Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Am I Thinking?

I went for a jog with Katie the other day and was able to run all of 4 MINUTES before nearly dying.

In response, I registered for the Ukrops 10K in Richmond in March.

That makes sense.

  • I get to spend the weekend (my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY - 26 on the 26th) with one of my best friends' Lindsey who recently moved to VA, but I haven't visited yet.  AND, one of my other closest friends Liz, may be flying in to run with us.  (Liz, I REALLY want you to come, even though you have long legs, are a talented runner, and disgustingly seem to look cute even when you are sweating like crazy.)
  • I get to meet lots of local Clemson alumni and support my alma mater.  I will be running with the Tigers 10K Team as part of the Clemson Virginia Alumni Group.  I even get a new orange t-shirt - I haven't bought one of those since college!
  • Katie will "train me," which means I get to spend at least three days a week hanging out and chatting with her... even if we are doing something miserable (see Negatives).
  • I might (and I realize the odds are against me) actually get in shape and lose some weight training for this.  Let's all say an extra prayer for that one...
  • I have to start running.
Training plan starts February 1st and lasts 8 weeks - right up to the race on March 27th.  You know I'll keep you updated!


  1. Good luck! I'm a wanna be runner too:)

  2. woot woot! can't wait girl. don't worry... I'll be trudging along right there with you, watching Liz's cute little butt running a mile ahead of us.


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