Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prom Recap

But first, a letter to my future teenagers (you, the ones I'm going to be so prepared to handle)...

My Sweet Girl,
Remember tonight that you are beautiful.  And, any boy that would rather look at the back of your head as you grind all over him, is NOT what you deserve. Dance with your girlfriends. Be silly. Kiss him if you want to. BUT... Make him look at your face when you dance... That is where he will fall in love. 


My Hormonal Son,
I know you think "the grind" is the greatest dance ever invented... You don't even have to be ABLE to dance in order to "get some action."  But, you honestly look like a dirty-fool.  Show some respect!  For goodness sake, remember all those awesome dance moves your dad taught you -- I promise, those will make you MUCH more attractive than just swaying your untucked, sweaty self all over someone else's daughter. And, if all else fails, remember: it's never too late for military school!

.... I WISH I was kidding!

Despite the normal "dirty dancing," etc.  Prom 2010 went off without a hitch!  The ballroom looked beautiful, the kids had a blast, no arrests were made, and even my zit cleared up just in time!!

Here are a few photos of "A Knight in the Big Apple" :
(These are mostly of me, and our decorations... I just don't feel comfortable posting pictures of my kids!)

My co-sponsor Kristin & I
Kristin & her mom at the registration table - or, as I like to call it, "the fashion show!"
My "date," my mom... SO fun to go to high school prom with her! (P.S. LOVE what my hair is doing!)
And... a dance floor shot... During one of the few "slow" songs! (Sorry its so blurry... Using a flash on the dance floor is highly frowned upon.)

That's all folks... Until next year!
I feel like I have SO much to update you on... lots of fun stuff this week!  Including, a guest post from one of my favorite new bloggers tomorrow, Amanda's bachelorette party this coming weekend, and...

Addy's Big Break!!
Please go vote for Addy in a photo contest here!!
More information and two - pet related - giveaways later this week!!!

Happy Sunday!


  1. You looked beautiful! Glad everything went well. Our prom was nottobad, except the DJ's amp broke, so, no music for almost an hour. Yeah, THAT went over well.....

    Addy is rockin those antlers! :)

  2. I love your pictures, recap, letters, and all-together awesome blog. Teachers have the best job ever!!! Sounds like you're a terrific teacher & great prom-planner...glad it was fun! Have a good week! It's almost summer!!! YAY! (I'm a teacher too!) Your new blog fan from CA, Katie

  3. I know what you mean about the grinding!
    Last year when i started uni we had a few girls who were on exchange from america, come out with us on our first night. wow! the boys didnt know what was going on, these girls just bent over and stuck their butts in the boys crutch, you couldnt get the smiles off the guys who got to dance with them's faces... however, the rest of us stood there in a state of shock wondering what the hell these girls were playing at!?!?! turns out thats just how every teenager in america dances haha.

    the prom looked lovely :)


  4. Beautiful decor! Glad you had a great weekend. . . I'm so sure you are exhausted . . .while I was complaining about my little housework! Ha!

    Love the letters to your future children . . .so true.

  5. Yay for prom and yay for Addy!! I've just voted :)

  6. those granny smith apple centerpieces look familiar... like maybe I've seen them at a wedding before or something?? I remember Adam and Jon getting hungry toward the end of the reception and digging in :-)

  7. I love the letters to your kids...too funny!

    Awesome theme too!


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