregnancy!  What's not?  Really?

Dreams (I added this category because I feel like my dreams are CRAZY and funny): My mom, sister, and I were all in college together.  Kathryn was in a sorority.  It was ridiculous.

Things People Say: Poppy has taken to calling me "Fatsy."  He thinks this is perfectly appropriate.  It's going to be a long five months with him. ;)

Weekly Wisdom: Every pregnancy is different.  (I've been struggling a little lately with the fact that I don't look and feel necessarily like all the other proggers, etc. I know.  I'm praying that God will help me to be content and secure in MY pregnancy alone.)

Best Moment(s) This Week: Having people ask me if I am pregnant. (See my comment at the very top of this post.)  Also, coming home to two new dresses from my sister on Friday, because I was complaining about how tight all my clothes are (she's the best).  And... my hand-painted "piggy" bank from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend the other night.  It is the first thing we have to match our nursery "color scheme."  Isn't it cute?

Thanks for caring enough to read all this...


  1. You are such a cute pregnant woman! :o)

  2. So, I saw your ring in the picture and was going to ask if you went to Clemson. I looked through your about me though and see that you did. Go Tigers!!

  3. I just laughed so hard at poppy calling you "fatsy" lol... hes so old. love u

  4. So fun!! You look great!!!

  5. Oh my, my, my, that poppy!! he has some nerve, doesn't he!! Yes, it is true, I really heard him call you that, then Granny chimed in, "Oh, that's ok." she really is delusional, back in the days, she would have never said something like that!!!
    You look absolutely beautiful and happy, honey!! and I promise you, I was bigger than you are when i was 5 months along!!
    We do need to go shopping!!! my treat!! love you!!

  6. awww you look adorable! don't worry about how all the other proggers (love that btw) look- you are you! :)

  7. Hey Fattsy! Just kidding! Just looking at your picture. You look so cute. I think you look great. Your mom and I are having a great time on this lovely conference day! The piggy bank is adorable and I think Koren is going to steal it from you! Her theme is Sarfari and loves the elephant bank. I am so happy for you and Jeff. I just love hearing all the updates from your mother at lunch. I think you should talk to your dept. head about wearing jeans every day. She wouldn't mind!!!! Have fun and eat whatever you want. The breast feeding will take it all away.

  8. When I read "What I miss:", I was hoping the name Joe Richmond would follow that colon. To no avail.

  9. Fatsy!?!?! I think it's time for another post dedicated to Poppy! You look adorable & sassy - I love that look on your face and the hand on your hip :)! Love you friend!
    -Liz McYorno

  10. You look so adorable! Can't wait for the big reveal at 20 weeks!


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