Monday, December 21, 2009

D.E.F. (A Dating Follow-up Guest Post)

Five guys sitting around a white board, shirtless. (They made me write that last part!)

This is my reality tonight.

What started as a conversation about my Dating Blog Post, ended up as a full-on rebuttal.

I give you...
My First Ever... "Hot Guy" Guest Post (Authors anonymous... but pretty obvious.)

Dos & Don'ts

  • Do be laid back.
  • Do pay compliments about our physical appearance.
  • Do make-out a lot. (Or, at the very least, touch our forearm.)
  • Don't freak out. *We asked you out in the first place because we were interested. That said, we have NOT planned our wedding, designed our future house, or named our kids.
  • Don't talk about your period. EVER.
  • Don't suck. (i.e, Please just enjoy the evening... If, at some point, you decide we are not going to get married, please don't just "give up." If you feel things going down hill, remember "all's well that end's well" and proceed to final "Do" immediately.)


Expect a disaster, but be prepared to be swept off your feet. Again, we asked you out on purpose. But, there are certain things out of our control.

*NOTE: Please disregard the above expectation if you comment on last week's GIVEAWAY. (We've decided to re-open the competition HERE.) If you do, you SHOULD expect the greatest night of your life.


There are three possible outcomes after a first date. We might fall madly in love. We might get really excited; but, flame out like Gilmore Girls when Rory went off to college. OR, we might - for TRULY unexplainable reasons - just not be interested. It's not you, it's us. (Really.)

A.B, J.H, L.H, J.R., J.C.

Well, this really clarifies a lot! (Ha!) Happy dating!


  1. Can I enter one of my sisters or sister in law for a Joe Richmond date? I don't have their permission but what does that matter? I've heard he's awesooooome.

  2. This is Tiffany Woods. I am definitely in for a date.

  3. This post really made my day. Hilarious.

  4. These guys are really wise. I feel like girls should be honored to get to date any of them!

    P.S. - Any young, single, beautiful, female readers in Central Pennsylvania. I'm asking for a friend...

  5. You know who else could date your sister Sarah, Lee! That's what I've heard at least.

  6. If this is not a joke this is discouraging and insulting. I still love you though.
    - Melanie

  7. I'll enter the competition. But only with the following stipulation: that it will in fact be the greatest night of my life. That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. - Rachel


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