Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me Monday

Time for another weekend recap with MckMama...

I did NOT have a wonderfully relaxing and fun weekend with two of my very best friends from college in Richmond/King George, Virginia.  It was NOT, at all, exactly what I needed to get me through one more week until spring break.

Surprisingly, the three of us did NOT sign up for a race months ago, then decide to only walk the race, and then actually just skip it all together.  (Feel free to click on this link to NOT see our results... no, seriously, you won't see them.) I did NOT, secretly, know this would happen all along. :)

Certainly we did NOT lay in bed eating candy and watching the race on TV instead.  We would never do that...

In addition to that respectable decision, we did NOT ride around downtown Richmond in Lindsey's mini-van.  (Which, she did NOT buy because it was a wise financial investment, but actually because she has been dreaming of owning one all her life.) We did NOT kind-of LOVE the Sienna.

Oh, and because we are super cool and un-awkward, we definitely did NOT get chased and honked at by another car for approximately five minutes in the mini-van.  We did NOT think these people were flicking us off and preparing to shoot us.  And, we were NOT shocked/mortified when we finally realized that they just wanted to tell us our lights were off.  We had NOT driven around town for thirty minutes with NO lights.

While staying in a nice hotel, we were MUCH more mature and smooth.  For example, we absolutely did NOT have to go to the front desk three separate times to ask for items such as: a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a hairdryer (which ended up actually being in the room in a bag labeled "Hair Dryer" - imagine that).

Lindsey also did NOT think a nicely dressed woman on the elevator was an elevator operator, OR almost throw up all over the fancy lobby.  We actually looked like we TOTALLY fit in there.

In health related news, Lindsey did NOT have to carry snacks in her pockets at all times because she's pregnant.  And, more importantly, Liz and I definitely did NOT "catch" pregnancy and use the opportunity to eat incessantly the whole weekend - including during church.  We also did NOT decide to name the baby "Bud Quixote Shubert."  (Even though that is, pretty much, the best name I've ever seen.)

And finally, Addy did NOT fall in love with Nacho.  She also did NOT literally LAY in a mud puddle just seconds before our departure for home.  She is fresh and well-behaved at ALL times.

It was NOT a good weekend at all.

I do NOT love these girls like crazy OR wish the rest of "the 12" had been there! :)


  1. Sounds like it was NOT an amazing weekend. I want a Boxer! Oh, I mean I do NOT want a Boxer?

  2. Wow, what a horrible, horrible time!! Also, these last few pictures make my heart smile! Thanks!

  3. I freaking love those pictures you take the best pictures of those pups!! :)

  4. indsey sent me to your blog for the weekend highlights - sounds like a super fun weekend. did not hear the elevator operator story (good grief), but did hear your insane story of the century. holy smokes.

  5. Your dog makes my heart melt into a puddle!


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