Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Here... 30 Before 30

Well, the moment we've all (or... maybe just me) been waiting for is here.  TODAY IS MY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY - 26 on the 26th.  I can remember when that felt so far away, and 26 felt so old.  I'm officially NOT in my early twenties anymore.  Where does time go?  Really.

Anyways, to celebrate, I've created a list of 30 Things to Do Before I'm 30.  I'm hoping this will keep me accountable to really LIVING, and not just getting lost in the busyness of day-to-day.

So... in no particular order, HERE IT IS:

1. Write a book (Even if I NEVER publish it.)
2. Become a mom July 2011
3. Run a half-marathon
4. Perform in a play March 2012
5. Plant a garden
6. Learn to sew and make something I can wear
7. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself
8. Go to another continent (besides Europe)
9. Drive across the United States July 2010
10. Paint a painting I'm proud of
11. Learn basic photography and PhotoShop
12. Take a class just for fun
13. Read the Bible cover-to-cover
14. Visit all 11 of my college girlfriends at their homes
15. Present at a national teaching conference
16. Read the top 10 novels of all time (Modern Library Association 100 Best Novels)
17. Take a "girls only" vacation w/ my mom and sister
18. Get something published (poem, article, etc.)
19. Go on an overnight hiking trip
20. Go to Disney World (I've never been!) November 2010
21. Refinish a piece of furniture
22. Mentor a younger girl
23. Get a make-over and buy the make-up April 2013
24. Take HIP-HOP dance lessons and show them off at a club
25. Decorate someone else's house
26. Finish my scrapbook from London (started in 2004)
27. Grow my hair out past my shoulders 2012...
28. Wear a bikini and not be self-conscious
29. Learn yoga
30. Learn a song on the guitar

Want to join in???

All you have to do is:
  • Pick a milestone that works for you. (Trust me, I KNOW life doesn't end at 30... Thank Goodness!)
  • Make a list of things to accomplish between now and then. They can be big or small things... To me, this is just one step closer to living life a little fuller!!
  • Post my "30 Before 30" button on your page to let everyone know you're playing along (you can get this in HTML form on the sidebar of my blog).
  • And then, link-up here with your very own "To Do" list.
  • (If you don't have a blog... feel FREE to post your list as a comment.  I'd LOVE to still follow along.)
We'll check-in periodically to see how things are going... I can't wait!

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."
- John 10:10


  1. I am DYING at the HIP-HOP class and "show them off at a club..." hahahahahaha. I love you sister, HAPPPPPY Birthday! :)

  2. Hey girl i want to part of some of yours;) like we can do yoga together and you can decorate my house;) After reading your I wanted to change mine but I'll give you the original. LOVE YOU!

    30 things that I’m glad I did in my first 30 years

    Rode a horse down the beach in Jamaica
    Hiked up Mt. Sinai during the night to watch the sun rise over the Sinai desert
    Got a tattoo
    Got my nose pierced
    Got my masters
    Ran 4 half marathons and a marathon
    Memorized 2 books of the Bible
    Spent a week at a Club Med
    Told a boy I loved him
    Apologized to my parents and sister for my first 20 years
    Went to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem
    Stayed in the Bali Hilton
    Was set up on more dates than I can count
    Learned to play the guitar (sort of)
    Spoke French in France
    Saw the pyramids at Giza
    Spend a lot of time with Young Life kids
    Bought a house
    Got over my fear of flying
    Traveled Europe with my sister
    Knit a scarf
    Crocheted a hat
    Cross stitched an elephant
    Got a favorite book and read it several times
    Made a best friend
    Hiked the base of the Matterhorn the largest peak in Switzerland
    Sang the national anthem for hundreds of people
    Gave a sermon at my church
    Got certified to teach aerobics and paid to do it
    Did a job I didn’t think I could do
    Went to my home land Asturias Spain and met my relatives there


  3. I've had mine up for quite some time, but your post was a good reminder for me to update it a little bit. I think you're in the 'Noke, correct? There are enough of us bloggers now, it would be great to have a get together and meet the other bloggers!

  4. I love this!! You can come over and help me decorate my house. Also, Happy 26th Birthday!

    P.S. I left you something on my blog!

