Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 Before 30 Check-in & Giveaway

Today is the six month anniversary of my 30 Before 30 release.  (It's also my half-birthday, but I think it's weird when people celebrate those... Sorry, I'm just saying.)

30 before 30

Anyways, I think it's high time we check-in and see what kind-of progress we're making on living our lives to the full...

Here's an update on my list and a link to the original post where many of you joined in and shared your own "to do" lists:

1. Write a book (Even if I NEVER publish it.)

2. Become a mom

3. Run a half-marathon - (I'm planning to do this in March; but, so far, no progress!)

4. Perform in a play

5. Plant a garden

6. Learn to sew and make something I can wear - (I now have a sewing machine... does that count?)

7. Cook an entire Thanksgiving meal by myself

8. Go to another continent (besides Europe)

9. Drive across the United States - Completed July 2010!  (Click here for details.)

10. Paint a painting I'm proud of

11. Learn basic photography and PhotoShop

12. Take a class just for fun

13. Read the Bible cover-to-cover

14. Visit all 11 of my college girlfriends at their homes - Since March, I've been to FIVE

15. Present at a national teaching conference - Scheduled to present at NCTE in Orlando 11/18/10

16. Read the top ten novels of all time (Modern Library Association List)

17. Take a "girls only" vacation w/ my mom and sister

18. Get something published (poem, article, etc.)

19. Go on an overnight hiking trip

20. Go to Disney World (I’ve never been) - I'm going!!! (See #15)

21. Refinish a piece of furniture

22. Mentor a younger girl

23. Get a make-over and buy the make-up

24. Take HIP-HOP dance lessons and show them off at a club - Does Zumba count? Jeff says no.

25. Decorate someone else's house

26. Finish my scrapbook from London (started in 2004)

27. Grow my hair out past my shoulders - In process... Right now, I'm at the "growing 'up'" stage (i.e. 1950s house wife flip)

28. Wear a bikini and not be self-conscious - yea right!

29. Learn yoga

30. Learn a song on the guitar

Clearly, I have a long ways to go... At least no one will feel self-conscious about their own progress.  I've set the bar pretty low!

So... What have you checked off?  Post a check-in/update on your blog & then add your link below along with my 30 Before 30 button (above).

Now on to the fun part:  As an added incentive, I've paired up with Stella Jewelry Store to offer you a special opportunity to win your very own hand-made necklace inspired by the stars.
Created by Roxy and Tricia, Stella Jewelry is locally based in Roanoke & Salem.

Every piece is designed and hand-crafted by Roxy and Tricia. Each and every piece is unique, unless specially commissioned, i.e. Bridesmaid gifts, Cheerleader or Sorority signature jewelry.

As our tag line states we design “jewelry inspired by the stars”. By ‘Stars’ we are not limiting our inspiration to that of celebrities but also to the stars in our life. It simply could be someone’s idol such as Coco Chanel, or the Star Soccer player (we have many school spirit pieces) or the star in your family who has overcome breast cancer. We have even found inspiration from places we have traveled, New York City is always inspirational, and we got some great ideas from the beauty of Colorado.

Lucky you, Stella is giving away TWO (that's right, TWO) necklaces!  (Winner chooses style.)

So, how can you win?

The first is only for people who link-up above with a 30 Before 30 update.  (Folks, if you've seen any of my recent link-ups, you know the odds are GOOD here. Haha!)  Even if you didn't post your list the first time, you can still join in by linking up with your list AND update today.  That's all you have to do!!! Easy as copy & paste!

The other necklace is up for grabs for everyone else! (Feel free to participate in both.)

To enter:

Simply visit their website here and leave a comment on this post, telling me what item you like best! (Required)

In addition, you can earn a second chance to win by "liking" their facebook page here.  *Please leave a separate comment below letting me know if you do this!!

Lots of great opportunities to win... This giveaway will be open until Thursday 9/29, and I'll announce the winner on Friday.  Don't miss it!!!

*Giveaway open to US residents only!


  1. I love the orange and yellow beaded bracelet on Stella's Website. They have created some very unique and beautiful pieces.

  2. I facebooked them!!

  3. My favorite piece is the one you already have posted...the last one in their gallery. The teardrop necklace with the three flowers. :-) I'm not posting my 30 before 30 though...because technically its a 40 before 40 (i was already past the age limit when you came up with the idea!) and i haven't even come close!!!

  4. No need to enter me in the giveaway since I have won before! But I loved seeing your updated on the 30 before 30. I have a LONG way to go too. I need to get back on track and really make some goals for myself.

  5. i think i'm going to say i like the simplicity of the black and ocean quartz glass necklace the most. simple, yet classy. i like the ones you have listed too.

    i'm going to have to work on my 30 before 30 list. i have it in my head, but i need to write it down so it has a better chance of happening!

    love you!

  6. I really love the back necklace that is on their site but also the flowered one you have on here. Your list is coming along great! Mine...not so much!

  7. Love Stellas memory wire bracelets - didn't see a pic but I love the idea. Your mom and I share the same bday!

  8. my favorite is the blue teardrop necklace--the last one in the third row from the end. so pretty!

  9. I love the fall-colored, multi-strand bracelet. So pretty! :)

  10. and I liked Stella on facebook as well!

  11. I'm glad you're doing this update -- I needed to update my own list, too :) And I love all the earrings on Stella's website, but I really love the necklace (that you must also like) with three flowers on the chain. What a fun giveaway!

  12. Love the necklace that is pictured in your post with the blue stone and 3 flowers...also liked them on FB : )

    Thanks for doing an update post on the 30 by 30. I definitely need to get going on some of mine!!!

  13. I didn't do your 30 on 30 (I had already done a 23 before 23) but it's a neat idea! Count me in on the giveaway though!! =)

    I love their teal stone necklace

  14. I like the necklace you displayed in your post and the the first necklace on their website with the two stones hanging (top row, very first photo).

  15. Totally facebooked them - LOVE IT!!!

  16. And seriously, what DON'T I love?? I rarely enter giveaways, because I am one of those people who never win anything. :( But one look at that jewelry and I was totally in - I LOVE IT ALL! I need a new piece of gorgeous jewelry, it's been awhile :)

  17. I like the all black necklace in their Gallery. So classic.

  18. I love the teardrop necklace you have featured & the brown/orange stone one featured on their website. All so cute!
    PS. To add to the things that make you laugh about your husband...the thing that makes me laugh about Jeff is his high school job! I laugh every time I see one :).
    - Liz McDonald

  19. I made my own 30 before 30!


  20. My favorite is number 26! i remember when i helped you work on this scrapbook when you used to babysit me!

    ~Caroline P


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