Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog Birthday!!! (Winners too!)

It's my blog birthday!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeing me and my stories through year one!!!

At the risk of sounding like a total freak, I LOVE blogging!  When I started last June, I never imagined what a big part of my life it would become.  Honestly, I've decided that blogging really changes your perspective on life... Whenever anything bad/embarrassing happens to me, I just look at the bright side and think: "Oh, the blog will love this!" 

I blog because it helps me record and remember all the little "everyday" events and thoughts of this stage of life.  I blog because it lets me be creative again and, for the first time since I was little girl, write FOR FUN.  I blog because it keeps me connected to people I love that I don't get to talk to every day in real life.  And, because it introduces me to people all over the world who provide laughs, encouragement, affirmation, and support.  I blog because I still get SUPER excited whenever I see I have a new follower or an email from a new friend.

Over the last twelve months, I feel like I have been blessed to be a part of an incredible community of women (and men) with fascinating stories from all walks of life.  THANK YOU for coming alongside me and hearing my stories in my little walk. 

Here's to another year of blogging with - hopefully - lots more adventures to report!!

Now, the moment you've been waiting for....
The WINNERS of my Blog Birthday Giveaways:
(All chosen by

The winner of the $40.00 to CSN Stores is.... SarahRachel
The winner of the Crystal B. earrings is.... Karen

The winner of the First Kiss Designs hair poppies is... Rooted in Love
And, the winner of the Tricia Nae blog design is... Emily
Ladies, please email me at to claim your prizes! Thank you ALL so much for entering my giveaways and celebrating with me!  It's been a fun week!  Lots more to come in the next few days as we get ready to leave for our big trip... the most color-coordinated camping trip EVER! ;)



    may I ask...Do you know what Font that is??
    I LOVE it!


  2. OMG I am so stinkin' excited!!!!

  3. Brianna, the font of my blog is just plain ole Century Gothic. I have no idea how to set this as your font... my awesome blog designer Tricia Nae did it. BUT, I love it too!
    (Is that the font you are talking about?)

  4. There is a '25' on the cake being used to celebrate your 1 year blog birthday, please explain.

  5. Haha! Bono, I didn't even notice that! Let's pretend it is just decorative swirls. :)

  6. Happy birthday (and I looked right at the 25 on the cake and thought it was just swirls)! I'm glad you blog :)

  7. I am mad that i didn't win anything!!!! hahaha... i have loved reading your blog this past year!! what funny, wonderful memories you have created for us all!!!

  8. Happy bloggy birthday! I too look forward to another year of you're stories! :-)

  9. Happy Happy Blog Birthday!!!

  10. YAY!!!!!!!! Your blog's birthday is the best because I get a present!!! =) I'm super excited!

    I've been reading your blog for several months, but I've never commented... I've been busy!
    But now I'm on vacation (or sort of), I said "hey, let's say hi to E.". And here I am!!
    I just wanted to say HI and let you know I'm your new follower!!! Because I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    You can also find me at
    See ya!


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