Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Blog Button (Plus a Tutorial)

I think it's fair to say that I am the only person in the world who actually comes home from the beach PALER than before she left... (Major disadvantage of a spray tan!)

With that in mind, you will understand that skin like mine requires some time OUT of the sun... even at the beach!  So, since I'm on vacation, I've used some of my free time to play around with my blog a little bit.
And now, I am proud to introduce... My very own Blog Button!

If you want, just copy the code above and paste into an HTML gadget on your sidebar.  The button will look cute (most importantly) and link back to! I would be super honored if you'd post it on your blog!

Even more impressive, I made it myself --- code and all!  And, because I love you...

I'm going to tell YOU how too!

1.) Find a photo or graphic you like.  My yellow books photo was taken by my friend Howard, but anything will do!  You can also buy great photos at iStockPhoto

2.) Add a frame, text, etc. to your photo.  I prefer to design at Picnik because it has fun fonts etc, but there are lots of other great free photo editing sites as well. (I'm pretty sure Photoshop & Illustrator are the very best, but I am a poor novice!)

3.) Upload and save your photo to Photobucket.  This is a free photo storage site.  I just joined today for this purpose and can't wait to play around more!  (NOTE: Before you save, it's a good idea to adjust the size of your photo to something that will fit in your sidebar.  Mine is approximately 200 x 234.)

4.) In another tab, log into your Blogger account and go to the Page Elements page. Click on "Add a Gadget" and select HTML/JavaScript.

5.) Copy and paste the following code in the text area:

6.) In Photobucket (or wherever you chose to store your button), copy the URL or direct link and paste it in both places where the code says YOUR BUTTON LOCATION.

7.) Replace the words YOUR BLOG ADDRESS with...your blog address. :)

8.) Save and share your new button!!

Easy as pie!  Now, go get busy designing!  
I'm pretty obsessed with this, so don't be surprised if I start designing new buttons every day! OR... if you want me to make you one, e-mail me & I'll be happy to do it for a teeny-tiny fee.

*And, by the way, I found this information primarily at Shabby Blogs - one of my favorite sites for designing blogs!  Definitely go check them out!


  1. Very cute! You could definitely do this for a living. :-)

  2. Very cool! Just added your new button to my blog. :)

  3. i'll put yours on my blog! i love that you have the yellow books in your pic :)

  4. Very impressive. I don't think I could do this even after reading the directions.....

  5. yay! i love it! :) thanks for sharing!


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