Monday, May 24, 2010


Updated to add: Check out the announcement at  It's FOR REAL!!!  (Even though my Poppy is still convinced they are going to make us move to "LA or New York."  Haha!)

Today is a day full of winners!!!

Um... Addy WON the photo contest!!!
Here she is when we first told her she won!!!

Honestly, I can hardly believe it!!! Our girl just made us the easiest $1500 EVER!! (Well, our girl and ALL of your votes --- thank you SO much!!!!)  Jeff says he thinks we have finally broken even on her! :)

We now have a real life star in our house... I hope we can contain her!!!

And, it's a lucky day for two of you also... I am happy to announce the winners of Addy's two giveaways from last week:

First, the winner of the dog treats from AJ's Pup Pastries is.... Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag

And, the winner of the pet portrait from Design Blooms is... Ben & Emily
(I will email you guys for your mailing info, etc.)

Again, I can't thank you enough for helping us in the contest!  All joking aside, $1500 is a HUGE blessing for us as we enter the summer season - i.e. I don't get paid - and plan a huge trip across country.  God works in incredible ways!!!

What a glorious day!!!  (Even if it is MONDAY and raining!!)

Stay tuned... more to come later tonight on Amanda's Bachelorette party etc. :)


  1. Way to work it you frisky pup, you!

  2. you're welcome...

  3. Congratulations Addy!! How exciting :)

  4. WHOAAAAA!! Yay for my little niece! :)

  5. Congratulations! $1500 totally is a big deal!

    The camera loves you Addy!

  6. That is awesome!!! Go Addy!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS TO MY BEAUTIFUL GRAND DOG!!!!! I am so excited for my beauty queen girl!!! Well, now we need to find a contest for my Mia!!

  8. I TOLD YOU THAT YOU LIKE MIA MORE THAN Thats awful! Lilly is beautiful AND nice...mia is a brat!

  9. Mia is special!!! Lili has aged gracefully, and is ready to just lay in the sun and watch the birds!!

  10. So happy she won, she was the best lookin' dog on there though! :)

    (I'm not sure if I sent my e-mail but it's

  11. Yay! I'm so happy she won!

    -Sweet Dee


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