Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bachelor of the Week #7: International Edition

Well, I guess I should clarify... He lives in Roanoke.  BUT, he is a second-generation American from China and he basically grew up in a Chinese restaurant... I thought this blog was getting a little too homogenous... Agreed?

Anyway, please meet... Bachelor of the Week #7
"International Man of Mystery"

Um, seriously, this is the picture he wanted me to use.  At least it shows off one of his incredible talents: photography.  (And modeling?)

Joking aside, this is a great friend of ours who (literally) can do EVERYTHING!  He is one of the most talented and passionate guys I know.  (Not to mention incredibly generous.)  At 25, Mr. International has a list of hobbies a mile long.  They include: photography, videography, motorcycling, building/home repair, cooking (trust me when I say he's darn good --- especially with fried rice), and anything involving the great outdoors.

In addition to this, he has a heart for travel and an impressive passport to match.  In fact, in the last four years he has travelled to Africa (where he routed fresh water to eleven nearby villages in the remote NW region), Sweden, Bulgaria (mission trip), and Tibet (extreme hiking & mission).  Clearly, he's not one for the mundane!

Despite his degree from Virginia Tech in Industrial Design, Mr. International dreams of making a career out of his life passions - mainly adventure and capturing life's most precious moments on film.  He hopes to one day "live in a barn" that he converts into a studio loft on several acres, travel the world, be a professional shuttlecock player or curler, and meet Justin Bieber.

This guy is the REAL DEAL!

Intrigued yet?

He knows what he wants too!  If you love Jesus like crazy, have a strong sense of humor, can laugh at yourself, are exceedingly beautiful, have a nice smile, and aren't afraid to do something wild like bike across the country... You've just found your Prince Charming!

Act now.  Offer may not last.  ( for more information)


  1. Hilariously Ironic. ^

  2. He's a hottie and sounds like such a GREAT catch!

  3. I'm married but maybe my sister... hmmm :)

  4. I like that he iz asian n wears carhartts.
    Can I git his number?
    I'll holla at that boyeeee.

  5. i've been following this blog for a while. I'm so excited your pregnant!
    I will say, I bought a phone at Verizon the other day and this really attractive guy helped me.
    I think it was your BOTW!
    I'm giddy like a little school girl.
    I've got to go back to "change my plan"

  6. I just took a job in VA and would love to meet your BOTW! He sounds like a great guy. I will send you an email!

  7. I need a man who can cook! And he likes to travel? I have to meet this Mr. Mysterious!!

  8. I just recently got into photography. I wonder if this BOTW would be willing to tutor me and then, date me!?!

  9. E! You never cease to amaze me with all these amazing guys. I'll be emailing you to find out how to myspace Howard!

  10. What is his real name?

  11. Good heterogeneous pick. Can he cook Indian food? He doesn't use anything that may cause cancer or anything, right?

  12. My favorite thing in a guy is calves. I could care less about everything else (six pack, arms, 16-inch biceps). What are his calves like?

  13. I like a guy who wears transition lenses. I looked your BOTW up on facebook - and he used to - think he would bring them back for mrs. right?

  14. love the pic in the shows off his talents kind of way

  15. Hi this is Marie spafford, i am a swf living in D.. i mean somewhere. Just letting you know; thinking of how hot your wok gets while fixing fried rice make me break into a cold sweat. sort of like the time i rode my unicycle across the world, i mean nation. see you this weeke...... i mean i hope to meet you sometime.

  16. If you are looking for shirtless pictures of Mr. International let me know.

  17. i heard he has one on his myspace.


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