Sunday, July 18, 2010

Guest Post... Weight Loss Woes & WooHoos!

If you've read my blog for any time, you know that WEIGHT is a major issue for me!  (I don't even want to imagine what will be going on with my weight by the time we get to this point in my trip...)  Luckily, I'm not alone...

To break up some of "travel posts," I've invited some great gals to "Guest Post" on my blog.  Today, you get to journey with Kristen from Happily Ever After on her road to lose some L-Bs.  Enjoy!
Hello fellow bloggers! I'm Kristen, I'm living the life of a wife, mother, and student. I absolutely love my life and my family and use my blog to reach out to others and also to document the happenings of my life! You're welcome to follow along! Today, I'm talking about the nearly seven months I've spent working on losing some weight... Here's my past:

High school days I weighed around 145 and constantly thought that I was the largest person on the planet. (Oh by the way I'm 5'7".) Through my senior year, I figured out how to lose weight and I graduated weighing 112. I know right? Gross.... Looking back on pictures now I can see how grossly skinny I was, but back then I thought I was fantastic.... People were constantly commenting on how skinny I was looking and I LOVED it!

Through the years, I put some weight back on and eventually evened out around 135. THEN, one of the best things happened to me, I gave birth to my first son Logan, who is now 6 years old. With the help of the stress brought on by a nasty divorce, I managed to lose all of my baby weight.

Moving on, 6 years later, to the birth of my second son Riley. This time, I topped my pregnancy at 170 pounds! I know, yowza! It is now 21 months later and I weight 173. Wow, did I seriously just admit that on the wide open web?!

Here's what's even better, errr.... worse.... Just six months ago I weighed 184! Slowly but surely, I am struggling to lose this weight. I blame a lot of my gain on stress - I know some people say you'll lose weight under stress but I think that's just bologna! So... we all agree now, STRESS!, the birth control pill I was on - side note, don't use Seasonique! - , and of course probably the biggest issue is pure laziness. I love my food, I love drinking beer on a hot summer night, and I absolutely love sitting on my couch!

So, starting in June, I got back on the wagon and I'm planning on dropping this weight. Since May, I have run/participated in two 5k's, I attempt to no longer drink alcohol during the week, and I don't eat after dinner. I'm constantly looking for people to talk icky diet stuff with or to gain extra encouragement from people who are in the same shoes (or elastic waist pants) that I am in. Ok Ok I know, that was really lame!

So, what are YOUR 2010 goals? And how are you doing on accomplishing them? Me? Well, I've got another 38 pounds to go!
Thanks Kristen!! Girl, I hear ya!  Keep us updated on your progress...

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