Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday: Girls Weekend Edition

It's been a few weeks, but I'm joining MckMama again this week to tell what I HAVE NOT been doing recently... Oh, you know, really miserable stuff like meeting old friends for a Taylor Swift concert on a beautiful spring weekend...Uggg.

For starters, I did NOT obsess over what to wear to the concert, buy four dresses, solicit tons of advice, and ultimately wear a plain black cotton dress from TJ Maxx and a standard cardigan.  I am much "braver" and "trendier" than that.

That's the best picture we got of my outfit; you girls were right, I would have BURNED UP in a turtleneck and tights.  Even the cardi didn't last long! (Unpictured: cowboy boots.)

Taylor Swift did NOT wear almost the exact same outfit you guys recommended I wear - yellow dress and boots.  I definitely would have recognized sound fashion advice like that and taken it.  Duh! (I probably would have looked just like her.)

I was certainly NOT the palest person at the concert.  Most of the students at UVA are hideous, untanned, and fat.

I am NOT obsessed with Taylor Swift, and I am not relating everything about my life to one of her songs now.  I fully recognize that she is a pop-musician and my life is NOTHING like hers.

I am NOT, secretly, wishing I was sixteen and in the middle of a horrible break-up with a jerk boy who cheated on me after he promised he loved me.  (That would be a super weird thing to wish for.)

And, P.S... I was NOT later reminded that I am, in fact, not sixteen, when I drove my mom's minivan through campus and had fraternity boys mockingly point and blow kisses at me.  This made me feel exceptionally young and awesome.

Finally, by all means, I am NOT considering long, curly, blonde extensions.

NOT me. :)

Oh, but I did, however, learn several new facial expressions and methods of tossing my hair around wildly that seem to really evoke a lot of excitement and cheering from large crowds of teenagers.  I'm planning on trying these out with my students today.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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  1. Ha ha ha...I love it. Taylor Swift is my girl crush. And btw, I think your outfit was totally fab! Love the belt with that dress. You're totally lucky you didn't wear the yellow dress because it would've gotten really annoying when people kept asking you for your autograph thinking you were Taylor.

  2. I love the Not Me posts! It's been a while since I have done one too!

  3. haha, wonderful post! super funny...especially driving the van around campus!

  4. how fun! I heart Taylor swift!! Glad you had a great time!

  5. how fun! i like what you ended up wearing =) your not me monday posts are always hilarious! love it.

  6. Great post! I love the black dress. Looks like a great time! Happy Monday. :)

  7. How fun!! I'm 29 and I love Taylor!!
    You look cute too! Love the black dress!!

  8. I am from Beaverdam,VA and I was there too! Great concert! That hair is a bigger part of her show than her guitar or her band! I'm 35 and I really loved her show more than I thought I would!


  9. I did NOT have a fabulous time with you guys this weekend.
    I did NOT love Taylor.
    Kathryn did NOT get yelled at by the cross-walk cop (twice).
    I did NOT wear jeggings.
    We must NEVER do this again.

    Just adding on to your Not Me post. :)


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