Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mid-Week Laughs (About Weddings)

Welcome to the FIRST EDITION of "Mid-Week Laughs" at E, Myself, and I!  (I've been wanting to do this for a long time; so, at the risk of sounding desperate... PLEASE join in!  I'll be really sad if this is a flop!)
Are you tired and grouchy by Wednesday afternoon? Does the weekend seem ALL too far away? Could you use a GOOD LAUGH? That's what "Mid-Week Laughs" is all about... Take a minute, sit back, and enjoy a good, hearty, brings-tears-to-your-eyes, belly laugh. It's good for the soul!

This week's topic is:

__________________ makes me laugh about WEDDINGS!

To play along, simply write your own blog post filling in the blank... The funnier, the better - don't hold back! Then, just grab my brand-new button on the right AND add your link below. Ready... Set... Go!

The FOB makes me laugh about weddings!

No, not Fall Out Boy (although imagining them at a wedding also makes me laugh) - the Father of the Bride, of course! 

You know, the one with the awkward smile/holding back tears/"I have to use the bathroom" face walking the bride down the aisle...

This picture, from Pryor's wedding, perfectly sums up what I LOVE about the Father of the Bride.  Here he is - "Giving away" his little girl AND thousands of dollars all on the same evening! Talk about a rough night!

And yet, he's one of the stars of the show!  The party - in many ways - is his to host.  He's probably been dieting for a few weeks to fit into an uncomfortable cummerbund, and the glorious feast he's paying for is in reach, but only attainable AFTER he poses for a few hundred photos. 

Then, just as "the hard part" appears to be over, comes the (dun dun dun): Father - Daughter Dance.  Somehow, this graying stud must figure out a way to look manly and cool, all the while dancing to a song like "Butterfly Kisses" or Amy Grant's "My Father's Eyes."  THAT takes some skill ladies and gentlemen!

Pryor & her dad (who, incidently, immediately changed into shorts & flipflops following the ceremony) danced to "Heaven Is a Place on Earth."  An excellent choice!

Then comes my FAVORITE PART... The shy man who swayed awkwardly earlier becomes a NIGHT MOVER as the evening goes on.  The band gets louder.  The bar gets wilder.  And, before you know it, he's reverted back to his fraternity days... Shaking his hips, head-banging, and shmoozing the ladies on the dance floor with his stunning moves. He is a rock star!  He is THE FOB!  And, gosh darnit, he DESERVES this!!  :) 

The Father of the Bride never fails to make me laugh.  (Ok, and cry sometimes too.)  I've seen super serious FOBs, and wildly outrageous ones.  I've seen nervous ones, and weepy ones.  I like them all!  But, I do have a favorite, of course...

My daddy... Hilarious, but wonderful! We danced to "Blessed" by Elton John, & he was a champ!

Now it's your turn!  What makes you laugh about weddings? (Come on, don't make me beg!)
And, oh yea, just a reminder: Don't take these TOO seriously... We aren't posting stuff to be mean or personally insult anyone... Just sharing a good laugh about the every-day things of life!  Ok?!?!

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