Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grown ups, but not that Grown- up

Ok, ok... I'm still here.  Literally, my Aunt Delores sent me a Facebook message saying "she missed me."  We don't talk on the phone frequently or anything; so, I can only assume she is talking about my blog.  I'm sorry, Aunt Delores - and my other loyal readers - I still feel like a mess getting used to the busyness of the new school year etc.  I promise, I'm trying to catch up!  I miss you too!!

So, on to the weekend...

Jeff and I (along with my sister and her boyfriend) packed up Friday and headed to one of my favorite places on earth -- my alma mater, Clemson -- to see several of my best friends (+ their husbands/families) and go to a game.
(Does this NOT look like the happiest place ever?)

Clemson is one of those places where I just feel at home.  It has changed A LOT in the four and a half years since we've graduated, but there is something about the campus that just makes my heart smile.  College was such a HUGE defining time in my life, so being there - and around my friends and people that know me best - is so comfortable and refreshing.

(FYI - I spent the entire week leading up to this event thinking about what to wear to the game because it was going to be so hot, but I also wanted to look cute.  When we woke up, it was 70 degrees and rainy - hence, the t-shirt.  By game time, it was a sunny 100 degrees and I looked like a wet rat.  Love my life.)

(Yes, Nikki is a super model.  And, she let me make-over her blog right after this... Go check it out here!  It's super cute, if I do say so myself.)

Anyways, this was the first time I've been back to Clemson in about three years.  It's wild how different it is; and, how different, we are - our lives, our views, etc.  It really does make you feel old.  (I never thought I'd say that at 26.)

In many ways, this trip had all the making for a real "adult" weekend. For example, this was the first time we were staying in a hotel - as opposed to crashing on the floor of an acquaintance, planning on our tailgate - instead of just relying on someone's parents to put it all together, and actually inviting our husbands too - and not just pretending to be giggly college girls at a three day sleepover.  As I was packing to leave, I thought... "Wow, we really are maturing."

Well, that feeling lasted all of about one hour...

Upon arriving in town and driving around grumpily for an hour looking for a place to park, we wandered into a restaurant called "Promegranate" on the main downtown strip.  Ironically enough, my friend Courtney's student had recommended it to her.  And, it had cute outdoor seating, so we figured we couldn't go wrong! 

Um... we did.  Apparently, the menu posted outside was the lunch menu (labeling would have been nice).  And, after being seated AND served ice waters all around, we glanced at the menu.  SURPRISE!  The entrees included $34.00 rack of lamb.  Um... we're grown ups, but not really that grown-up. 

Here's how it went down:

Waitress: "Can I get you anything else to drink?"

Liz: "Um, actually, we were wondering about the menu posted outside..."

Waitress: "Oh, you mean the one with sandwiches and salads.  Yea, that's the lunch menu." (Rolls eyes.) Are you leaving?  (Obviously, unsurprised by our lack of class.)

Liz: "Um... I think so."

And, folks, we actually set down our menus and WALKED OUT!!!

Look, we were already paying for a hotel and our OWN tailgating food.  What can you expect?!?

I guess this was a nice reminder: we're really not as grown-up as we think we are. :)

P.S. Kathryn said if I didn't write about her, she would never read my blog again.  So... here she is, RIGHT BEFORE she became absolutely irate because it was so hot and refused to speak to anyone.  I love her!

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  1. You made the rest of us proud... We would have been disappointed if you hadn't done something immature and embarrassing all weekend :-) I can't believe Court's student recommended a place like that!


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