Friday, January 28, 2011

Anonymous Commenters

Dear Anonymous Commenters,
Can you please stop?  I thought you were kind-of funny yesterday; but now, I am over it.  You are turning my blog (not to mention Bachelor of the Week) into a big joke.  Seriously. 

P.S. Sister, this doesn't apply to you.  I know who you are when you comment because you sign your name.  ;)


  1. The amount of them from yesterday is kind of crazy... how bad would it have been if I posted this as anonymously? JK

    Have a good day!

  2. I had to change my setting a few weeks ago so that anonymous ppl can not comment on my blog anymore. I hated to do it, but it was a necessity!

  3. yeah i would totally disable anonymous commenters. it takes 2 seconds to setup a google account so you can sign in and comment under a name. just my opinion, of course. oh and i loved country strong, too! now i need to go download the album!!

  4. I am sorry.
    I was trying to be funny.
    and flirt with your bachelor of the week.
    I was only responsible for some of them.
    But I take the fall. and I repent.
    I love your blog and respect it.

  5. I'm also sorry. I was trying flirt with your sister on today's post about Country Strong.

  6. I appreciate all my "anonymous" friends coming clean. :) I take my blog VERY seriously. I still love you.

  7. That isn't "All" your anonymous friends.
    the others are just cowards.

  8. Please don't disable anonymous commenting! Seriously, I have a Google ID that I always have to be signed into (for work), and for various reasons I won't bore you with, I have to comment anonymously (or name/URL) for that reason. I get so sad when anonymous commenters act like jerks and blog after blog disables the option completely. :-(

    (I was not one of your anonymous friends yesterday, by the by.)

  9. So the "Pregnancy Photos" Post didn't turn your blog into a joke? Just curious..


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