Monday, October 12, 2009

Males and Monopoly

Hi guys! Sorry it's been a while since I've last posted. Jeff, Howard and I ventured to Virginia Beach this weekend for Jeff's college roommate Jake's wedding. Jake and Amanda have been together the same amount of time as Jeff and me - almost 8 years - so it was really special to finally see them tie the knot! The wedding was perfect and absolutely beautiful... I will post pictures later - still stalking facebook for some new posts.

Anyways, this was really the first wedding that I've gotten to see almost entirely from the groom's perspective. Jeff was the best man, so I spent a decent amount of my time leading up to the wedding thinking about things like tuxedos, toasts, and cornhole boards. Then, this weekend, I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday afternoon with the boys as they got ready for the big walk down the aisle. Jake is a really manly-man, so it was cute to see him thinking about the little things --- like borrowing concealer for a scar on his chin & delivering rose petals to their hotel room for that night. *Sometimes I think I don't give grooms enough credit! That said, it was also hilarious to see the entire party still sprawled out in front of the VT game at 2:30, when they had to be ready for pictures at 3:15. Can you imagine? And, boys really do talk about sex as much as we think they do... honestly, on your wedding day, they just let it all go. (Lord, please forgive them for the "get-away car" decor.)

All in all, it was an insightful experience and lots of fun. Best wishes to the brand new Mr. and Mrs. McCrowell.

On another note, McDonald's began their Million Dollar Monopoly game this past week. Jeff and Howard were determined to win, so we ate a total of 3.5 meals there in two days. Gross! (But you know I kind-of loved it.) It is a very serious, and very intense game of eating tons of food in order to be the one in 7 billion participants to win a million bucks. We definitely put our best foot forward. My motivation: the boys promised to turn around and take me back to Short Pump to shop if we won, and I decided I could always get lipo....

Perhaps a new 21 day challenge??? :)

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