Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Move Over Adelle! (Babies and Dogs)

There's a new "Addy" in my life...

Welcome to the world Miss Adelaide Elizabeth!!!

My friend Lindsey (one of "the twelve") and her husband Jason welcomed their first little bundle of joy on Tuesday in Fredericksburg.  (I was going to swipe a picture of her from FB, but Jeff thought that was terrible... So I'm not.)  Just IMAGINE how adorable she is!  And, you know I LOVE her name! What a sweet reminder of God's goodness!  Congratulations! I can't wait to meet her in person!
In the midst of all the excitement, I've also been thinking about Adelaide's new big brother: Nacho.  (You may remember him as my Addy's boyfriend.) 

He is a boxer, but when Lindsey and Jason adopted him about a year ago, they realized he had never had his tail clipped.  And, I know from personal experience, that his tail is WILD & UNCONTROLLABLE.  Just what you want running around the house with your infant!!  (I suggested that Jason make him a custom "tail cover" using a swim noodle before the baby arrived... I'll let you know what he decided.)

Anyways, this got me pondering the relationships between babies and dogs... (That and the fact that Addy all but made-out with the babies at our house for Bible study tonight.)

As you well know, I can't WAIT to have a baby.  BUT, I also ADORE my four-legged girl!  (I mean, just look at that face.)  As corny as I know it is, she IS my baby for now!!

And, not to judge, but I just get so sad hearing about people getting rid of their pets when they have kids.  I know I don't know what it's like yet... And, maybe my heart will change.  BUT, I just feel like our pets are often our "first kids;" yet, we just give them the boot when baby comes along.  You don't see people putting their first child up for adoption when they have baby #2 do you?  Of course not!  NO ONE would think that was OK!  (Maybe that was a bit harsh.. We also wouldn't think it was acceptable to lock our babies in the basement when we have company, but I do that. You get my gist.)

Anyways, I'm looking for some success stories... for Addy, and her namesake.  (I'm fairly certain Lindsey doesn't mind me calling Adelaide Addy's namesake... Even though I'm also fairly certain that isn't really true!) 

Did you figure out a way to have a fur-baby AND a real baby? Did you solve the dangerous tail dilemma at your house?  Is your pup your #1 babysitter/ playmate?  Please share!  We need to know there's hope!!


  1. We were so worried that our dog would go a little "nuts" when we had our daughter. While I was in labor and my husband was taking me to the hospital she just knew something was up- she pooped in our bed. ( she is 13 and has been potty trained for 13 years minus a few months). When we brought the baby home and she cried, our dog would panic and hide under the bed. However, she is the sweetest dog who allows my now two year old to pull on her tail, poke her eyes, but and mouth. Our daughter body slams her, cuddles with her and I could never imagine my daughter not having our dog in our life. Don't get me wrong--- it is a lot more work, and when the baby comes your mindset changes for a bit, and you realize that you dog is actually a dog and not a "person." I never thought I would think that, but when you are up all night, and barely making it on 4 hours on interrupted sleep I can see how people may give away there dog. :( However, to us, it is all worth it!

  2. There have been many days that I have wanted to give away our 3 furbabies now that our little bundle is here but we would NEVER do that(instead they go outside and play, then come in when I'm ready for them under my feet). It's more because they are a handful for me sometimes but they Loove our daughter and will be such good buddies for her as she grows up. Our golden Bentley will let Lydia grab at his ears and poke his eyes when she accidently gets those arms swinging and he doesn't even flinch, he is precious with her and so are the other 2, you can definitely make it work and they will grow up to be best of buds!!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is a story close to my heart. So our PLAN was to have a baby, then find the dog so that they'd be simpatico. Well, Cous Cous found us. She was a stray, she came to my brother in law's house, and he couldn't have her, and she walked right up to Scott and sat by him. So he came home and danced around it and said "I could have gotten a dog today." Well, we went and saw her at a farm where she was staying. Well, I fell in love. And when the baby kicked when Cous barked, I was hooked. Now, it has been hard. We paid her a looot of attention b/c Scott was laid off when we got her and I was trying to work out for the baby, so we walked her twice a day. Then the baby came and it was winter and we cut back. And..well, she ate a lot of things. And it was exhausting dealing with her schedule and the baby's, at first. But, she's GREAT with the baby. And they love each other. And our doctor even told us it's WAY better to have the pet first because they get used to each other early, and the baby never wakes up when the dog barks or stirs because she was used to it in the womb.

    Um, that was rambly. Bottom line is it's great if you ease everyone in. And the best advice we got is to take a baby blanket from the hospital when the baby is born and put it in their kennel. Cous has NEVER tried to bite or play too rough with our baby. She'll come over and nip one of us if the baby makes her mad. I think she knows her place.

  4. thanks so much for the sweet post friend!! Pictures are finally up on the blog and I am happy to show her off :-) Nacho has been super super curious and starts whining whenever she cries - I think b/c he wants us to let him get up in her face and see what the fuss is all about. So far he has just sniffed her and licked her toes once or twice and is doing great :-) Thanks again!! cannot wait for you to meet Adelaide!!

  5. Addy is such a good girl already, plus you guys are such planners that you'll have Addy sooo prepared for a baby that you'll have no need to worry :) We were SUPER worried about our pups and Kane but they love each other, and Kane loved Addy when they met! :)

  6. How the dog reacts to a new baby is going to depend in large part on how she's been socialized. If she's good round other dogs and people outside the immediate family, she should be just fine. And Stephanie's idea of putting a baby blanket in the kennel is a great way to get her acclimated.
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