Friday, March 12, 2010

Lucky Lady

I am SO happy to announce the winner of the Larque by Jason handmade earrings! (Finally)  I really took this seriously and "researched" the fairest way to pick a winner.  Apparently, the random number generators aren't that great, so I went the old fashioned way... Here's Jeff doing the honors & Addy supervising.  (P.S. I had a super busy day - hence the lateness of this post - and, I'm sick.  So, the drawing was done from my cozy bed at approximately 8PM on a Friday night!)

And, the lucky lady is....

Allyson at The Blackwood's Blog.  (Go visit & congratulate her!)  Hope you didn't already buy the pearl drop earrings girl, they are headed your way!!!  Congratulations!

If you didn't win, DON'T DESPAIR! I have more excellent news.  Mr. Jason was so happy with the response and feedback that he wanted me to thank you girls AND announce that his shop is running a special promotion thru next Friday for YOU!  If you didn't win today, he is offering a BUY ONE PAIR, GET ONE FREE deal.  Just mention my blog when you place an order AND pick out TWO pairs of cute earrings for the price of one.  I mean, that's cheaper than Claire's (i.e. pretty.darn.good).

I can't wait to run into you and us all be wearing twin earrings! :)

(And stay tuned, because more great Give Aways are ALREADY SCHEDULED for the coming weeks.  I LOVE free stuff!)


  1. 1) Congrats to Allyson!
    2) I'm getting those earrings for my bday
    3) Seriously, I feel guilty every time I look at your dishes on my fridge. Will you e-mail me your address!?

  2. 4) You should get a button so I can add you to my page

  3. No way! I am totally excited!!!! I will email you shortly :)


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