Wednesday, October 14, 2009


On the outside, I think I look pretty put together most of the time (mother and sister need not respond). People comment frequently on the organization in my classroom, the neatness of our house, my "cute" clothes... But truthfully, I'm a mess.

Catch me on a Tuesday afternoon and you will find a stinky sink because the garbage disposal is broken and we haven't had time to mess with it since Friday, a bag (or two) of trash hanging from the kitchen door, a carpet of dog hair (beautiful, golden in shade), coffee mugs in every room of the house, an unmade bed, and me wearing a bathing suit bottom for underwear because I haven't done laundry in far too long.

I felt the need to confess.

For much of my life, this realization has been a point of great anxiety and stress for me. However, lately, I'm learning to embrace it a little more. I don't want to be a disaster all the time, but I do want my house to be a home: a place that is well lived in and real.

So today, in the spirit of the leaky toilet, broken disposal, acorn and leaf covered yard, and a host of other anxiety-causing home issues... I decided to make a list of things I LOVE about my house right now:

- Painted pine cones.
- My yellow books.
- My mantle.
- Fake fruit.
- Fresh gerber daisies(that Jeff got me last week and are miraculously still alive).
- The hideous patterned and dirty overstuffed chair-and-a-half in the den.
- Pumpkin Spiced Coffee in the fridge.
- A monogram above our bed.
- Painted furniture.
- The fact that most days someone is there visiting when I come home from work, and someone else is still there when we go to bed.


  1. your confession reminds me of the friends' episode where monica has a secret closet of junk. E- i now love you more knowing that you and i have a bit more in common now! =) You know i'm a mess and my confession would be that sometimes I like to have certain things organized.

  2. I love that chair :)


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