Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Midweek Laughs: Man Fashion

Are you tired and grouchy by Wednesday afternoon? Does the weekend seem ALL too far away? Could you use a GOOD LAUGH? That's what "Mid-Week Laughs" is all about... Take a minute, sit back, and enjoy a good, hearty, brings-tears-to-your-eyes, belly laugh. It's good for the soul!
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This week's topic is:
What makes me laugh about Men's Fashion!!!

To play along, simply write your own blog post on the topic - the funnier, the better - don't hold back! Then, just grab my button on the right AND add your link below. Ready... Set... Go!  (P.S. You can also just leave your thoughts in the comments of this post, in case you feel passionately about this topic - I don't blame you - but don't have a blog of your own!)
Disclaimer: I know very little about this from personal experience.  My dad may as well be a male model; and, as I've told you before, Jeff won "Trendsetter" in both middle school and high school! (Trust me, he will NEVER let me forget it.)  But, I do have some pretty strong opinions about the attire of the male population. 

So, I give you, My Top Three Man Fashion Disasters:

1. Short Sleeved Dress Shirts

Um, especially skin-colored, short-sleeved, dress shirt. And - for the record - cell phone clipped on your belt is also incredibly dorky!
2. Jorts

You thought these went out 15 years ago?  Oh no, I assure you, jean shorts are alive and well.  (Embroidery is an added bonus of hideous points!)
3. Gold Chains (or any chains -- Look, I'm sorry!)

Don't even get me started on my dislike for chest hair and men without undershirts.  BUT, if you absolutely must sport this look... PLEASE spare us the man-jewelry.  Yuck!

I could seriously list a hundred of these, but I didn't want to spoil all the fun for you.  What makes YOU laugh about Man Fashion?  Come on!  Consider it your civic responsibility.... :)


  1. I am a loser and made my title on the linky thing look like vomit. Apologies....

  2. Oh good post, E, you should hear what the gals say on cosmo radio about men's fashion "no - no's" so funny!!!

  3. I could not agree more about the short-sleeved dress shirts!

  4. I accidently bought Hubs a short sleeve dress shirt with a tie and the first thing he said was that he looked like Dwight. He never would wear it. Although I do remember him sporting the jorts in college.

  5. Oh, stop denying it-- you love when Davey's chest hair peeks out from his button-up, undershirt-free shirts!


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