Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me Mon(tana)

Straight from Spokane (pronounced 'spo-can,' who knew?), Washington, I bring you a special edition of Not Me Monday as we continue our adventure across the country...
Montana Edition

Well folks, we did NOT like Montana at all! Of course, when we first got there on Thursday, we were not at all stressed that we could not find an open campsite in the entire park.  I hate for things to be planned and run smoothly, so I LOVED this.  I did not cry. Not a single tear, complaint, or whine.

We did not finally settle at a KOA campsite approximately one mile outside of Glacier National Park.  Jeff did not think this was "cheating," and I totally HATED the resort-feel of the hot tub, pool, and full restaurant steps from our campsite.  In fact, we were both totally devastated that we had to stay at such an awful place for three nights... I, for one, had really been looking forward to no shower and pit toilets!

As you can see, our campsite was terrible.  We definitely did not have cell phone service and wi-fi OR order delivery pizza for dinner... That would be 100% UN-Camper!! And, we certainly did NOT appreciate the peaceful sound of the creek running beside our tent in the mornings ONE BIT.  Our tent was WAY too small, and we did not sleep comfortably at all.  In fact, we were totally freezing because Glacier did NOT have an unusually hot week AFTER we spent tons of money in Helena on "winter" clothes.

Overall, I do NOT recommend camping.  As you can tell from the above photos, it is utterly disgusting and primitive.  Yuck! Plus, we slept very uncomfortably. (Ok, let's not push it... I really didn't have access to an iron people!)

Glacier National Park, itself, was also repulsive.  We saw ugly sights and totally ordinary animals.  And, we definitely did NOT enjoy playing in snow in shorts and sandals --- we prefer bitter coldness.  We DID, however, LOVE hiking eight miles in bear country.  We hear bears are very friendly and not dangerous at all. At least it had unimpressive views!

Obviously, we pretty much HATED Montana.  We did nothing fun, but if you'd like to look at more of our boring pictures you can see our Photobucket album here. ;)


  1. Love your pictures, they look so beautiful. you look adorable too... (see..look at that compliment from your hateful sister, she must REALLY NOT miss you tons!) Cant wait to see u soon. Ps-fix ur link to photobucket.. its actually not a link at all on this post! love you!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I've been talking my husband's ear off about doing this trip across country after keeping up with y'alls! Do you mind giving us an idea of costs?

  3. Aaaahhhhhhhhh so beautiful!! I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. And your KOA campground sounds right up my alley :)

  4. One good thing about the trip is that Jeff's goatee is coming in really well. What is it like to be married to such a bad-a?

  5. My son in law is the cutest thing ever!!!! I love the little hairy face, and your hair is getting long too!!! You two are the cutest things EVER!!!! the pictures are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen - ever!!! Do I need to say anything about all the animals??? OMG... amazing!! I want to go!! Oh, E.... you are cute too!! hhahaha.... oh, i miss Addy soooo much, I thought about her all day!!!

  6. E, Your photos are breath taking. I love the one of Jeff with the water over his body. I bet that was cold!!! ......OH....your car is so clean :) So happy that you guys are NOT having fun:) Love you

  7. I can't believe I've never been there and I used to live in MT. So sad! It looks like you guys are having the time of your lives!


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