Monday, May 17, 2010

Addy's Big Break

Well, I never thought I would come to this stage in my life... But, its official: I'm exploiting my daughter dog for cash.  Here's the story...

About a month ago my friend Amanda (check out her cute blog here) told me about a pet photo contest her company was sponsoring. Knowing, of course, how obsessed I am with my dog - and what a good photographer our friend Howard is - she suggested I enter. 

We were allowed to enter up to five photos of our pet "livin' wild apartment style." (Don't worry, there are no official rules that say she has to live in an apartment... it should just - at least sort of- look like it.)

Well, last week I found out that she made it to the TOP TEN finalists out of over 500 entries.  The grand prize is $1500 and we've got a 1 in 10 shot --- I'm shamelessly going for it!! Do you blame me?
The photo they chose is probably my least favorite of the five we entered, but I'll take it!

I'd LOVE for you to vote for my girl HERE and help Addy on her road to stardom... And, to thank you for your support, I'll be hosting "Pet Themed" giveaways on my blog Tuesday AND Wednesday!  Woot woot!  (Or should I say "woof! woof!" - ok, I've crossed the line.)

Oh, and feel FREE to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, etc.  Addy welcomes the extra votes!!

Thanks friends!

P.S. Just when I thought I'd finally trained Addy to act like a diva, she went outside yesterday and a bird pooped right on her head.  Don't worry, she's staying completely humble!


  1. I voted for Addy! Hope you have a great week.

  2. off to vote now :)
    good luck!

  3. Voting now. She looks so cute!! Good luck!!

  4. Such a great pic! Going to vote.


  5. I just voted, she's adorable! Good luck!!

  6. I voted again (under a different screen name). Hope she wins!! :)

  7. Go Addy!! Love it!!

  8. Super cute! I'll vote for that face! :)

  9. Addy's close up is the best for sure!


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