Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Dilemma

I have a terrible dilemma.

As you know, my skin hates me.  I mean, really... Right now, I have a sty on my eye, zit on my forehead (who gets them there?), scarred knees, and exceptionally pale legs. So as not to completely gross you out, we will focus only on the legs today.

Since your recommendations for my Taylor Swift outfit debacle, I have been using Jergen's Natural Glow lotion on my arms and legs.  (I have tried many different variations, but this one seems to be the most tried and true.) I like it - it smells nice, isn't too expensive, and other people seem to have great success, BUT...

... For WEEKS now, I have been using this product  And, my legs still resemble sticks of chalk (the chubby side-walk kind, not the long thin blackboard variation) - in color AND texture. I am SO frustrated.  Skirt season is here and my uncooperative legs are still hanging out back in JANUARY!

**Seriously, more than one person has commented on how I need to get some sun.  Hello people!  Do you think this is my preference?!?!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this, AND, I've come to the conclusion that SHAVING is the problem.  You see, my ARMS seem to be retaining some pigment, but my legs - not a hint.  The only difference... shaving.

Which brings me to my dilemma...
Is it better to have SMOOTH and (very) PALE legs or (slightly) TAN and PRICKLY legs?

Believe me folks, this is not an easy decision.

And, to clarify, getting some weird tan-in-a-can instant spray is not really an option either.  I am a sweater - as in, I SWEAT A LOT and the product would run.  Although, of course, I imagine I could become an actual wooly sweater, if I stick with the self-tanner lotion all summer...

Oy vey!


  1. You are funny! I like white & smooth, but that's just me! There is nothing wrong w/ pale skin!!!!! People need to understand this. Some ppl were made to naturally tan, others were not. (I wasn't either. I am terribly white.)

  2. You crack me up. Have you asked Jeff which option he would prefer? I got a spray tan last spring and LOVED it. It lasted a few weeks, and gave me some time to get some sun exposure.

    Regardless, you have GORGEOUS skin!!!!

  3. My advice is to shave, towel dry your legs, then apply it to your legs. Let air dry for at least 5 min. before you put on your clothes. I'm not using Nivea and it is a little more expensive, but I think it smells better.

    I also got a part time job teaching homebound for the city! Yesterday was my last day teaching prek!-- talk to ya soon, Jen

  4. I think you should definitely be happy with the skin you have! However, if you think you will feel more comfortable with a bit of a healthy glow, try a Mystic Tan. I have gotten two (each for weddings), and they worked quite well and stayed for a couple of days - just make sure you don't get a too dark shade.

  5. shave...then apply the lotion. why is this even a thought in your mind that it would be okay to NOT shave in the summer....really?! OR YOU COULD COME LAY OUT WITH ME LIKE I ALWAYS ASK YOU TO..... :-( Love you, hairy, pale legs and all! :)

  6. Ok- do what I did... get laser hair removal so you NEVER have to shave again. Then you can apply all the lotion you want & it will stick! Even if you don't stay tan... You NEVER have to shave AGAIN! :)

    Also, I've been told that spray tans are getting much better. But the downside is they only last about a week.


  7. whose child are you?? Have you seen my skin... and both of my parents?? OOPS, another MULVANEY trait!!! you're Irish!!!

  8. If you're shaving every day, maybe you could switch to every other day? That would probably help a little.
    I am a pasty ghost, too. I tried the Jergen's lotions a few years ago, but I ended up streaky and blotchy.
    This year, I'm sticking to the ghosty look.

  9. I don't think we had found each other when you asked about self tanners. I also use Jergen's Natural Glow, BUT when I want an instant tan for "that night" for example, I use Lancome Flash Bronzer. Have you tried it? It is immediate AND it lasts, at least I think it does. It's actually a dark mousse, so you can see where you apply it:

    Clinique also has one, but it's just for the face. I use that as well in the summer.

    I'm a smooth leg girl. I shave every day in the summer. It does lessen your tan, but it feels so lovely :)

  10. Maybe it has something to do with how you apply it? I do it right when I get out of the shower so my skin is nice n' thirsty, and I use a generous amount of the lotion. (I only do my legs) After it's all rubbed in, I take my damp towel and wipe most of the lotion off my knees and ankles since it tends to collect there. I start seeing a difference in about a week.

    As for the shaving, I apply it right afterwards so If I do shave a little of it off (eew!) I make up for it with a good lathering on my freshly smooth legs.

    I also give it plenty of time to dry before putting pants on. Putting it on at night works better too.

  11. I'm a huge fan of Jergens as well as Dove for self tanners. But you're right shaving can be a problem. I started using a shade darker of the tanner and only applying it every other day plus cutting shaving down to once or twice a week, which seemed to work pretty well.Let me know if you find any other products that work well, I'm trying to work on my tan too!



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