Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Baaaaack!!!! Bachelor of the Week

Yesterday, I received an email from a "loyal reader" reminding me that it had been awhile since I last posted a "Bachelor of the Week."  Even better, said reader had a suggestion for the newest member of the club.  And, well, I'm not one for letting down my readers...

So, please, allow me to introduce you to.... Bachelor #5:
"Scottie the Humorous Hottie"

This 25 year old country boy hails from a farm in middle-of-nowhere Virginia, but makes a living in the Norfolk area as a Nuclear Engineer for the US of A government.  (I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.)

Don't let the job title fool you though, "Scottie" is all about making people laugh - even at the expense of his own image!!  In fact, many would say his sense of humor is his "second-best quality."  (After his stunning good looks, of course!)

When he's not cutting his hair into a mullet or rocking a pair of jorts, "Scottie" can be found in the great outdoors.  A lover of all things Southern, he's not afraid to spend a week in the mountains, or get up before the sun for a good morning hunt. 

Of course, on Saturdays he's likely to be as close to Blacksburg as possible, so he can cheer on his beloved Hokies!  Interested parties should be willing to make sacrifices during football season (and/or join in the fun yourself)!!

Don't worry though, this stud can still clean up and treat you like a lady.  In fact, "gentleman" runs in his genes.  He'll take you out for a night on the town in his fancy ride; or, if you're lucky, cook a meal himself.  In fact, he's quite the kitchen connoisseur!  Even better, in the words of his best bud: "He's a strong Christian man with good manners and good behavior." 

On Facebook, he describes himself by saying: "The way to my heart is through food.  I also love to laugh and be outside."  There you have it ladies.... Can we really ask for anything more?

Could you be this rugged man's sweetheart? Only one way to find out!!  Email me ASAP if you are interested.  Trust me, this one won't be on the market long!! :)


  1. this cracks me up that you're running a "bachelor" on your blog, fun! It would probably be even more exciting if I was single and closer to you and one of your stunning bachelors seemed like a perfect fit for me! What an interesting story it could be to tell to future grandchildren right? lol

  2. What a fabulous concept! Can we get some older (early 30s) bachelors too? and perhaps in the nation's capital?? ;)

  3. what a stud muffin. Ladies i would be on this like now. This guy is just too perfect. Trust me he is one of my best buds.

  4. Hey E in true Bachelor style id love to hear about any success stories (or failures) that have arisen from you playing cupid here. Any of these fine gentlemen willing to spill about dates they may have had with your wonderful readers???

  5. a friend sent me this and this is great. I sould have to second marty. I would date scott if I were female... i consider it now too.

  6. i have dated scotty. and it was excellent.

  7. How did I miss this the day it was posted??? This is A W E S O M E... and totally true!!!

  8. Is he straight? If not I am interested.

  9. He is now taken. The blog post worked.

  10. Cute blog! Now if I am younger albeit still single, he would be the ONE although I might be several months too late! But, can I just have the ice-cream! :) TQ for an interesting blog!

  11. UPDATE: Scott is engaged and officially off the market! Perhaps you should reupload his picture with a huge red stamp that reads, "TAKEN"... just an idea!


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