Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Movie

Jeff sucked it up and went to see a chick flick with me today.  We saw, of course, "Valentine's Day."

I strongly recommend it!  Very cute.  Very real.  (I think Jeff even liked it - although he did act pretty manly the whole time.) It reminded me of "Love Actually" except, I thought, better.

Take your Valentine (or BFF) and go now... I'm sure you can still catch a late show!

Ok... going to make spaghetti.  It might snow again tonight. Awesome.


  1. how good is it!!!!??? i loved it.
    however i went and saw it with a group of single girlfriends and did we leave wishing we had someone special at home waiting for us but still, a GREAT movie!

  2. oh and also had to let you know...
    theres a little something for you over here:


  3. How fun! We want to go see it buy my hub had to work all day! Glad you got yours to go to it!


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