Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why O Ming

Dear Wyoming,
I will admit that we did not get off to a good start.  What with all the bear/buffalo warnings and the unfortunate bathroom sink incident... What did you expect?  But, luckily, we ended on a high note.  You are a beautiful state.  As if Yellowstone National Park isn't enough, you also have the Grand Tetons, dude ranches, and the adorable city of Jackson Hole.  In fact, I actually quite like you! I'll be back!
Fondly, E

Lake Yellowstone
Old Faithful
Another old geyser
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Grand Tetons
Jackson Hole
A Grizzly... Yep!  As you can see, I saw it from a very safe distance and on our way OUT of the park! :)

I have SO much more to tell/show you!  If you are interested and want to see ALL of our pictures so far, check out our Photobucket albums here and here.  (Don't worry, we ARE actually in some of them, although Jeff is kind-of ridiculous when it comes to asking people to take our picture together...)

In the meantime, we're slowly moving on from one night of luxury (in a Fairfield Inn in Helena, Montana) and headed north to Glacier National Park for four days.  It's going to be even colder and there are said to be even more bears!  Look at how wild and crazy I am!  More soon...


  1. The pictures are stunning and make me almost want to go there...but not camp! I'm glad you are having a great time!! :)

  2. looks like a blast! If you're going to Glacier you may travel past the 6666 ranch- my husbands summer home in college. Have a blast & stay warm! :)

  3. I never knew Wyoming was that beautiful! It's sad that I lived in MT when I was younger but never went to Yellowstone. I should definitely follow suit and take a road trip soon!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! i just love, love, love all the photos!! especially the ones of yall on horseback!!! and I love the fuzzy bison!! Oh it is all so beautiful, I am so jealous that i have never done anything so fantastic! We all miss and love you both! Oh, I took Addy to her house today, she was so funny.. just looking around, then just ready to go! she's so adorable.

  5. Great pics! Kind of makes me want to visit.


  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I would love to take a trip like this someday!

  7. Loving the photos! The mountains make me think of Utah- so beautiful!

  8. E,what great photos.SO happy that you guys are having a grand time. Love you, Aunt D

  9. I've driven through Wyoming a couple times on my way from the midwest to the west coast, but I've never been to any of the parks or to Jackson Hole! Now I want to go back :)

  10. WOW!!! Those pictures are amazing, but that bear! Still much too close for my comfort :) And the moose? (it is a moose isn't it??) I hope I have the chance to take a trip like this one day. Thanks for sharing!


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