Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm a little behind on updates of our trip... Today, is actually the final day (a LONG one albeit) of driving... This time tomorrow, we'll be cuddled up with Addy in our own bed sleeping off today's 17 hours in the car.  Ahh, I can hardly wait!

I promise I've still got lots of thoughts and updates up my sleeve, but I wanted to share some photos of our weekend in Salt Lake City first...

In December of 2006, Jeff and I flew to Salt Lake City to celebrate his recent graduation from Virginia Tech, visit my good friend Liz & her fiance Ian, and ski for the first time out west.  On our second day there, he proposed at the highest peak at Deer Valley ski resort.  (The rest, as they say, is history.)

Three and half years later, Jeff & I are married (obviously), and Liz & Ian are married with an 18 month old ADORABLE little boy.  I'm constantly amazed at how time flies!

...When we first began planning for our trip, we knew SLC was a destination we didn't want to miss.  As the site of our engagement, Deer Valley is a special spot for us that we wanted to re-vist (Luckily, a lift was open that took us to our exact proposal spot - so fun!) Plus, I love Liz just a little and will take ANY excuse to hang out with a baby. :)

Here are a few pictures from our time in Utah:

Later, on Saturday, we went to Silver Lake with Liz, Ian, & Quinn... AND, we saw a moose there!  (This was especially awesome because it was the ONE animal on our "list" that we didn't see in Yellowstone or Glacier... Score!)

Yes, I am obsessed with this picture.  Melts my heart!

(Of course, if you want to see more of our photos, you can view our album here.)

It was a PERFECT weekend!  Thanks Liz & Ian!  :) 

Oh, and, please don't forget to let me know if you want to participate in my book club... I'm going to start reading the book today --- since I have a few hours to spare!


  1. oh. my. gosh. I cannot get over that adorable picture of Jeff and Quinn. If little Quinny doesn't make Jeff want kids asap, I don't know what will. Cute picture of all of you at the bottom. Can't wait to see you two girls in a few very short days!!

  2. Reading about your trip has been so fun! I love all the pictures you took and the things you shared - seems like you had a blast- but I can only imagine how great sleeping in your own bed sounds to you! ;) Enjoy!

  3. I went to Utah for the first time this summer and fell in LOVE. I travel a lot but Utah has been, by far, my favorite place. I seriously plan on moving there in a few years when I graduate college.

    So basically, I'm jealous you were just there!

  4. So glad you had a great time in my neck of the woods :)

  5. Welcome home E & Jeff, Sooooooooo happy that you guys had a great vacation. It was so much fun having your Blog pals be a part of your wonderful time. Love you lots,Aunt D


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