  5. Oh I hate my computer! Just wanted to say happy birthday!!! Thanks for letting others join in on this fun adventure!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you have a great one!! :)

  7. Ok - you need to show me how to "add a button" to my blog.... But for now:

    Enjoy ... hilarious how many we had in common!


  8. Love your list, lady :) We're going to have to work on some of them together! I sent you my list through email, since I don't really know where to post mine until I mark an item off the list and start my blog! I guess I could add it to our wedding blog, which would make a grand total of three posts-- ha!

    Happy Happy Birthday, Golden Girl!

  9. HAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love, love, love your list. It totally made me smile. What a fun four years you have in front of you. and that's enough with the 26 feels old crap- us 28 almost 29 year olds don't appreciate it. ;-)
    DECORATE MY HOUSE!!!!!!! It's so blah! =)
    Have an AMAZING day!

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope your golden day is fabulous. Thanks for heading this great idea : )

  11. Hopefully no dudes read your blog.

    1. kiss on 5 continents (2 down)
    2. live in another country for >6 months
    3. own my house
    4. go on a trip with my dad and brothers
    5. punch someone in the face for a noble cause
    6. be a great uncle
    7. be a great brother (and brother-in-law and Big Brother)
    8. backpack for two straight weeks
    9. start a business
    10. spend 5 days in a row away by myself
    11. go to all 50 states (41 down)
    12. take a significant risk pursuing a girl
    13. begin a PhD program
    14. become a CPA
    15. find a mentor
    16. be a mentor
    17. kill a deer (with a gun)
    18. spend a month working at a Young Life camp
    19. coach a team
    20. serve on the board of a non-profit
    21. take Ajani (my Little Brother) to Wyldlife camp
    22. be in two places at once (just kidding that is A Walk to Remember reference)
    23. sleep 10 nonconsecutive nights in a college guys house
    24. lose 15 pounds
    25. give my mom and sister a trip to NYC
    26. go to a Nascar race
    27. spend at least two nights on a boat/ship (not a cruise)
    28. travel to 25+ countries
    29. see Darius Rucker/Hootie & the Blowfish in concert
    30. marry the love of my life

  12. You have really made me panic! I turn 30 in 40 days...and I never made a list! I might have to do a 35 things to do before I am 35 list or something. Ha! Good luck with your list. It is inspiring. It makes me want to get out and live!

  13. Happy Birthday - what a great list!

  14. Happy B-day! I love your idea! I'm thinking of waiting until me birthday to begin my list (6 months away!) but it looks like so much fun, I might have to start today! I love how your list incorporates both the simple and extravagant!

  15. Happy Birthday! I linked my list in Mr. MckLinky!

  16. Happy Birthday E! I think in another life we were sisters, I just finished reading your list and we have SOOO many things in common! I love that. Cant wait to see our lists unfold into real life events!! Thanks for doing this linky party.

  17. Good luck with your list -- how fun and what a great way to keep track of things you want to do! Happy BDAY!!!!!

  18. haha joe richmond. BUSTED!

  19. So I stinkin' love your list, and just blogged my own! :) Check it out!

  20. Here's my list :)

  21. this is awesome...I just made my own last week...(and here I thought I was being original!) wish I have found this first for ideas :) love your list! :)

  22. I just found your blog via a Christmas Tour and thought I'd check out. I had to check out your 30 before 30. I did a 40 before 40, seeing as I am only 2 years away from 30 and wanted to give myself some time! Good luck on your 30!!

  23. Here is my list!

  24. Here is my list! I'm alot closer to 30 than you are (about 3 months away!) Time to get crackin'!

  25. I have been wanting to do a 30 before 30 post for awhile now here is mine

  26. This has been a great way to goal set for me. I'm almost done with my list and I'm ready to start a 30 more before 30. Thanks for the idea :)

  27. I've been having a blast working on my list and I'm so glad I found your blog! I like seeing what other people are doing. :)


    List one. I am doing it in 3 parts, and will link them all together when done!

  29. Congrats on your project! You have some fun bucket list items to do. I just completed my own 30 before 30 challenge and feel great! Check it out at Good Luck!

  30. I have a list of 40 and need to narrow it down by ten, any help would be super appreciated!


Your comments are what makes this thing fun! I LOVE to hear from you and do my best to respond to everyone! THANK YOU!

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