Friday, December 18, 2009

Dating 101 (+ a Giveway)

Some of our good friends are having a "Singles & Stockings" Christmas party tonight. Jeff & I were awkwardly invited to "dress as Santa and Mrs. Claus," but that's weird, so we're not going. I'm TOTALLY fine with it.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand... The preparatory discussions among our friends before this party have led me to think a little bit about some of the advice guys need to hear...

Disclaimer: I don't claim to know what dating is like right now, but I do know a lot of guys... And, I feel like I can say the things other girls wouldn't because, frankly, I'm ok with them never asking me out. **Even though, I do think many of you would be excellent catches!**

So here goes...

My ABCs of Dating after College:

A = Just Ask.
I know that you guys start practicing "pick-up lines" around the same time you learn to pee standing up; but really, they are dorky, ineffective, and all around lame. Just don't. Period.

Even worse, a friend of mine was recently hit on via a fake "technical difficulty" on Facebook. Said man sent a message that said "I've been meaning to ask you..." and then just cut off. Look, that is sneaky. It MIGHT work with a cell phone. But, Facebook doesn't send independently; and, even if it did, you can always just send another message. **It is bad enough that you are asking a girl out via F-Book, at least do it with some guts. :)

Please just call her and ask her on a date. Yes, she might still tell you no - I'm making no promises here - but at least she'll respect you.

B = Be Creative (But not too creative!)

  • Movies are lame for a first date. (The darkness of the movie theater and the smell of stale popcorn on your breath is NOT enough to make us want to make out in a movie theater. That is so 7th grade; not to mention, totally disgusting.)
  • Lazer Tag is also not a good idea. Believe it or not, we really aren't as in to shooting and pretending to be at war as you are. Sorry!
  • I personally also think a candle lit picnic (or anything candle lit for that matter) is a little over the top too. Save it for the proposal... or at least the one-month anniversary, if you just can't resist.
  • A safe bet would be dinner at a fun place and maybe a concert (nothing fancy, just some live music at a bar), a sporting event, or a play/show of some sort.
C = Don't Play the Credit Card Game.
"also, i went on a date with another guy. it was awful. at the end of the date we played the "credit card game" to see who would pay. basically, you put your credit cards down on the table and the waiter chooses one. it is awful. mine wasn't chosen. the whole point is that i thought it was strange. maybe i'm stuck in old fashion dating and this is new age dating? anyways, later we met up with friends and went for drinks. we played the credit card game again and i lost so i ended up buying 3 pitchers of beer." - Email from one of my best friends recently

Guys, yes, it is 2009. We do not want you to ask us to do your ironing, order for us off the menu, or stand and bow every time we leave a room. We WOULD appreciate it, however, if you respected us enough to treat us to the meal you invited us to. Do us all a favor and just avoid the after dinner awkwardness & be a man. This does not mean we are "dating." It does not mean you have to pay for every meal for the rest of our lives. It does mean that you are a nice guy with a little class. :)

In conclusion, it's the holidays & we're all feeling a little romantic. Plus, your "Secret Santa" at tonight's party, might just turn in to New Year's date 2010. Hope this will help spark your season!!!

For today only, I am offering a FREE date with THIS guy. Ladies, he is SMOOTH in the dating category.

All you have to do to win is post a comment below. A winner will be selected & revealed (maybe at the party) tomorrow night! *And guys, don't be shy to comment too. He also offers lots of great tips on how to pick up chicks.


  1. Elizabeth,
    What would it take for my picture to usurp Joe's? P.S. I'm in town next week!


  2. E, Whyyyy are you acting like you are dating? lol. You are a married woman, and in fact, you have not dated anyone in like 9 years.... lol. and also.. OUR DARLING FATHER BOWS WHEN WE LEAVE AND ENTER A ROOM!! haha! Love you.

  3. been there
    done that.

    great post.
    love you


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