Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If I was a Stay-at-Home-Mom

1.) My house would always be clean. I would gladly vacuum every day and change the sheets at least once a week. (Promise.)

2.) We would eat FABULOUS food. I would cook delicious dinners to be waiting for Jeff when he walks in the door and bake cakes and cookies for all my neighbors and friends.

3.) I would be an excellent wife/friend/daughter/granddaughter/etc. (Morning bible studies at my house? Sure. Dinner for twelve? No problem.)

4.) I would be skinny b/c I'd have plenty of time for exercising and "tracking" my WW points. (Please pay no attention to #2... I would also have excellent self-control.)

5.) We would wear clean clothes every day. I would do laundry regularly & even iron on occassion.

6.) I would spend less money on clothes. (Being a teacher is a very high-pressure job when it comes to my wardrobe... 100s of people, literally, judge me every day. If I stayed at home, I could wear PJs and sweats ALWAYS.)

7.) Addy would not eat gifts, poop in other people's houses, or shed as much because I would brush her, walk her, and train her all the time!

8.) I would be prettier. (Less bags under the eye, stress zits, etc.)

9.) I would learn to sew, write a novel, make tons of crafts, train for a marathon, call all my girlfriends at least once a week, read more, write hand-written letters, wash my windows, rake leaves/shovel snow, volunteer, etc. etc. etc. (Look, I only wanted to write 10 things.)

10.) I would have a baby. (Yes mothers, I realize that actually voids numbers 1 - 9; but, it is kind-of vital for the stay-at-home-MOM title, which is much more socially acceptable than just quitting my job for fun. It's not really my reality right now... So please just let me live in this ignorance for a bit.)

Hmm... I'll let you know if this list has any effect on our plans for 2010. My guess is no... But I'm loving these two weeks at least!!


  1. Oh man, I feel the same way... work is such an inconvenience and definitely gets in the way of life :)

  2. Hahaha I wish I were wearing clean clothes! haha baby vomit is this years new fragrance :)


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