Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad!

The only man I know who can...
- Rock a mustache.
- Design a beautiful centerpiece
- Buy tampons and put together "emergency kits" for his girls.
- Walk a cat
- Build an entire addition to the house in a weekend
- Survive a fall through the attic into the garage
- Tell you everything about the latest People magazine
- Grill ribs and shrimp during a huge flood
- Carry four chairs, a cabana, a cooler, and an umbrella to the beach
- Read all the Babysitters' Club books with me
- Create fictional characters (named George and Mabel) for our car-rides to school
- Answer all the questions on Jeopardy
- Dial the number to Amtrak (or anywhere) by MEMORY
- Practice Wii yoga before work
- Make my husband feel like a son
- Play taxi driver at any hour of the night
- Make me feel beautiful, but not let me care about that kind of thing
- Buy my favorite candy whenever we travel
- Dress perfectly (and color-coordinated) for all occasions

... I mean, seriously, the list goes ON and ON.  He set the bar HIGH for me from a very early age.

There really must be a special place in heaven for the father of two girls!

I love you Daddy!
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  1. You're right. There is a special place in heaven for the father of 2 girls. My sister and I are blessed with having one of the best dad's around!

  2. when I read the part about falling through the attic all I can picture is Clark Griswald from Christmas Vacation when he gets locked in the attic and falls through! lol

  3. I 100% agree with the place in heaven for a dad of two girls. My dad is a dad of two girls, and so is my husband! Love it!

  4. I had a smile on my face the ENTIRE time I read this post! What a fun loving guy your dad seems to be!

  5. What a great and amazing dad you have.

  6. How touching! He sounds like a gem!

  7. Hi! Just stopping by via The Mister Wonderfulest comp, of which I've posted a late entry!! :)

    I enjoyed your post about your Dad! He sounds awesome! :)


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