Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parenting Teens

Because of my job, I've often said that I will be totally prepared to raise kids... once they enter the teenage years. (It is slightly inconvenient that there are approximately 13 years that come before that where I'll be a total mess!)

Anyways, every once in a while, I'm reminded that you just can't be prepared for everything.

I had to share this e-mail I got from a parent today...

"Yesterday I had a meltdown when ______ brought home yet another fat envelope of progress reports. I am e-mailing because he told me those reports are the only way he knows what he needs to make up. That will be a probem as I tore them all up and threw them in his face. Can you please print out a new list of make up work he needs to complete for you?"

Oh, poor mom!

Here's to you parents of teens... You are a true phenomenon!


  1. Hi...kind of a lurker, but I can relate to your story. My husband and I are both teacher (me 5th and him 6th) and we have often said that once they get to the awkward tween years we will have it covered. There always seems to be at least one parent that makes you wonder.

  2. Tore them up and threw them in his face?!? HAHAHAHA!!!! Sounds like she had a total meltdown moment. :-)


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