Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Days of Healthy Living

In the month of October, eight of the "Big Blogs" choose a theme to write about for all 31 days.  Here are a few all that I'll be following: (in order of appearance)

31 Days to Stress-Free Entertaining @ The Reluctant Entertainer
31 Days to a Better Photo @ Life with My 3 Boybarians
31 Days to More with Less @ Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
31 Days of Autumn Bliss @ The Inspired Room
31 Days of Grace @ Chatting at the Sky
31 Days to an Inspired Table @ My First Kitchen
31 Days to a Less Messy Nest @ Nesting Place
& 31 Days of Living Simply @ Remodeling This Life

Seriously, this is like blogging heaven!! People ask me all the time to recommend blogs.  Um, this list absoluely does that job!!  I love, love, love all of these blogs.  And, they cover a very wide range of applicable topics.  Check them out!

In the meantime... I bring you my very own...

Clearly, I was not invited to participate in this activity; but, luckily, I'm not afraid to crash the party anyway!  Haha! 

(If you are over this topic, or remember my very bad track record with all things exercise and health related, I apologize.  I don't really know how to defend myself except to say... Maybe this time will be it!)

I've played with a lot of different ideas, but I can't seem to shed the idea of challenging myself to 31 straight days of exercising and making healthy eating choices.   (I also can't seem to shed the 31 pounds I've gained in the last three years... SO, this is a logical choice!)

In the past, I've found that one of the only things that works for me is strict accountability.  So, I am committing to posting my progress for the entire month of October right here on my blog.  I'm sure sometimes it will be encouraging and insightful, sometimes funny, and sometimes just down-right pathetic... But, I'm hoping you'll join me on this little journey!

And, if you hate this, I promise I'll blog about other things too.  Really important things like decorating and dogs.  No worries!

So... let's get this party started!


  1. hmm... maybe I'll join you in this?! Though I might be embarrassed on a day that I slip and end up with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard at 11pm on a Friday night... hmmm... never know how I convince myself that that is acceptable! lol

  2. I think I will join you in this. Not for 31 days though- I am not that disciplined! I have been thinking of doing the Special K challenge and now I think I will for sure do it! :)


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