Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If My Sister Was on The Bachelor

Notice anything different about my blog?!? 

I figured since I've gained ten pounds and cut my hair for the new year, my blog deserved a little make-over too.  You like?  Thanks to Tricia Nae for another awesome design!

So... did you watch The Bachelor last night?  (My four faves are still on... And, Emily is OWNING it!  I still love her, even if her hair does get blonder every week.)
Anyway, last night, for whatever reason, I thought about my sister Kathryn the ENTIRE episode.  (I entered her to be on the show a few seasons back, but we never heard anything.  Despite the fact that she has a serious beau, in my heart, I have not given up.)  She would be the absolute BEST on a show like this.  (ABC Producers, if you are reading this - which I'm sure you are - she would be the BEST.)

Is this face Bachelor material or what?
Let me tell you why:

1. She probably would wake up with a black-eye (those kind of things just happen to us) and still look amazing.

2. She would not be afraid to elbow a girl in the face if the competition came down to it.

3. She would not be shy about making out on national TV.

4. She would be brutally honest in her opinions of the other girls on the "private" camera.

5. She would totally wear her pjs ALL day when she didn't have a date, but look like a million bucks for a date.

6. She would gladly spend every last penny preparing a wardrobe for the show.  (And, she can walk in really high heels --- quite well to be honest.)

7. She would not cry during one-on-one time.  But, if she did, her mascara most certainly would NOT run.

8. My mom and dad would put on quite a show for the home visit.

9. She has a boyfriend back home... Great drama!

10. She's hardly afraid of anything... Scaling a building? No biggie!

Have I convinced you?  Just think of how great this blog would be if my sister was famous....

And now... Jeff is making me watch the President's State of the Union address.  I think he thinks it somehow evens out last night's television viewing decision. ;)  We'll see.


  1. hahaha those are all great reasons to go on the bachelor. especially the no crying thing- good grief the previews for next week is showin everyone bawling their eyes out!
    love emily, too...and chantal for some reason, minus the fact she was being a but dramatic last night.

  2. I am cracking UP!!! you are right on the money, E!!! Kathryn is Everything you mentioned, plus tons more!! I especially agree with telling her true feelings about the other girls in the house!!! We have got to get her on that show!! Dustin won't mind!!!

  3. hahahahaha, perfect sister! :) maybe one day your dream will come true and ill make us ALLLL famous. love you.

  4. Disclaimer: i do not have yellow teeth, like that picture makes me look, and mom.. dustin would not care AT ALL... go ahead and register us both for bachelor and bachelorette..lol. we will love it.

  5. HAHAHA! This made me laugh out loud for real. So great.

  6. My fingers are crossed for your friend! You're right, she'd be PERFECT! I'm watching the State of the Union address now as well, it actually not bad TV! Who'd have guessed?!!

  7. This is great!! Love it! Your sister IS beautiful!
    And i love your blog makeover!

  8. Your new blog look is FABULOUS!

  9. This post is so funny! I am little obsessed with the Bachelor and it sounds like your sister would be a lot of fun to watch! I'm your newest follower just stopping in to say hi!

  10. I LOVE this! haha, every word is sooo TRUE!


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